What can or cant a labradoodle eat

The Complete Guide To What Labradoodles Can And Can’t Eat

I have never met anyone who doesn’t like dogs, and I hope I never meet one ever. As I own a Labradoodle, I did my research not to feed anything wrong to my future baby. If you are someone like me who loves Labradoodles, keep reading. I’m confident that in this article there will be many new facts you will know about feeding a Labradoodle.

Labradoodles eat mostly meat, and animal nutritionists suggest including many proteins in their diet based on many factors. It is also vital to include fatty foods in their diet. You can also treat your doodle to some other foods occasionally.

I’m sharing my findings with everyone so that other new Labradoodle parents can get help from it.

Below you can find the ultimate guide to the best food for a Labradoodle. I have also included some food you should avoid feeding your dog.


 Can Can’t
Lean MeatX 
Fish (Cooked)X 
Pig or Chicken Bone X
Gizzards and Beef KidneyX 

Giving your dog enough protein is very important. Especially if you are choosing to adopt a carnivorous pup such as Labradoodle, it is recommended that 22% of your Doodles’ diet should be protein. The percentage changes based on the dog’s age and activity. These energetic dogs need a high level of protein to stay fit and do their daily activity. This is also very important for their longevity.

You can feed almost all types of whole meat to a Labradoodle. They enjoy eating chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, or any kind of meat, both raw and cooked. If your dog has any health issues, it is best to give them cooked meat, but if you want your dog to receive maximum nutrition, you can feed the raw meat.

However, you prepare the meal, make sure there is no bone in the flesh. We have a misconception that bones are good for dogs. Dogs do love bones, but they can hurt them and choke them.

Eggs are a great source of protein for dogs. They are easy to prepare too. You can feed raw or boiled eggs to your dogs. But there are some risks associated with providing raw eggs to dogs. So it is safe to avoid feeding your Labradoodle uncooked eggs.

Most Labradoodles love fish such as Salmon. It is high in protein but never feed raw fish to your dogs. It may contain listeria & salmonella. If you want to feed fish to them, make sure to clean the first, then cook them. Fishbones can also hurt your dogs, so remove all the bones from the fish. Small bones are fine, but it is recommended that you don’t feed fish heads to your dogs.

No matter how much your dog loves fish, you should not feed them fish more than once or twice a week. Fish don’t fulfill all the nutrition requirements your dog needs.

Animal organs can also be fed to Labradoodles. Organ meats are high in minerals, iron, copper, and so on. They are also loaded with vitamin a, Vitamin D, vitamin E, and Vitamin K. Too much of all of these may harm your dog’s health, so it is recommended that you feed your dog in a small amount.

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Avocado X
Cherry X
Grapes X
Persimmons X

Nowadays, we often see dog videos where the owners feed fruits and vegetables to their dogs. If you are wondering if it is safe for your dog or not, the answer is yes. Most fruits are safe and suitable for your Labradoodle. Just don’t go overboard.

Most kind of berries is safe for your dogs. These fruits are toxin-free and easy to chew, which makes them a perfect treat for your Labradoodle. Don’t be surprised if your dog rejects to eat berries. Just like humans, they also have a preference.

When you feed your dogs fruits with seeds, be extra careful to remove the seed before giving them to eat. Some seeds contain dangerous toxins that may kill your dog. Also, If you are feeding a puppy or old Labradoodle, cut the fruits into small pieces so that your dogs can quickly eat them. 

Just because avocados are good for humans, it does not mean it is suitable for animals too. Avocados contain Persin. You may not notice anything immediately after your dog eats them. But it will slowly harm your dogs and eventually kill them.

So, you must do proper research before feeding any food to your dog, or babies. They are entirely relying on you. Feeding them every food you eat is something you should avoid doing.

Grapes and raisins should be avoided at any cost. It does not matter if it’s fresh out of the tree or in dried form. Both are equally harmful to your dog. Grapes may cause kidney failure and many other health issues.  Some say a small amount once in a while does not hurt. There is some debate about this topic; however, it is best to avoid this fruit.

Oranges, bananas, and all other fruits mentioned above are safe for your dog to consume. Still, you should only give them small amounts. Also, closely monitor how they react to these foods. Suppose it shows any signs of health issues or tiredness after eating a particular fruit. In that case, you must avoid feeding it to your dog.

