Labradoodle Husky Mix Facts

If you want a dog that’s not only gorgeous, but also very loving, and loyal, then the Labradoodle Husky mix is a great choice of dog for you.

A mix of the fun-loving Labradoodle and the famously hardworking Siberian Husky, this is a rather new mixed breed that has captured the hearts of thousands of dog lovers all over the world for many reasons. This dog is playful, loving, energetic, highly intelligent, sturdy and hardworking.

These dogs are usually great swimmers and absolutely loves running beside their owner or playing fetch in the park for hours on end. They’re also a very loyal breed that will go to the end of the world to protect their families.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Labradoodle Husky Mix

  • Great for families. A Husky mixed with a Labradoodle is a great fit for pretty much everyone. They love children and are capable of being very patient kids and toddlers. As long as a new owner is able to provide this breed with enough exercise and mental stimulation, they should find this dog very manageable.
  • Quite easy to train by yourself. Seeing as these dogs are highly intelligent, they are very easy to train and teach most commands. Often obedience school won’t even be necessary with just a bit of preparation on your side.
  • They’re steady exercise partners. Your Labradoodle Husky demands quite a lot of daily exercise. So no matter if you’re into running, walking, hiking or riding a bike, this furball will be able to follow you every step of the way. Fooling around in the local park or swimming in the nearest lake is much more enjoyable with your a Huskydoodle around.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Husky Labradoodle

  • It requires a large area. This mix breed is full of energy and needs sufficient space to run around in. They generally aren’t a good fit for owners who live in small apartments or condos.
  • Tends to shed a lot. The Husky Labradoodle comes from two breeds that usually shed, which is why you should also expect the offspring to shed quit ea lot during its shedding season – Spring and Fall.
  • Anxiety and boredom can lead to destructive tendencies. These dogs love to be around their family and require a lot of mental stimulation. If you leave them alone for extended periods it can cause it to start chewing things and destroying stuff, excessive barking, or digging up your entire yard.

Traits, Appearance, and Personality of a Husky Labradoodle Mix

siberian husky labradoodle mix
WeightMales: 35 to 65 lbs
Females: 35 to 55 lbs
HeightMales: 21 to 25 inches
Females: 20 to 24 inches
SizeMedium to Large
Coat TypeDouble coat. Short to medium length
Coat ColorBrown, black, white, red, yellow or a combination of the colors
Amount of SheddingModerate; has a shedding season
EyesBrown or blue
TemperamentPlayful, devoted, dependable, intelligent, sociable
Life Expectancy11 to 14 years
New Owner FriendlyYes

Seeing as a newborn puppy can inherit the traits from either parent, you can’t with 100% accuracy say exactly what the temperament or appearance of your little furball will be. A Husky Labradoodle mix could be anything from calm and laidback to a powerhouse of a dog as Huskies tends to be.

But one thing that you are almost guaranteed is that your Labradoodle Husky mix will be an exceptionally caring and loving dog. They absolutely adore their family and the children are usually also a center of affection from these dogs. Which makes them great as a family dog and a friend for any child in the family. But it also means they aren’t too happy about being left alone.

Labradoodles are rarely very pleased about being left alone, and the same thing goes for many Huskies. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the same thing can be said about the puppies from such a litter.

The Husky Labradoodle is also a very intelligent breed, that requires a lot of mental stimulation to be completely happy. And this is another reason why you shouldn’t leave such a breed alone for prolonged periods of time, as there’s a high risk of your dog developing separation anxiety that can lead to destructive behavior.

So it’s absolutely vital that you do everything you can to ensure that your pup is kept busy and stays happy when you are gone and until your return. Buy as many chew toys as you can carry, and make sure that your dog will have sufficient space to run around and play in.

If you have to work all day with no possibility of returning home during your lunch break, you should consider a dog walker or perhaps persuade a good friend to stop by and take your dog for a walk during the day. And then you should give the dog all your attention and affection when you do return home.

