how long can a bordoodle be left alone

Can a Bordoodle Be Left Alone? – Complete How-To Guide!

We’d sure love to keep our Bordoodle close at all times, but know it’s not always feasible. Maybe you need to get to work, or school, or run an errand in the city. What then? Can a Bordoodle be left alone? If so, for how long? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. 

A Bordoodle shouldn’t be left alone for more than 8 hours a day and even less if you have a Bordoodle puppy. But the different stages of a Bordoodles’ life determine exactly how long you can leave them alone.

And we’re going to do this by looking into a couple of things, like the dog’s pedigree and how it affects its general temperament and behavior—also, primary factors like your Borpoo’s environment, physical and mental health, and age.

How Long Can a Bordoodle Be Left Alone?

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    The Bordoodle is a mixture of the Border Collie and the Poodle. We can’t say for sure when this crossbreeding was first done. But it was officially recognized about 20-30 years back in the United States. 

    The Collie has its origins in Northumbria as a shepherd dog. As for the Poodle, this fabulous pooch was all the rave amongst the French upper class though originating in Germany. It was a popular in-house luxury pet. 

    So, the Bordoodle comes from parent breeds that are pretty comfortable with both indoor and outdoor environments. Indeed, the Poodle itself descended from a line of European water dogs with exceptional hunting skills.

    It is safe to say that your Bordoodle can generally adapt to almost any environment in this light, whether it’s warm or chilly, indoors or outdoors. Of course, outdoors meaning a yard with a designated kennel or shed with proper shade and insulation depending on the weather. Also, food, water, toys, and a litter space. 

    Bordoodle Environment Compatibility:

    • Does well in a warm climate with proper food, drink, and shelter
    • Does equally well in chilly weather with adequate nutrition, drink, and shelter

    As for a Bordoodle’s general temperament and behavior, it is very amiable with high intelligence. Its parent breeds have to do a lot with this. It is also very active and loves having fun. 

    You’re not going to have one dull day with this energetic canine. A Borpoo is also very loyal and makes it its duty to protect its owners. You can expect deep bonds to develop quickly with a Borpoo. It is the perfect companion any dog-lover could ask for. 

    Bordoodle temperament and behavior:   

    • Intelligent
    • Friendly and Sociable
    • Loyal
    • Protective
    • Active

    But what about a Bordoodle’s temperament and behavior in specific settings? Just how long can it stand being left alone indoors and outdoors?

    Adult Bordoodle Indoors (1-6 years)

    Borpoos are very active and love to play around and have fun. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to entertain this energetic dog. However, a Borpoo does enjoy activities way more when it’s with its owner or with other buddy dogs. And this is where leaving a Borpoo alone can be a problem, especially if left alone indoors. 

    Borpoos do just fine entertaining themselves indoors for a while but can get bored quickly. You can try and prevent your Borpoo from getting bored too soon by leaving toys for it to play with and some of its favorite treats. 

    You’ll also need to train it to avoid creating a mess or keep it enclosed within an area with divider grills and mesh gates before you’re confident leaving it alone. These are doable solutions for 3-4 hours maximum. 

    Beyond that, you should have someone dog-sit your Borpoo or make it a point to come back early. You could try stalling for a bit longer if you have pet cameras where you can interact with your canine buddy. But try not to breach beyond an extra hour.

    Indeed, Bordoodles are very loyal and affectionate towards their owners. They thrive in the companionship they share with them. And this can make them susceptible to a lot of stress and separation anxiety if left alone for too long. It can often result in destructive behavior like damaging household items and causing a stir. Therefore, avoid leaving your Borpoo for several hours at a stretch as best as possible. 

    Also, constantly leaving your pooch indoors for long stretches without proper space for physical activity can cause health issues like obesity and bone-related. In short, nothing good comes of prolonged separation with your canine buddy.

    Adult Bordoodle Indoors – Summary

    • Can be left alone for a maximum of 3.5-4 hours
    • Must be enclosed in a designated space with divider grills and mesh gates
    • Must be left with its favorite toys
    • Must be left with an appropriate portion of its favorite treats
    • Leave some water for when it gets thirsty
    • Give it an assigned space to poop and pee (this will require practice) 
    • Get a pet camera to interact or have someone dog-sit beyond the 4-hour mark

    Adult Bordoodle Outdoors (1-6 years)

    Leaving your Borpoo outdoors can be a better alternative to having them enclosed indoors. Borpoos, like most canines, love the outside and can find even a simple activity like rolling on the grass a whole lot of fun. 

    However, it would help if you ensured that the outdoors is a secure place with proper provisions. The ideal outdoor space would be a backyard with ample space and sturdy high fences. It is imperative if your Borpoo is a full-grown adult with a lot of energy. It just might end up jumping the fence and wandering around if not enclosed appropriately.

    With so many stimuli the outdoors has to offer, your Borpoo will want to go exploring and interact with them. It might just spot a squirrel on a tree outside or its dog buddy taking a stroll across the street. And as you can imagine, it’ll soon get frustrated and feel lonesome, stressed, and anxious.

