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Pomapoo Lifespan – Guide to a Longer Pomapoo Life Expectancy

Pomapoos are a mixed breed of a toy poodle and Pomeranian. Toy and small breed dogs tend to live a little longer than larger breed dogs. Many factors can influence the Pomapoo lifespan. Some of the common elements are health issues, food, and diet, and inherited diseases.

The life expectancy of a Pomapoo is 12 -14 years.  There are also cases in which it may beyond fourteen years. Eventually, it all depends on how you take care of your Pomapoo.

There are ways you can help your Pomapoo live longer, so let’s take a closer look at those.

What Is The Average Pomapoo Lifespan?

Pomapoos are lively and delightful dogs. A crossbreed of toy poodle and Pomeranian, they are a highly skilled and intelligent breed. Pomapoos are a popular breed that has been in demand for more than a decade or two. This breed, known for its adaptability, has been a critical factor in why people love to own them.

Pomapoos can live up to 12 – 14 years. Smaller dog breeds have a longer life expectancy compared to larger breed dogs.

Like a human being, a Pomapoo life expectancy is also affected by health issues. They die naturally due to aging. As they grow older, health issues and other complexities will affect their health, leading to natural death.

Pomapoo Lifespan

Factors affecting the death of Pomapoos

Many factors will cause the untimely death of a Pomapoo. They are a delicate breed and might be prone to many health issues if you don’t adequately care about them.

Pomapoos are also highly sensitive. Being tagged as companion dogs, they love the company of their owner. They love to receive attention from their owner. If they are left alone for a more extended period, Pomapoo will suffer from separation anxiety, affecting its health.

Some of the reason that causes the death of a Pomapoos is:

Pomapoos puppies

In Pomapoo puppies, the cause of death is trauma. It is prevalent among small breed dogs. As small dogs, they are prone to injuries or hit by a vehicle. If the puppies are brought up in a family where there are kids, they will suffer more from being dropped or stepped on.

Pomapoos puppies or any small breed are prone to different infections that cause untimely death. During this stage, you should be very careful while taking care of the puppies. Feed the puppies food that is easy for them to digest.

You need to take proper care of Pomapoo puppies at a young age. It is their most vulnerable stage, both mentally and physically.

Adult Pomapoos

Adult Pomapoos are also prone to serious health issues, and if they are not adequately looked after, they will ultimately cause death. Infections are prevalent factors among dogs in general that cause the death of a Pomapoo.

Viral diseases like parvovirus, protozoal disease, and distemper can affect your Pomapoos in a significant way. 

Pomapoos are prone to some severe health issues. They are sensitive and need high maintenance. You should maintain a timely routine visit to the vet for your dog to avoid untimely death.

Other factors that affect the life span of a Pomapoos are:

  • Pomapoos have a very close inclination toward their owners. They don’t like to be left alone. Leaving them alone for a more extended period will cause separation anxiety. This anxiety will affect both physically and mentally.
  • Similar to human beings, gender plays a vital role in determining life expectancy. Female dogs live longer than male dogs.
  • Owner negligence is also one of the factors that affect the life span of a Pomapoo. An owner must pay heed when their dog is not feeling well. Before it becomes a significant health issue, one must properly take care of their dog.
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How to Increase the Lifespan of Pomapoos?

There are many ways in which you can help increase the life span of your Pomapoo. Several factors will increase the life expectancy of a dog.

Pomapoos are very affectionate and lovely dogs. Pomapoos must be raised with proper care and love. As an owner, you must pay heeds to their needs and requirements.

Death is something we all have to come across eventually as humans or animals. But what does matter is how you take care of your dog while they are with you. As a pet owner, you must bear responsibility for your dogs. While they are with you, the brief moment strives to give them a good quality of life.

Here are some ways in which you can increase the life span of your Pomapoo:

Proper Health maintenance

Health is the crucial factor in determining the life span of a Pomapoo. Many of the deaths are caused due to improper maintenance of health. Prevention is always better than cure.

Once you shoulder the responsibility of your Pomapoo, keep a proper record of their health. Make time to visit your nearby veterinarian once a month to maintain daily health updates of your dog.

Pomapoos are prone to health issues like epilepsy, cataract, patella luxating, collapsed trachea, and skin allergy.

You must also regularly brush the teeth of your Pomapoo. They are prone to have oral problems. Regular brushing of teeth will help avoid dental issues.

Pomapoos are a breed that is healthier than many purebreds, but you must not take it lightly.  It would be best if you did not forget to vaccinate your dog.  This vaccination will help protect your dog from an infectious disease like parvovirus, distemper, etc.

Keeping a proper track record of your dog’s health will save unnecessary expenses. It will also add more life span to your dog.