Labradoodle Husky Mix Puppies for Sale

When looking for a new puppy to bring home, you obviously shouldn’t find the one you think look the cutest and then adopt it without knowing anything at all about the breed you’re getting. You will have to know more so that you are able to really consider everything from what gender to the temperament in a dog that is best suited for you and your family.

To get the best possible dog, the first thing I would advise that you do is to find the best possible breeder. Make sure it’s a professional and high-quality breeder that knows how to handle dogs properly and isn’t only in it to make a few easy bucks. Ask all sorts of questions to find out what they are feeding their dogs, what areas they are able to roam and what the breeder does for socializing and so on.

Get proof that all the puppies have had all their required vaccinations needed at their age, and that they don’t have any parasites such as tapeworms. Ask what vet the breeder is using so that you are able to double-check. Look online to see what other people are saying about your breeder of choice.

Here are a few tips for choosing a Husky Labradoodle mix puppy:

  • Ask for all the information available. Request for the parents’ health history, all the possible data on from genetic testing done to check for fundamental health issues and the name of their vet.
  • Consider the dog’s fur. A shorter haired dog is a better fit if you live in a region that’s somewhat warm year-round. Your future dog shouldn’t have to unnecessarily suffer from the constant hot weather.
  • Examine the puppies’ personality. You’ll usually notice many different personalities in a big litter of puppies, so make sure to look for a puppy that seems friendly, outgoing, curious, and confident enough to approach you by themselves.
  • Carefully examine the puppy. Inspect the skin, mouth, ears, eyes, tail, underbelly, and paws. Ensure that those areas are absolutely clean and healthy-looking.

You should always do your research properly and only consider using trustworthy breeders such as Greenfield Puppies and Lancaster Puppies.

Also consider going the adoption route, where sites such as and can typically help you find the perfect dog for you.

Enquire at your local rescue organizations or animal shelter if they have any Husky Labradoodle crossbreeds that need a forever home. Take a look at some of the groups if that’s the route you’re considering.

  1. A Forever Home Rescue Foundation
  2. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  3. Arctic Rescue
labradoodle dog cat labradoodle siberian husky mix

Grooming Your Husky Mixed With Labradoodle

If you’re looking to get a Husky mixed with a Labradoodle, you should prepare yourself that it will require quite a lot of grooming. Best practice with this breed will be to brush it daily and thoroughly grooming once every 1-2 months.

The reason for all this shedding is because of the Husky’s dense double-coat. A Husky Labradoodle mix that took after its Labradoodle parent won’t shed as much as the typical Husky but expect more shedding than from an average Labradoodle.

An efficient brush such as a FURminator will help you immensely for this task without hurting your dog if you use a cheaper brush of poorer quality.

Bathing once a month is also recommended for a Husky Labradoodle mix, or as a minimum whenever it’s getting messy. Remember to trim their nails and also make sure that you clean your dogs’ ears at least twice a month. Brushing its teeth should also be done twice a week.

Health Issues in a Labradoodle Mixed With Husky

Generally speaking, are mixed breed dogs such as the Labradoodle Husky healthier than their parents, but the downside is that these dogs are also susceptible to any health issues that are found in both Siberian Huskies and Labradoodles.

That another reason why it’s so important that you make sure that the breeder, or at the very least your own vet conducts a health screening on your pup, as this will reveal if there are any suspected congenital issues.

A Labradoodle mixed with Husky will be susceptible to eye problems, heart issues, arthritis, skin conditions, and hip and elbow dysplasia. You should also be careful that your dog doesn’t end up overweight or obese as it dramatically increases the risk of it developing dysplasia, arthritis, or heart problems.

You should also take note to be watching for symptoms of:

  • Allergies
  • Cataracts
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Dental problems
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Exercise-induced collapse
  • Glaucoma
  • Hemophilia
  • Hip dysplasia

Regular visits to your vet are always recommended for your Labradoodle Husky.

labradoodle husky crossbreed

Husky Crossed With Labradoodle Food Requirements

Pretty much everybody who has ever owned a dog has done their absolute best to ensure that this furry family member will be able to live a long and healthy life.

