Bordoodle Breeders in Ohio

The 3 Best Bordoodle Breeders in Ohio (OH) – 2024

Bordoodles should make your dream of owning a loving companion a reality. They are a very friendly Doodle breed that serves as great service dogs. Bordoodle puppies for sale in Ohio are in high demand because of their lovely personalities and their capacity to bring happiness into the lives of their new owners and families.

Bordoodles, like every doodle cross, are usually thought to be nonshedding and allergy-friendly. In Ohio, several puppy mills sell malnourished Bordoodle puppies. When looking for a Bordoodle puppy in Ohio, families or individuals should make certain that they are dealing with a reputable breeder.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Doodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve correctly prepared your home for bringing home a precious little Doodle puppy!

Bordoodle Breeders in Ohio

Bordoodle puppies in Ohio
Bordoodle puppy in Ohio

Few Bordoodle breeders exist in Ohio, and we’ve whittled it down to the most reputable. Our criteria included health, genetic, and AKC certificates. You should avoid buying a dog from puppy mills or backyard breeders since you may end up with a sick dog with hereditary problems.

Let’s dive into the top 3 Bordoodle breeders in Ohio.

Borders of Eby Eden

Borders of Eby Eden is a Bordoodle breeder made up of a family of four located in Creston, Northeast Ohio. They raise gentle and adorable Bordoodle puppies. Their goal is to raise healthy Bordoodle puppies to make ideal family pets. They maintain a small-scale breeding program with a restricted number of litters per year to spend sufficient attention and time on each stage of the puppy-raising process.

Their Bordoodle pups are nurtured in their house with kids who assist in socializing them. The pups are exposed to children in both group and one-on-one settings. Bordoodle puppies exposed to kids at a young age learn to be more comfortable with them and get used to being touched all the time. A two-year genetic health guarantee is included with the purchase of the Bordoodle Puppies! Genetic health defects are covered under guarantee. The guarantee is accessible upon request.

Their Bordoodle puppies cost around $2750, so don’t wait! You can reserve a puppy with a $500 non-refundable deposit, which they add to the dog’s purchasing price. Puppies can be taken home when they are 8 weeks old; however, this varies by breed type.

Borders of Eby Eden details

Turk Family Farm, LLC

Turk Family Farm, LLC is a Bordoodle breeder in Ashland, Ohio. They are dedicated to spreading the joy of puppies to as many households as possible. The Parent Dogs are health checked and are AKC/CKC registered. Their Bordoodle puppies are available in F1 and F1b, which differ in the proportion of Border Collie to Standard Poodle. More Poodle genes in the F1B Bordoodle make them hypoallergenic and shedding-free.

Visit their website for more information. There, you can obtain all the necessary documents to begin the process of getting a puppy or a stud service.

In addition to helping you with product recommendations and other things that will make owning your new puppy a breeze, the team at Turk Family Farm also offers professional advice and support.

If you are interested in the breeder’s puppies, you should reserve your dog as soon as possible with a $500 non-refundable deposit, and you should be prepared to pick up your puppy after 2 months from the day of birth. They provide Zoom appointments if you prefer to choose your dog virtually. Instead, they do not ship pups; you must be willing to pick them up from their facility. Goodie bags, documentation, and samples of puppy food accompany your Bordoodle puppy to the new home.

Turk Family Farm details

Puppy Finder Ohio

PuppyFinder provides you with the ability to network with other merchants and Dog breeders in your area, all in one place. It is a dog ad network that connects you with all kinds of breeders. For the time being, the site is not completely safe because the breeders who are listed on the platform have not been subjected to a thorough screening process. To put it another way, backyard breeders have a chance of getting into the system. We listed them since you can still locate reliable Bordoodle breeders this way. members’ profiles that display the IDVerified Icon indicate that the listed breeder has completed the identity verification procedure with one of the PuppyFinder partner security providers. This is an added layer of protection to assist customers in avoiding the rising number of online scammers and fraudsters.

The best way to deal with a breeder on this platform is to meet face-to-face or, at the very least, schedule a video conference. Obtain referrals and testimonials. Look up the company’s name or email address on the internet to see if you can find reliable information about them.

Make use of services such as PayPal Verified, Google Wallet, or any other verified digital payment option where you may be entitled to any refund or purchase guarantee. We wish you the best of luck in your search for a worthy Bordoodle puppy companion in Ohio.

Puppy Finder Ohio details

  • Price Range: $2000
  • Sizes: Mini, Medium, and Standard (F1, F1B)
  • Location: Ohio, United States
  • Website:

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Bordoodle Breeder in Ohio

It would be best to ask certain questions before selecting a reliable breeder. Here are a few examples: This will help you weed out puppy mills and backyard breeders.

  • Have any of the parent dogs experienced any health issues?

What health issues have your dog’s parents experienced, and how did they receive treatment? That will assist you in identifying potential problems and taking preventative steps for your dog.

  • Are the Parents Certified?

Find out if the puppy parents are registered with AKC/CKC, with certificates. They help to regulate the breeders breeding practices.

  • Are the Pups well socialized?

Puppy socialization is essential between the ages of 1 to 4 months. Socialization should consist of pleasant interactions with other canines and humans of diverse ages, races, and sizes, among other things. Inquire about the puppy’s socializing experiences.

  • Are the puppies Dewormed and Vaccinated?

Bordoodle Puppies are born with worms, and it is advised that they be dewormed. By six weeks old, most pups have taken one dose of dewormer. Puppies often begin their vaccination round between 6 and 8 weeks old. A licensed veterinarian should administer the vaccinations rather than a feed-store product.

  • Any Health Guarantee?

Reputable breeders usually offer their Bordoodle puppies with at least 1-year health guarantee. Guarantee shows that the breeder will be willing to take responsibility for his breeding mistakes.

Bordoodle Breeders in Ohio
Bordoodle Breeder in Ohio


Whether you want to go on a walk or curl up with them at home, these dogs are ready for either adventure or relaxation just like you are. If you reside in Ohio and are interested in adopting a Bordoodle puppy, feel free to contact one of the breeders listed above.

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