When Do Labradoodles Calm Down?

How you handle a Labradoodle is the secret to having a calm dog. The Doodle is a quiet and easy dog when born, but as they get older their energy-levels start to grow and they are ready to experience life! So let’s take a look at the “when do Labradoodles calm down?” question that is commonly asked about this popular dog breed.

Some Labradoodles calm down around 3-4 years of age, while others just continue being active right into their mature years. The secret to successful ownership is plenty of exercise to burn off some of their overflowing energy.

The Labradoodle is known for having a passion for life, and they want to follow you everywhere as they want to be a part of any action they can. The best thing you can do for this dog is to keep them busy. If you can’t, they will just find their own things to do, and that can easily end disastrously.

Believe me, you don’t want a Doodle pup to go looking for fun on his own.

Then Why Choose a Labradoodle?

Labradoodles have a great personality, they are gentle around children, and they are generally an excellent family dog.

The Labradoodle is a real personality and will be an energetic member of your family.

  • Company is guaranteed when you adopt a Doodle – they will be glued beside you when they can unless they notice something including food nearby.
  • They love to chill out and cuddle with you once they have used some of their energy.
  • Their love and devotion is plentiful and never pauses.
  • A Labradoodle is also a quite protective dog, but aren’t really suited as a guard dog, as their friendly nature means they might just try to cuddle with an intruder instead of stopping them…
  • They really love the water, so if you also enjoy the water yourself they will be the perfect companion.

So How Do You Calm a Labradoodle?

There are methods to calm a Labradoodle so that you remain in control of the dog, and it is worth the effort to follow the steps.

  • It is important that you are always in control of your dog. Don’t let them get away with bad behavior, you must guide them so they know exactly what you want and don’t want them to do.
  • If things start getting out of hand, you will have to step in and calm down your dog promptly.
  • When they get too excited, they tend to lose control of themselves which can frighten a young pup, and they will need your help to get themselves under control again. Put your dog in a training harness so that you can swiftly attach a leash and start walking your dog in a calm and refreshing manner. This method will help your dog relax and will calm them when they are being overly goofy.
  • Change the way you behave around your dog. Excited greetings, high pitched noises or rewarding your dog when they jump all over the place will only intensify their excitement.
  • Beware of rough play as it may over-stimulate your dog and you risk it getting out of hand and your dog might start to bite or snarl.
  • Provide many different activities for your doodle – they need to feel busy so take them hiking, let them fool around in a pile of leaves, or allow them to paddle at the beach or swim in a lake.
  • Show your dog how to relax. The perfect time to slow things right down is during grooming and using a soothing brushing of their thick coat.
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Being Calm Can Defuse an Overexcited Dog

A dog will usually follow your lead, so if you are overly excited, noisy and bouncing all over the place, they will copy you. And this also applies the other way round, so if you can remain calm they will typically follow your lead.

Here are some Doodle-calming techniques:

  • When your Doodle is excited and being rowdy, avoid any physical play. Don’t fight or wrestle with them or act like a ‘victim’ and roll around on the floor with them. This will only excite them even more. Instead, you should back off, remain calm and talk quietly.
  • Don’t reward unwanted behavior such as when your dog is noisy or misbehaving. If they are acting up, handle your dog in a quiet and firm way and give them ‘time out’ in a training crate before letting them join the family again – they will quickly catch the message you’re trying to send.
  • Reward them when they are calm and quiet. A lot of owners tend to overlook this point but it can prove a powerful tool when raising a Labradoodle. When they sit obediently at your side and patiently waiting for your attention, reward them with some kind of treat for their effort.

Is a Labradoodle the Right Dog for You?

Whether a Labradoodle is right or not for you, ie entirely you and your family’s decision.

They are a highly intelligent dog, kind-spirited, good-natured, and very eager to please. The Labradoodle puppy will grow into a rather large and solid dog and they do require training. Do you have the time to invest what’s needed to fully appreciate this dog?

Blessed with a loyal, affectionate nature and patience, especially around children, makes the Doodle an ideal family friend. But as with all youngsters, they can prove to be quite a handful and you will have to be their guide and watch them through their puppy years.

when do labradoodles calm down

What to Remember When Choosing a Labradoodle

Although they are rowdy and extremely energetic as puppies, with enough patience and training they will become reliable and loving companions, and they are also a top choice for a service dog, as they love human leadership and interaction.

Other noteworthy points to consider:

  • Your cute and fuzzy puppy will grow into a large dog.
  • Doodles are active dogs, they require exercise, especially when young.
  • Training is crucial for this energetic dog – they must know who the boss is.
  • Expect them to get into trouble in their puppy years as they are fearless and will try anything.
  • A perfect dog for a family with children, as the Labradoodle forms a strong bond with their family.
  • This dog will have to be a vital part of the family or you will end up with a barker on your hands.
  • The Labradoodle loves food and eating in general, make sure you control their diet or they will eat almost anything.
  • The Doodle is easy to train, you can teach them pretty much trick you can think of.
  • Cuddly and soft, this breed is patient, affectionate and full of personality.
  • The Doodle can adapt to both town and country living if they have a fenced yard to explore they will absolutely thrive.
  • A larger dog typically takes longer to mature than a smaller dog.

The popularity of the Labradoodle breed is growing every year, and this achievement is proof of their wonderful nature and personality.

Final Words

Most Labradoodles are sociable dogs and their tails will start wagging like crazy the moment they meet anyone. They adore any attention and cuddling.

Training and keeping them occupied are the secrets to a perfect Labradoodle. Give them a job, and they will be the happiest dog on the block. But remember to not overfeed them or they will easily become overweight.

They are cuddly, affectionate and tonnes of fun to have around which more than makes up for those early puppy days where they will chew your slippers into oblivion in a moment’s notice.

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