One of the best things you can do that is by only giving them the best possible food. Exactly how much your specific dog needs to eat can be wildly different from another pup from the same litter. It all depends on many factors, such as their weight, general size, and how active they are.

The recommended amount of food that’s suitable for an adult Husky Labradoodle mix is usually between 2 to 4 cups of high-quality food.

For dogs, is has long been a belief that the feeding schedule should be separated into two servings every single day.

One of the numerous reasons why you opt for the best quality food products that you can possibly afford is that these products typically contain a lot more of the most beneficial nutrients, and isn’t just loaded with empty calories as a lot the cheapest options have a tendency to be.

High-quality food is usually packed with a lot of calcium and phosphorus that are not only essential minerals but also great for helping your puppy stay healthy and strong. Calcium is vital when it comes to developing strong teeth, eyesight, joints, and the puppies’ bones, where Phosphorous is a mineral that ensures the optimal development of your dogs’ bones and joints.

Here are some of our recommended food options for the Labradoodle crossed with Siberian Husky dogs.

  • CANIDAE Pure Grain-Free: CANIDAE is well-suited for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It consists of nine key ingredients, where there’s a meat ingredient in each that guarantees a delicious meal but also a sufficient amount of great animal protein. There arent any harmful additives in the product.
  • Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food: Merrick is a fitting option for allergy-prone dogs. It consists of chicken that’s been deboned, and also peas, blueberries, apples, and sweet potatoes. Your dog will most likely love the delicious taste this product supposedly has. It’s great for the hip and joint function in a dog because of the glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness: Blue Buffalo is suitable for highly active dogs such as the Siberian Husky Labradoodle mix. The high amount of quality protein and carbohydrates are fantastic as a support for the excessive amounts of energy this breed usually have. It also contains good amounts of vital vitamins and minerals.

The Premium Option

The by far best option, if you can afford it, is without a doubt fresh food. And these days it doesn’t have to take you several hours every day for you to do everything y yourself, but instead, you can order some from several online manufacturers.

And perhaps the best in the business when it comes to this is Ollie Petfood. They deliver a tailor-fit meal for your specific dog, and for my dog is has been a god-send. But do be aware that it’s not exactly cheap, but for me and my dog, it’s absolutely been worth every penny.

If you‘re not entirely certain that your feeding your dog properly, or perhaps just have some more questions regarding exactly what food is good for your dog, you should talk with a vet. They can always help you to create a diet plan just for your dog.

Just make sure that you pay attention to what you’re feeding your dog so that it doesn’t end up becoming obese to the point of it being a health risk.

are sheepadoodles aggressive sheepadoodle temperament huskydoodle

Labradoodle Crossed With Husky Exercise Requirements

A Labradoodle crossed with Husky is known for having amazingly high levels of energy. And seeing as this dog is descended from two very energetic working dogs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

A Labradoodle Husky mix requires regular exercise to stay healthy and also to burn off their excess energy. So if you would rather stay inside all day on the weekends in front of Netflix, you should probably look for a dog that’s a bit more docile.

This dog requires a good long walk twice a day, and they also love running around in a park and playing catch. This hybrid dog usually loves water and swimming in it. Their paws have a webbing that makes them excellent at swimming.

If you’re a family that leads an active lifestyle or if you just really love the outdoors, you will be a great match for the Husky Labradoodle mix. They are ideal jogging or running buddies. They even love going hiking or camping out in the open. Plenty of exercise is necessary for this mixed breed, especially if it has inherited the Huskys’ sled hound origins.

If you have a decently sized yard in your home, this hybrid dog will absolutely thrive where it’s able to run freely. Just make sure that you have a fence around your property that is secure enough to ensure this dog’s escaping skills from showing. They also love to dig holes everywhere, so you can expect a helping hand in your garden if you want to plant something.

