How Long Can Pomapoos Be Left Alone

How Long Can Pomapoos Be Left Alone? – 11 Great Tips!

One of the most challenging tasks is spending a complete or majority of time with your beloved pet Pomapoos as much as you would like to. Maybe you go to school, work, or have some responsibilities that require you to leave your home most of the time. Well, in these kinds of situations, “How long can Pomapoos be left alone?” is usually the question on most pet owners’ minds.

While dogs at the age of 8 weeks or older can generally stay alone for about 8 to 9 hours, this is only possible if you correctly set up their safety, comfort, and all their required needs. However, in the case of Pomapoos, adults of 1 year or more can comfortably be left alone for 6 to 8 hours.

But suppose you notice that your pet has anxiety disorders like Pomeranian separation anxiety. In that case, the pet should not be left alone for more than 5 hours before giving it extensive training to stay comfortably on its own for at least 6 to 8 hours.

The problems that can occur in leaving your Pomapoos alone cause the dog to suffer from an intense amount of anxiety since the stress of being alone in isolation is overwhelming for it to bear.  The separation anxiety may change their behavior by the time their owners come back. This will discuss how long your Pomapoos can be left alone and ways to help them with their separation anxiety.

How Long Can Pomapoos Be Left Alone At Home?

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    There are so many breeds of dogs you can keep as pets, and among those, Pomapoos are more social, and this nature makes it a little difficult to assess how they will manage if they are left on their own at home for a certain period.

    There are two main components that can help you decide how long your pet can be left alone: age and mental state. Leaving them alone during their puppy stage can cause problems such as anxiety. The table below can help you know how long you should leave them alone, but on the other hand, since being a mixed-breed, not all of their habits will be exact. So, it will be much better for your Pomapoos if can you try to find out yourself.

    Age of PomapoosTotal time alone
    8 to 10 weeksAn hour
    2 to 3 months2 hrs
    6 to 12 months4 hrs
    1 year or more6 to 8 hrs

    Is It Fine To Leave Pomapoo Puppies By Themselves?

    It is vital that you do not leave your Pomapoo puppies by themselves when they are still very young for more than a maximum of one hour. While it will not control its bladder and probably make a mess of your home, it will be challenging to train your pup on anything at this stage. Also, the world to it will all be a new environment, so moving around becomes much more challenging for it, making it your responsibility to look out for it at all times.

    However, you can begin trials of leaving your puppy for more than an hour, like 2 to 3 hours, once it ages to about two months old. In this way, they will be old enough to hold out their urges for a more extended period and give them enough time to explore their environment. And hopefully, help them to become more independent.

    In reaching adulthood, your Pomapoos can be left for about 4 hours. If you happen to train them properly, including potty training, and if they have a good temper, you can increase the time of leaving it alone for a little longer. Once your Pomapoos are complete adults, they can enjoy their own company for as long as 6 to 8 hours, and you do not have to worry about anything.

     On that note, as content and happy your pet may seem, even if you leave him alone for more than 8 hours, it is best not to exceed more than 8 hours. Although they may not show any symptoms of separation anxiety or bladder problems, they still need you to guide them and your attention.

    You will need to plan out carefully and obtain plenty of appropriate items to make sure that you protect your pom – make sure they do not get into any trouble, are able to reach their food and water, and also has his favorite toys around them to help keep him away from any stress or anxiety.

    It is highly recommended that you have your dog stay with a family or friend if you have to stay away for long hours. Of course, there are places like dog hotels and doggie daycare where you can place them for overnights if you do not find a place to leave your pet.

    how long can pomapoos be left alone

    How Can You Take Care Of a Pomapoo When Working?

    Life is always challenging, and it can sometimes make you leave your Pomapoos for more than 8 hours. But on the positive side, your pet is considered one of the most intelligent and fastest learning dogs, which means that with a little extra effort of training, the slight stretch of leaving it alone will not be a problem.

    Also, here are some suggestions that can make it easier for your dog when he is left alone:

    • A comfortable bed
    • Sufficient food and water
    • Placing his favorite toys to keep him relaxed and entertained
    • Enough room for it to move around
    • Easily accessible toilet or dog flap
    • Turning some lights on to help him see
    • Playing some music at a low volume in the background

    Understanding the Separation Anxiety Signs

    There will be times you will not notice any struggling behavior in your Pomapoos, that is until your neighbors see how much they have been barking the entire time you were away. However, there are other ways to notice their problems if you encounter some of the common signs of their struggle. Here are a few of them:

    • If your dog is pacing when you are about to leave, this is a sign of feeling nervous.
    • Sometimes they will act extra clingy or even retreat in a manner that seems like he is upset or not happy.
    • When they become hyper-excited with your arrival
    • Some Pomapoos can become a little out of control when they are alone. For example, anything that is not a toy is chewed on, their food and water are spilled everywhere, you will have scratches on your walls, and much more.
    • Your pet may even begin to tremble as you are getting ready to leave
    • Eating feces, also known as coprophagia

    Setting Up For Your Pomapoos

    There are many ways to help out your beloved Pomapoos reduce their anxiety level when they are left alone. Here are some of those ways:

    • Creating a comfortable environment.

