Which Approach Is Least Effective in Retrieving a Dog Who Managed to Slip off His Leash

Which Approach Is Least Effective in Retrieving a Dog Who Managed to Slip off His Leash?

When you are out in a park walking with your dog, you might have experienced your dog wanting to be free from his strap. Sadly, sometimes he must have gotten loose of his strap and ran away from you. When this happens, you might have thought about effective ways to call him back but rarely on the worst ways to bring him to you. It is necessary to know the most ineffective ways, too, so that you will not make the mistake of using it instead of making him race further away.

The worst way to retrieve a dog who has managed to slip off his leash is to sprint towards him to catch him. Dogs love to play with their owners by running away from them, as we all know. Thus it is inevitable that if you go after him, he will probably try to get away from you more.

We all have observed and know that it is natural for dogs to sprint after something moving away from them. You might have noticed them running after cats, rabbits, or birds in the yard. But they do not like it if something follows them, so they will try to move away from whatever is after them.

Things to Avoid When Getting Back Your Dog

There are more ways to do than what not to do to get back your dog. Even though there are only a few inefficient ways you can work on, they are certainly the most efficient.

Also, sometimes it is better to know what not to do when you try to call back your dog so that the effective ways to get back your dog work effectively. It is like how they say avoidance is better than fixing it after the deed is done. Knowing the ineffective ways and applying them might help you get back your dog quicker than expected.

Chasing After Him

In no way should you try to chase your dog as it will only make him run further away from you. As sneaky as a dog can get, he enjoys sprinting away when someone rushes to him, especially his owner. He might take it as a game and never come to you that way.

As a result, chasing after them will not be of much help; instead, it will make things worse because your dog will run faster as they see you. In worst-case scenarios, they might fall in a ditch or hurt themselves while trying to get away from you. If you are out in public, it might also lead to minor accidents like hitting an oncoming car.

Yelling at Him

If you shout at your dog to come back or yell his name, it will tempt him to run more distant. They do not think like humans do when you shout their names; they might think you want to play with them as they do. Dogs can also be naughty and very lively, so your yelling will interest them further.

Or, in other cases, the dog might fear you will punish him for running away and will be afraid to come back to you. Dogs are experts in knowing the tone of your voice, and therefore, it is crucial to be calm and call him politely and pleasantly.

Do Not Punish Him

If you are successfully able to bring back your dog, make sure to give him a treat. If you do not have a treat, pet him and compliment him while slowly putting him on the leash. This is a crucial measure you should keep in mind.

If you suddenly try to strap him back, he might get sneaky and try to run away again. Also, if you suddenly scold him or punish him right after he is back, it will scare him and make him want to run away again. It is essential to be kind to dogs and know how to take care of a dog in the right way at such a time. Punishing him right away will instill fear in him, and it will become harder to retrieve him another time.

How to Bring Back a Dog Who Has Managed to Slip off His Leash

How to Bring Back a Dog Who Has Managed to Slip off His Leash

Your dog might run off from you not only from a loose strap, but even while you take your dog out without a strap, he might run off when he sees another dog or something to chase after.

Most time, he might come back when you call him. But there might be times when he does not seem to care even when you call him, and he might not come back. You can use the following tips to call back your dog at such a time.

Run of From Him

Do the opposite if you want to bring back your dog instead of running to him. You should call him aware of him and flee from him when he looks at you. Most dogs will undoubtedly chase after you think of it as a game, and thus it will be easier to get hold of him and strap him back.

By Using a Toy

It would be helpful if you had a plaything with you, especially one that makes a sound. You can simply squeeze the toy to make the sound and draw your dog’s attention. When he looks at you, openly throw the toy beside you. Your dog will come running to catch the toy and play with it, and you can then grab him.

But once your dog is within your grasp, you should be very careful not to let him know you are going to tie him back. We all know how playful a dog can get, so the moment he comes to know he is going to be strapped back, he will try to move away from you again.

Using Food or Treats

Another effective method of bringing back your dog will be offering him food or treats. Dogs and cats alike cannot say no to treats. He might be a lazy dog or a playful one, but the moment you show them the treats, they will surely come to you.

Even after seeing the treats, if your dog is really in a playful mood and does not come to you, you can try dropping the food a little further away from you where he can see it. Your dog will probably smell it and come running to get it. This, however, works only if you are not so far away from your dog.

Acting dead

Some owners have even tried lying on the ground, acting dead. The dog might feel like something is wrong with the owner and dash back to check on you. Or they might think you want to play with them and run to you.

Other Important Tips

Apart from the tips on how not to deal with a run-away dog and adequate ways of bringing him back, you can make sure that your dog does not run away in the first place. The first important way to do that is by using a good, durable dog leash not to become loose or break. Also, make sure the collar on your dog’s neck is secured enough to prevent him from slighting off his head and running away.

Another way is by disciplining your dog by teaching him to obey you and rewarding him when he does so. Most dogs can be trained to do many things, so training them to be disciplined will not be so challenging. You need to know how to train dogs well and how to take care of a dog before and after training him. If your dog is attentive and composed enough, it will not take time for him to come back to you. Dogs are faithful enough to listen to their owners, who treat them well.

Which Approach Is Least Effective in Retrieving a Dog Who Managed to Slip off His Leash


You might sometimes wonder why your dog is so restless and consistently trying to run away from you. It might be because he is not getting enough physical exercise. Dogs require daily exercise, even if not powerful running exercises, but at least a walk in the park. These exercises are a must for their body as well as their mental wellbeing.

If they do not get their share of daily exercise, they might become more hyperactive and might become difficult to handle. Make some time in your schedule to take him out on a walk daily, even if it is for a short time. It will also be practical if you play with him some time so that he gets to run around a lot as this will keep your dog more fit and fine.

Looking after a dog is pretty much like looking after a child. It spoils them if you care too much; if you care too less, it still spoils them. There should be a moderate amount of everything, including food, attention, care, and even exercise. If you possess a dog, you are liable to take care of him and have a complete insight on how to take care of a dog.

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