Bordoodle Breeders in Florida

3 Awesome Bordoodle Breeders in Florida (FL) – 2024

Bordoodles are among the smartest and most intelligent doodle breeds in the dog world today. They are a rare breed and have got a few authentic breeders interested in raising quality and friendly Bordoodle puppies in Florida.

Suppose you are based in Florida and want to own a good Bordoodle companion with a beautiful temperament in 2023. In that case, you have to scrutinize the breeders’ program and ensure you select a breeder that has your best interest in mind.

Bordoodles can make good show dogs and are great service dogs as well. Although they are obedient dogs, they can be tough to handle at times; however, you get the best out of their behavior when properly trained.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Doodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve correctly prepared your home for bringing home a precious little Doodle puppy!

What to Consider Before Selecting a Bordoodle Breeder in Florida

Bordoodle puppies in Florida
Bordoodle puppy in Florida

A reputable breeder breeds with purpose. Buying from a reputable breeder is important since they ensure their breeding dogs have superior genetics. Simply being a professional breeder does not automatically qualify someone as a reputable breeder. Here are some things to consider when selecting a Bordoodle breeder in Florida

  1. Are they purpose-driven? Every good Bordoodle breeder breeds for a purpose. Most Reputable breeders aim to increase the overall quality of the breed. Their greatest desire is to have you own a healthy and friendly Bordoodle companion.
  2. Do they health-test their dogs? Dogs should not be bred without proper health tests. That is irresponsible. Obtaining basic health tests, such as radiography of the elbow and hip joints, is inexpensive and readily available.
  3. Responsible Bordoodle Breeders Are Ethical in their practices: They send puppies to their homes after 8 weeks and provide health guarantees to cover any health concerns. Reputable breeders also belong to regulatory bodies or clubs that regulate their programs and ensure adherence to ethical breeding practices.
  4. Does the breeder have references? If possible, check-up with the past customers from the breeder; Find out how they were treated by the breeder and their dogs’ health and social condition.
  5. Are the Bordoodles well socialized and have a good temperament? Reputable breeders raise your dog in a way to ensure they are well socialized, obedient and develop a good temperament.

Bordoodle Breeders in Florida (FL)

The best Bordoodle breeders in Florida raise their dogs in a home environment, making them very friendly and easily adapted to their forever owner’s home.

This article will show you some of the three best Bordoodle breeders you can find in Florida, United States.

Serrano Family Puppies

Serrano Family Puppies is a family-run breeder of Bordoodles in Orlando, FL, and they have puppies for sale. It is a family of dog enthusiasts who adore and care for each of their dogs and pups and go to great lengths to guarantee that the puppies grow up to be the greatest companions anybody could ask for. Their breeding objective is to create healthy, powerful puppies that will mature into dependable adults.

The pups bred by the Serrano Family are exceptionally clever, loving, and simple to teach because they are nurtured in a clean home setting.

A tiny bag of food or a toy scented with their littermates’ fragrance is typically sent along with your puppy. All pups are vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian before being released to their new owners.

If you are interested in purchasing a Bordoodle puppy from this breeder, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the breeder using the information provided below. A non-refundable $300 deposit secures the puppy of your choice until it is ready to be taken home at the age of 8 weeks. The price includes the following items: vaccinations, health certificate, blanket, toy, and tote bag.

Serrano Family Puppies details

Daisy Farm Doodles

Daisy Farm Doodles is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). This is a hobbyist Bordoodle breeder and trainer located in Southern Florida. They are devoted to raising healthy, smart puppies to make loyal family friends in their later years. They run a program called Puppy Love, which is aimed to deliver well-trained Bordoodle puppies to beneficiaries at no cost.

All puppies are veterinarian examined, receive age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming, and have their dew claws removed. They also receive a Florida State Health Certificate. Their Website claims that the Parent dogs have been evaluated for over 200,000 genetic markers and vetted for more than 175 health hazards. Meaning that the parent dogs have been tested and found to be completely free of genes that are known to cause genetic illness.

If you are interested in this breeder, hop onto their Website or contact the breeder to reserve a puppy in their upcoming litter. Goldendoodles are also part of their puppy collection if you’d love to have one.

Daisy Farm Doodles details

  • Price Range: $2500 – $3500
  • Sizes: Petite, Mini, Medium, and Standard (F1, F1B)
  • Location: Southern Florida, United States
  • Contact Info: +1 850-716-2675
  • Social Media: Facebook Page
  • Website:

Puppy Finder Florida

This is also a good place to find a Bordoodle breeder in Florida. PuppyFinder comes in at number three. They’re not necessarily a breeder but rather a network of outstanding Bordoodle breeders around the United States. Its popularly known as the puppy search engine. The breeders must be scrutinized and devoted to breeding true Bordoodles before being accepted to list their Bordoodles on the Website.

PuppyFinder also checks that the puppy is registered, with the breeder ID Verified. They are quite picky about who they accept to join their Bordoodle breeding network. They have a commendable zero-tolerance stance against puppy mills and unethical breeding practices.

Their Bordoodle Breeders network reaches every state in the United States, so you can choose to work with a breeder in a nearby state if you have a hard time finding a Bordoodle breeder near you. We recommend, however, that you do your thorough research of the Listed breeder to find out about their breeding practices and health guarantees before going for their puppy.

PuppyFinder Florida details

  • Price Range: $3000 – $3500
  • Sizes: Mini, Medium, and Standard (F1, F1B)
  • Website:
Bordoodle Breeders in Florida
Bordoodle Breeder in Florida


We hope our selection of Bordoodle breeders has helped you narrow your search. When properly trained and cared for, Bordoodles can be your closest companion for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind that puppies require appropriate physical and mental stimulation daily; otherwise, they may get disinterested and react. Hence, finding a reliable and ethical Bordoodle breeder in Florida that can provide you with a healthy puppy that has been nurtured in a loving environment is critical.

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