Feeding cherry to your dog may cause cyanide poisoning. It can kill your dog. Eating one piece may not kill your dog, but you should not take any risks. There are many other fruits to feed your dogs.

Not all dogs love fruits, but they can be a great treat for them in summer. You can make frozen fruit cubes for your Labradoodle. You will find plenty of videos on how to make frozen food treats for your


Asparagus X
Brussel sproutsX 
Bell PeppersX 
Chives X
Garlic X
Green BeansX 
Leeks X
Mushroom X
Potatoes X
Onions X
Rhubarb X
Sweet PotatoesX 
Tomatoes X

Vegetables are not needed for your Labradoodle. But to provide your dog with different kinds of foods, you can occasionally feed them fruits and vegetables. Most vegetables are safe to eat if they are in a moderate amount.

When it comes to vegetables, make sure to exclude vegetables from the Amaryllidaceae family. It includes onion, garlic, leeks, chives, etc. Onion is more dangerous of all. Every part of it is a toxin for your fur baby. In every form, raw, processed, or powdered, it should be avoided.

So, if you are used to feeding your dog from your plate, you must avoid using onions in your foods too. If you accidentally provide your dog with onion or garlic, immediately take your dog to a vet. It might harm your dog severely.

There are many types of mushrooms, and some have toxins that are highly dangerous for dogs. There might be some mushroom that does not contain poison, but it is best to avoid them. Amanita is one of the most harmful mushroom types.

Potatoes are not that harmful to dogs when cooked but feeding your raw dog potato is not recommended. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates. It may make your canine friends obese. As Labradoodles are active dogs, it is best not to include potatoes in their diet.

A ripe tomato is fine. But green tomatoes contain a large amount of solanine, which is dangerous for dogs. So, it is best to avoid green tomatoes. If you grow your tomato and potato, keep in mind that even plants are not safe for dogs to chew. Train your dogs to avoid eating or chewing random plants.

Rhubarb stems are okay to eat by dogs but do not let your dogs eat the leaves. It is best to avoid the whole thing, though. Rhubarb can cause kidney failure and many other health problems.

cost of owning a labradoodle biting problem training are smoked bones safe for dogs Dog Swallowed Oxtail Bone


Almonds X
Brazil Nuts X
Cashews X
Chestnuts X
Macadamia Nuts X
Pecans X
Pine Nuts X
Pistachios X
Walnuts X

Nuts have so many nutritional benefits, but they are not healthy food for your dogs. They are high in fat. It will cause digestive issues for your dog.

Often dog owners use peanut butter as a treat for their dogs. Peanut butter is safe for your dog as long as you give them in small amounts and avoid flavored ones. Use peanut butter specially made for dogs. You can also make peanut butter for your dogs at home. Don’t add any kind of toppings or salt to it. Salt is also harmful to your fur baby.

Dog experts recommend small dog owners avoid giving their dogs whole nuts. They might choke on it. If your Labradoodle is young, you should also avoid feeding it whole nuts. But if it’s full-grown, it is okay. But it is better to keep them supervised while they are eating to ensure their safety.

You can feed roasted Cashews and chestnuts to Labradoodles. Raw cashew and chestnut contain a toxin that is not good for your dog.

In short, other than hazelnut and peanut, all the other nuts mentioned above are not recommended for your dogs. They are high in fat and calorie. It will make your dog fat, and nuts are also hard to digest for dogs. So, it is best not to give them nutty treats.

Labradoodle with bad breath

Other Foods

Alcohol X
Coffee X
Cow MilkX 
Cinnamon X
Candy X
Ice CreamX 
Gum X
Yeast dough X
Salt X
Xylitol X

Every dog owner understands what it is like to eat when you have a dog. Your dog will always try to have some share of your food. However, you must be careful. As I already mentioned, humans and dogs don’t have the same digestive system. When buying food for your dog, you must avoid foods that have Xylitol in them. Even in a small amount, it will make your dog suffer. And in large amounts, it will kill your dog.