    You can do this by reducing any tendency that will make a problem.

    • Using the correct playpen size.

    Placing your Pomapoos in small spaces like crates will increase their stress level even higher. The best way is to put them in a good quality portable playpen; also, providing a spacious environment that is too big for your pet will since this will make them feel even more alone. But if you put them in an appropriate-size playpen, their animal instinct will make them understand that they are in a safe and secure area. The pen will also make it easier for them to reach out for their food and water.

    • Bed for Canine.

    Having a pillow and blankets for your pet will only make you have more work if your dog happens to move them around; so, preparing a bed that is sturdy and supportive bed will be a better choice.

    • Water and Food.

    You can use Kongs to place your pet’s food for a day and also leave a little bit on their bowls as they may not want to work for their meal.

    Leaving water for your pet on bowls will spill and cause a mess, so it is better to install a canine water fountain that will supply fresh water constantly or maybe a dispenser to ensure that water is always available for them.

    • Pee Pads.

    It will be a much ideal practice to place pee pads in a far corner even if they may be slightly off the mark. It is much better than having your pet do their needs all over the toys and food. However, as they grow older, they can hold their bathroom needs for a more extended period and use the bathroom outside when you’re home.

    • Purposeful Toys.

    This is especially necessary if you have puppy teething toys. And there are usually toys for your Pomapoos that release treats, ones that can interact, and comfort toys.

    Getting your Pomapoos a toy is even better for those that may be struggling to be all alone. Some toys can mimic an actual companion, such as the Smart Pet Snuggle Puppy Companion. It is a proper-sized stuffed animal toy that emits a heartbeat and comes in, producing comforting warmth.

    • Pet Cam.

    While this is an entirely optional choice, it is still a great way to interact with your pet whenever you are away. Of course, they are a bit pricy, but they work amazingly. I absolutely love the Furbo Dog Camera, as it not only allows me to monitor my dog but also dispenses treats when necessary.

    • Keeping the lights on.

    A common mistake among pet owners is switching off the lights as they leave for work or school while leaving their pet at home. However, it may be fine weather as you go home; what if the weather changes or the owner does not return home until night time.

    While your Pomapoos are already having difficulty with their separation anxiety and isolation, the dark and empty house will only make their situation even worse. So, keeping a few of the lights on as you leave will make it less straining for your pet.

    • Never leave your home dead silent.

    There are situations where most of the Pomapoos with separation anxiety happen to do better when they are left alone at home with some soft sound in the background. You can either use a radio or turn on the TV. The only problem is that you never know what contents will be playing after the ones left on the play.

    However, it is with great joy to inform you that these days, there are MP3s, CDs, and even live streams that contain songs and speeches or other sounds that help to keep your dog stay calm and also make them feel like they are not alone.

    • Doing practice runs.

    Doing practice runs is a great way to help your pet get adjusted to being alone. Leave them alone for a minute to 10 minutes in random order to help your dog understand that he will not be left alone for an extended period.

    • Preparing a routine schedule.

    It would be great if you can take your Pomapoos for walks as you go home for lunch; this is to give your pet some light exercise allowing it to release all the pent-up energy.

    If this is not a possibility for you, there are always other ways to help your pet, such as asking your family to help you out or your friends and neighbors if they are willing to help out. If you find dog sitters or dog walkers, this also helps because providing your pet dog with interaction for just an hour a day will be a big boost in reducing their anxiety level.

    Tips on Arriving and Leaving


    •  Make sure to take your Pomapoos out for their needs and spend 15 minutes for a walk and some bonding time. Remember not to rush to your work as it may cause your dog to get anxious even before you leave.
    • Make to place him in his space for some time before you leave.
    • Always maintain calm as you leave so that your pet does not pick up on any negative vibe from you.
    • Saying “goodbye” can become a word trigger for your pet, so try to refrain from saying it whenever you leave as they will eventually learn what it means and cause them to feel anxious.
    • Offer your pet the Kong or his favorite toy as you leave. Although he may not be interested in it at first, he will have his companions with him after you leave.


    The way you come back home will have a significant impact on how they feel being left alone. You must go back home as calmly as possible just as you left. Put down your belongings and go through the mails calmly and then greet your buddy.

    How Long Can Pomapoos Be Left Alone

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