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Pomapoo Full Grown – A Complete Guide To Size & Weight

Pomapoos are a mixed breed of Pomeranian and toy poodle. They are cute and friendly dogs. Generally blessed with a spunky and friendly, personality; Pomapoos are widely popular among the masses. But what is the size of a full-grown Pomapoo? 

The size and weight of a full-grown Pomapoo may slightly differ based on its gender. A male Pomapoo’s height is 8 inches to 10 inches, while a female is 8 inches to 9 inches. You will see that full-grown Pomapoos are between 8 to 10 inches. They will weigh between 5 and 15 pounds.

The American kennel club does not recognize Pomapoos despite being a lineage of purebred. They are referred to as crossbreeds. However, they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designers Kennel Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry. There is no proper documentation of Pomapoos origin.

Nature and Character of a Pomapoo

They are highly skilled dogs which makes them learn faster if appropriately trained. Training the dog at a young age will help them get used to socializing and being familiar with people. It will also help the dog be friendly with strangers. A dog’s personality depends on how it is brought up or trained.

Pomapoo’s personality and coat may vary depending on which breed the genetic makeup is dominant. Regardless of that, Pomapoos are cute and adorable. This breed is a very playful and quick learner. They may also require professionals to groom their coats because of their variance.

A Pomapoo may have a curly coat or a straight coat. Its coat needs constant care to avoid tangling. Regular brushing of teeth is also essential for this breed. They tend to have oral health issues.

They love being the center of attention. Pomapoos cannot be left alone for a long duration. 

It may cause them separate anxiety. This breed dwells well in family households. Constant care and affection need must show toward a Pomapoo. A Pomapoo breed thrives on the love and cares it received from its owners.

 Pomapoos do not like to stay isolated. They are always beside their owner.

How to Potty Train a Pomapoo full grown

Pomapoo Full Grown – Size and Weight

A Pomapoo is a small dog. Being a hybrid of a toy poodle and a pomeranian, they are relatively small and cute. Pomapoos are also called Pooranium, Pompoo, and Pomeroodles.

Pomapoos are small in size that can only weigh up to fifteen pounds or less. They have short to medium-length coats. As small dogs, they can get injured if they are not looked into properly. 

There are few standards when it comes to the size of Pomapoos. As it is a new breed, there are no definitive size standards set for them. Male Pomapoos are a bit larger as compared to female Pomapoos.

Diet and Health Issues of a Pomapoo

Compared to other purebred dog breeds, Pomapoos are healthier though they may have a few health issues. One of the common health issues of Pomapoos is obesity. Despite being small, this breed does not have a limit on eating. If not monitored carefully, they will eat more than they are required.

Obesity being one of the health concerns will lead to other issues like heart problems or issues with other organs. They are a breed that has low to moderate energy levels. Pomapoos do not require a lot of exercise. Therefore you should keep a proper diet for your dog.

Keeping close contact with a veterinarian will help in maintaining a proper diet routine. Based on their recommendation, you can feed them according to their activity level, age, weight, and height. A Pomapoo puppy must be provided with three or smaller meals throughout the day as they have a smaller stomach.

Pomapoos are a laidback kind of dog. They adapt well to any given environment. But a daily walk will help them keep their health fit and fine. It is also essential for mental stimulation and socializing. Games like fetch the ball are an excellent way to create a bond and an excellent daily exercise.

Pomapoos also have a common issue that usually occurs in small-breed dogs. Luxating patella is common among small breed dogs. It is a sickness where a kneecap on one or both knees slips out of place, which causes pain. Sometimes surgery is also conducted if it gets worse.

Cataracts are also one of the health concerns for Pomapoos. A cataract can cause loss of vision. They are cloudy spots that can vary in size. Surgery is possible in some cases to treat this disease.

pomapoo crate training full grown pomapoo

Pomapoos are small dogs with a very happy outlook. They are devoted to their owner and family. This breed is a loyal companion dog that cherishes staying with people most of the time. As an owner, we must look after their health and diet properly. 

They need our love and attention. As the breed is prone to obesity, one must know what to feed and how much to provide daily. Dry food is better than wet food for Pomapoo. Wet food is more prone to causing obesity. 

Pomapoos are lively and energetic, and it can be a bit overwhelming for a person that is not so active.

The well-being of a dog depends on the owner. The owner must shoulder the responsibility of their pets well. With breeds like Pomapoos, they need extra love and attention.

Pomapoos are famous for almost a decade or two. Their size is one of the factors attributed to their popularity. They are small dogs that can adapt to any changes and are also convenient to carry anywhere. Another factor is their character aspects.  

Pomapoos are affectionate and friendly dogs. They adjust well to any given environment. Be it a small apartment or a big spacious house, Pomapoo can get used to it. This breed, they love being the center of attention.

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