These toys are some I’ve tried and would recommend for keeping your dog occupied and entertained:

  • Nina Ottoson Dog Tornado: This interactive toy is designed to keep your dog’s brain going as they try to figure out this puzzle. It’s essentially indestructible and it’s also dishwasher proof, which makes cleaning it a breeze.
  • KONG Extreme: KONG toys are famous for a reason as they are great products, and this is an extreme version of one of their bestselling toys and it will be able to keep your Labradoodle Husky mix entertained for hours. Pack it up with some of your dogs’ favorite treats, and watch your dog go to town on it for hours. It’s so durable that it can withstand even the strongest jaws.
  • KONG Jumbler Ball Toy: Another favorite from KONG, this is a tough rubber toy with a tennis ball inside. Your dog will love knocking the ball around or using the toy to play fetch with. It even squeaks, so if you have a dog that loves using their hearing for playtime, they will be very interested in this toy.
  • Trixie Dog Activity Chess: This toy will let your dog use its’ wits to find the reward and get a snack in exchange. Hide some treats inside the movable pieces to keep your dog busy. It’s a good toy for both puppies but also adult dogs, as it has four levels of difficulty, so there’s a level for every kind of dog.
labradoodle husky siberipoo

Husky Labradoodle Mix Training

When you have a Husky Labradoodle mix, obedience training is a definite must, and you should being as soon as you bring your new pup home. Obedience training will help you form a strong and positive relationship with your dog, and in the meantime also allow you to stay in control.

A Husky Labradoodle is a highly intelligent breed, and if you’re a patient and responsible owner, it won’t be a problem for you to train your Huskydoodle yourself. Being as soon as possible, as it will make things go a lot easier than with an older dog.

If your Husky Labradoodle crossbreed has inherited the Labradoodles’ ability to quickly learn new things and their enthusiasm to please their family, training will most likely be a breeze.

But there’s also a risk that your dog will have inherited some of the extreme stubbornness from its Husky genes. In that case, just remember to have some extra patience as this is a dog that has its’ own opinions on how things should be done. But even the most stubborn dog is susceptible to positive reinforcement and an abundance of treats, so just keep the training consistent, and it will all work out in the end.

Another crucial part of training this breed is socialization training. You should always start socializing a puppy the minute you bring it home. Have friends come over for visits or take your pup to numerous different places. The point of this is to allow him to interact with a wide variety of various people and animals.

The following tips should help you make the training easier:

  • Positive reinforcement is key. Almost all breeds respond better to this kind of training compared to a more hard-handed approach, and this breed is no different. Never punish your dog when it fails to obey your commands or if it happens to forget som of its’ training.
  • Buy some puzzle toys. If your Doodle starts getting bored, there’s a risk it can be a setback to the training you’re trying to accomplish. So be sure that you’ve stocked up on an assortment of different engaging puzzle toys so that you always have a backup if it suddenly finds one particular toy easy and boring.
  • Arrange playdates regularly. Letting your pup spend some time playing with a lot of different dogs is a great method to make sure they are kept socialized, entertained, and engaged mentally.

Labradoodle Husky Mix and Families

A Labradoodle Husky mix is an excellent dog for families, just as long as the entire family is ready for the commitment it requires to properly train and handle it. As with many other things, the key is consistency if you want to be sure that this dog is socialized and trained to perfection.

It’s a breed that will suit a lot of different types of families, from single households to large families with several children, as long as you make sure that you have the required energy and time. If you without a doubt can say that you have plenty of dedication and patience you should be able to provide this breed with the best possibility for a great life.

The Husky Labradoodles’ high levels of energy require that any owner is willing to lead an active lifestyle. This beautiful dog isn’t a perfect fit for those who aren’t home for 12+ hours every single day. It’s a very people-loving dog that demands a family that has the energy, time, dedication, budget, and room for it.

The Husky Labradoodle mix is a fantastic companion and a truly unique dog. They are fiercely loving, loyal and protective, and all they really need in return is someone who will unconditionally love them back; someone who will be able to dedicate all the time and effort to make sure their physical and mental requirements are fully satisfied.


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