Food Habits and Diet

Making sure you only feed your Pomapoo the best possible food is an essential factor that will keep your Pomapoo healthy and safe. Pomapoos are also prone to allergies, so you must be careful in what you feed them.

Dogs, in general, will eat whatever is feed to them. So the responsibilities lie in the owner. 

Pomapoos are prone to obesity. They are small size dogs, but they can eat a lot.

They have no limitation while eating, which in turn will make them obese. So it would be best if you watched out your dog eating habits. Maintain a balanced diet regime for your dog. Obesity can lead to heart problems, so it is better to take care of it now and then suffer later.

Maintaining a proper diet regime will enhance your dog to thrive.  You must see what food is good and bad for your dog’s health.

Small dogs like pompous will have stomach problem if they eat more than what they can eat.

You must also be careful not to spoil their taste bud. Let them get used to different kinds of food that is good for them. Sticking to a particular food will make them a spoilt brat.

Daily Exercise and Training

Pomapoos have a moderate energy level.  They don’t require rigorous exercise like some other dogs.  A simple walk to the park in a day will make them happy, healthy, and behave well.

Pomapoos are indoors most of the time. It will be a good idea to take the park for a walk in the evening or morning. It will help in mental stimulation and good physical health.

Pomapoos are prone to mental stress. They are sensitive and need constant affection from their owners. Mental stress will affect the life span of a Pomapoo.   A walk to the park will help remove the pressure. This exercise is more like socialization training.

In the park, they will interact with other dogs, which will keep them happy. Also, these social activities will make them more friendly and warm toward strangers.

They are companion dogs and regularly require love and affection. Poomapoos develop separation anxiety if they are kept alone for a long time. This anxiety will cause a toll on their health.

Exercise and training will help keep good balance activity.  Training helps in developing a good bond between you and your dog. As Pomapoos are brilliant and quick learners, they will learn fast.

Training your Pomapoo will keep them fit and disciplined. Being happy is the key to good mental health. The training sessions will make them happy and create a good bond with you.

It would be best if you also kept in mind to avoid being aggressive while training your dog. It is natural to lose patience while training a dog, but you must keep your cool.  Be gentle and creative while teaching them.

If you are aggressive while training them, it will, in turn, create fear-based anxiety. Your dog will hide or avoid the training session instead of looking forward.

Training or teaching your dog is an excellent way to spend time and learn about their personality.  Maintaining a proper schedule will help in the consistency of the training.  It will also develop a strong bond between you and your Pomapoo.  

Living in a clean environment

A clean environment is good health benefits to anyone.  A good life span of a Pomapoo also depends on the environment they are brought up.  If you are a smoker, it will be better not to smoke in front of your dog. It will make their live shorter.

Clean eating is also essential to increase the life span of our Pomapoo.  You must avoid preservatives and artificial coloring as it will affect their health gradually.  Feed them fresh food without preservatives.

Taking care of a dog is like looking after a kid. You must be careful about what you eat around them. Avoid littering food cover or crumbs on the floor as they will lick those.  They might have an allergic reaction or food poisoning if it doesn’t suit them.  It will impact their health and decrease their life span.

The owner must keep their house clean. Their home must have adequate ventilation to have proper airflow. As Pomapoos mainly stay indoors, there should be airflow in the house. The well-being of both the owner and the dog is essential. When you own a dog keeping a house clean will lead to proper health hygiene and increase living quality.

Spaying or neutering your dog

Spaying or neutering is beneficial for your dog.  It avoids garnering unknown diseases. If you don’t intend to get your dog pregnant, then spaying will be a good option. Doing this will avoid getting STDs from unaltered male dogs.

The same goes for male dogs. During mating season, they tend to lose control. If you try to control it, it will only cause health implications in the long run.

Spaying or neutering will help them free transmission of disease.

You must also check-up with your local veterinarian on what is best for your dog. Do proper consultation before taking a significant step.


In conclusion, the life span of your Pomapoo depends on how you take care of it.  As an owner, you should pay heed to their needs and requirements.

Pomapoos loves affection and attention. It would be best if you made them feel good and happy.

Removing mental stress will add to the life span of your Pomapoo. They are the happiest when they are with their owners.

Pomapoos share the strongest bond that ardently loves and takes care of them.

As an owner, the brief moment you share with your dog must be memorable. When you shoulder a dog’s responsibility, you must also make time to look into their health and well-being. 

You should have a proper schedule and make sure to spend time with your dog. Your dog’s mental happiness is one of the critical factors that will increase your dog’s life expectancy.

Create a good bond with your Pomapoo by training them or taking a walk to the park. Eventually, all these activities will turn into good memories. You can cherish or embrace these memories when they are no longer with you.

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