The same goes for foods that have caffeine in them. If you give your dog chocolate or any other food with a high amount of caffeine in them, it will surely harm them. The possible outcomes might be fever, diarrhea, unconsciousness, coma, and even death. You must avoid foods with even a small amount of caffeine for the safety of your dog.

Nowadays, there are many dog-friendly coffee sellers. These drinks don’t have caffeine in them, and even if they add caffeine, it is in a meager amount. Still, if you don’t want to take a risk with your canine friend’s health, you can ignore it.

Gums and candies are also not good treats for dogs. They might cause a problem with swallowing and also cause gum problems. These types of foods are high in sugar, and sugar is extremely bad for your dog. Now, if you think, then the sugar-free ones can be given to your dog. Absolutely not. The sugar-free gums and candies have enough Xylitol in them to make them sick.

Feeding your dog yeast dough is the same as giving them poison. It will make them bloat. It will increase the bloodstream of your dog, and the pressure might end up killing your dog. Anything that has yeast in them or anything similar to it must be avoided.

You should not even think about letting your dog drink alcohol. It is only about alcoholic beverages but also foods that have alcohol in them. It is highly poisonous for dogs and can result in alcohol intoxication.

If your Labradoodle accidentally any of these harmful foods, immediately take them to your vet. Do not panic. With proper actions, you can save your furry baby from suffering. But you should always be alert about what they are eating.

Having a dog is like having a toddler. You will still have to monitor them. And when it comes to big dogs like Labradoodle, you must be extra careful.

Some Must-Know Facts for Labradoodle Owners

  • You must feed your adult Labradoodle twice a day. And for the puppies under four months, you will have to provide them three to four times a day.
  • An adult Labradoodle needs approximately 1700 to 2100 calories a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The number might increase or decrease based on the physical activity and age of your dog. For a puppy, the limit is about 1300 calories a day.
  • Labradoodles have sensitive stomachs; they suffer from stomach problems and diarrhea if something is slightly wrong with their diet. So, if you are serious about adopting a Labradoodle, you must take their diet seriously.
  • Feeding a Labradoodle can be expensive. They require high-quality foods in large amounts. Expect to spend approximately 85 USD on them, which is higher than raising other breeds.
  • Labradoodles can eat almost all types of food in a moderate amount. However, you must avoid the foods mentioned not to be good for them in this article for their safety.

Some Tips for Labradoodle Owners

  • Make sure to remove the seeds or pits altogether before giving any type of fruit to your dog
  • The vegetables you give them to eat should be properly washed and cooked. Don’t use any kind of spices. You can add a little bit of bell paper for flavor
  • Besides whole meat, if you want to feed your Labradoodle other foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, the amount must be equal to less than 10% of their daily calorie intake
  • Don’t ever feed your Labradoodle raw eggs and fish. It might cause discomfort and pain. In some cases, it may also cause death
  • Even though dogs can eat some dairy products, you must not give them frequently. Like other dog breeds, Labradoodles are also lactose intolerant.
  • Avoid giving them sugary treats. It may result in vomiting, seizure, and also death.
  • Labradoodles are known to be mouthy. They love to chew things. So, buying them chewy food is an excellent treat for them. You will find many chewy dogs treats available online.
  • Avoid adding salt to your dog’s food may cause sodium ion poisoning. Adding a small amount is fine.
  • Before buying any processed food for your dog, you must check the ingredients. Some processed food’s components may not harm your dog immediately, but they may work as slow poison. So, just because your dog loves something, don’t buy it. Check the ingredients first.
  • Don’t rely only on store-bought dog foods. Give your dog varieties of foods for all types of nutrition.
  • Don’t trust everything on the internet. Just because some dog owners are feeding their dogs coffee and chocolates, don’t conclude that it is safe.

Labradoodles are courageous, intelligent animals. If they are correctly raised with proper diet and exercise, they can live for up to 13 years. They are active big dogs who need useful guides. So, if you plan on adopting one or already have one, I recommend you do more research on their food habit.

Maintaining a proper diet is essential for them. I believe if you read the whole article now, you know many new facts about feeding your Labradoodle. There are many other informative videos available online. You can also take help from YouTube. There you will find healthy treat recipes for your canine friends.

What can or cant a labradoodle eat

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