    So, make sure you keep your Borpoo entertained and comfortable while you’re away. Do not leave the Borpoo for more than 4-5 hours at a stretch without any contact. Make sure you leave their favorite toys, treats, and water before you leave. And maybe ask a neighbor to check in once in a while. It will make the ordeal of missing their dear owners while they’re away from them a little more bearable. 

    Also, make sure your Borpoo has a comfy shade when it wants to lie down if it gets too sunny or too cold outside. We recommend you buy or build a properly insulated kennel with the appropriate furnishings depending on the climate. Give your Borpoo a snug spot to lie down and have its little doggy-dreams for when it gets drowsy after a lot of activity. 

    Finally, get your Borpoo potty-trained. Designate a spot in the yard where it can succumb to nature’s call, and you’re good to go. It will take some practice, but it sure can be done. Also, never leave your Borpoo leashed. It will very likely cause a lot of distress every time you leave it alone. It may be an easy solution when you do not have a properly fenced backyard but consider investing in an upgrade. You may leave your pooch occasionally leashed in case of emergencies but do not make it a permanent solution.

    Our canines are sensitive, emotional, and intelligent beings that deserve good love and care. So, do your part. Be as faithful a companion is to your Borpoo as much as it is to you.

    Adult Bordoodle Outdoors

    • Can be left alone for a maximum of 4.5-5 hours
    • Must be enclosed in a backyard that is appropriately fenced
    • Must be left with its favorite toys
    • Must be left with an appropriate portion of its favorite treats
    • Leave some water for when it gets thirsty
    • Must have an adequately furnished kennel depending on the climate
    • Give it an assigned space to poop and pee (this will require practice)
    • Have neighbors check in now and then 
    • Please do not keep it leashed as much as possible
    Can a Bordoodle Puppy be Left Alone

    Can a Bordoodle Puppy be Left Alone? (0-9 months)

    Now, the case is quite different for a Bordoodle pup. It is because puppies, like any youngling of a species, need extra care and supervision, unlike their adult counterparts. It’s still attempting to get accustomed to daily life and requires a lot of love, maintenance, and support.

    If your Borpoo is still 0-5 months old and has a mother living together, you can leave it for a good 6-8 hours. But if it’s all alone, a maximum of 2 hours is the limit. That too after proper feeding, potty sessions, and a super snug enclosed area with safe soft and chewable toys and age-appropriate treats.

    Borpoo pups of ages 0-9 months can take long naps, so you can leave them partially unsupervised when they hit the sack. Other than that, you’ll need to check in every 1.5-2 hours maximum.

    As they cross the 4-month mark, Borpoo pups can get into a lot of mischiefs, so watch them closely and get them house trained. We strongly suggest you keep a Borpoo pup of 3 months and below indoors. You may leave it for a maximum of 1-2 hours if above 4.5/5 to 9 months old.

    All the same guidelines as those for adult Borpoos, like having a proper fence, kennel, food, and water, apply for pups as well. Just make sure the toys and treats are age-appropriate. Also, a small backyard will do just fine. 

    Bordoodle Puppy Indoors and Outdoors

    • 0-3 months- can be left indoors for 1.5-2 hours maximum, advisably during naptime. While awake or before leaving:

    – Needs puppy food

    – Needs potty session

    – Needs safe soft and chewable soft toys

    – Needs to be kept in a snug enclosing with pet mattresses and blankets

    – Needs pet monitor if possible

    • 4.5/5-9 months- can be left indoors and outdoors for a maximum of 1.5-2 hours

    – Needs puppy food

    – Can keep designated potty area (requires training)

    – Needs safe soft and chewable soft toys

    – Needs to be adequately provided furnished kennel

    – Have a neighbor check in occasionally 

    Senior Bordoodle (approx. 7-15 years)

    In the case of senior Bordoodles, leaving them alone for long stretches is pretty much the same as adult Bordoodles. They can generally be left alone for a tad hour or two longer without expecting a stir at home. 

    However, because they can get more emotionally sensitive, you also need to abide by the 5-hour mark for them. Or sometimes even lesser depending on your Borpoos developed temperament. Each Borpoo can acquire a different disposition after a prolonged period depending on the kind of household it grows up in. So, that too can factor in when it comes to how long it can stand being alone.  

    Nevertheless, leave all-time favorite treats and toys as usual. You might not have to go the extra mile to enclose them if indoors. Just leave them with a proper potty space and a pet monitor, and you’re good to go. The same outdoor rules as adult Bordoodles apply to seniors as well. 

    Senior Borpoos are naturally more mellow. Age does take its toll on their energy levels. So, make sure you spend quality time with your old pooch before any prolonged separation. It can reassure your Borpoo that it is indeed loved and cared for.

    There must be a proper understanding of each other’s nature for any healthy relationship between a pet and its owner. If you keep this in mind, you can successfully design a routine that works best for both of you. 


    Having a pet is an absolute delight, but it also comes with specific responsibilities. Canines like the Bordoodle are very intelligent and affectionate, and you need to deal with them as such. The time stretches provided here for how long you can leave your Bordoodle alone are only approximates and should be used as rough guides. 

    However, we hope this article has given you a fair and comprehensive idea about the dos and don’ts of leaving your Borpoo alone and wish you and your Borpoo the very best on your fantastic journey together!

    how long can a bordoodle be left alone

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