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How To Get Labradoodles To Calm Down

A high-powered Labradoodle is able to do quite a lot of damage to your home no matter how small or large your living room might be. Handling their energy and famous enthusiasm for life can prove quite a challenge.

Getting a Labradoodle to calm down takes patience. They will typically calm down on their own. It can take up to 2 years before they get rid of their young puppy energy. If the problem stems from being too wired, the best thing to do is to exercise, train, and give attention to them. Neutering sometimes also mellows them out.

The keyword to all of these things is patience, and being on a consistent and structured schedule will eventually lead to success.

A day of training here and there of following your schedule won’t be enough.

Let Your Labradoodle Mature

If you’re the owner of a Labradoodle puppy, don’t give up!

Puppies are always quite a bit of work.

Let your dog grow and raise him/her with the utmost love and care.

They’re just a little unstructured at the beginning.

People have a tendency to compare children with dogs, but from raising my own son, and being around many small kids through my life, I’d argue that children are way easier than puppies.

At least kids are eventually able to take care of themselves, where dogs never truly will.

But kids and puppies are similar in the same way that they typically just needs enough time to grow and mature.

Labradoodles are generally high energy dogs, but no matter the breed, especially every puppy tends to be a bit crazy.

I own a Labradoodle myself, and while he isn’t one of the biggest Doodles around, he could still do some damage even as a puppy.

My dog loves to run and play outside, and at one point he even chewed a doorknob in my parent’s house until it ended up all flat and weird.

They eventually replaced it, but he decided to do it again to this new one.

The reason he did all of this because he’s young, but in time, he’s mellowed out a lot because we stuck by and were patient with him.

So, always remember that as they grow, this is the first step in helping them to calm down.

If you are not able to fully commit to your Labradoodle with some love and care, you’re doing it wrong.

Create and Follow a Strict Schedule

The best thing for your Labradoodle is Consistency and structure.

While Labradoodles are usually already known to have quite high energy levels, an untrained dog will take this to new levels and cultivate bad habits if not guided correctly.

Like children, Dogs are intuitive and they don’t do well when things are a bit chaotic, it isn’t good for them. It’s not healthy for a dog to spend too much time in an environment that’s too unstructured.

The best way to help your Labradoodle making the most of their lives, and in the process help you stay sane, here are the most efficient things you can do to prevent them from getting a bit too crazy:

  • Exercise
  • Training
  • Playtime and Attention

Keep in mind, all of these “preventative” measures should be done on a schedule.

Using these methods will not be as effective without a schedule.

If you are prepared to fully commit to a planned schedule, don’t blame me if the results aren’t really showing.


training a Labradoodle not to jump how to get labradoodles to calm down

Sometimes the reason why your Doodle won’t calm down is that he/she hasn’t enjoyed enough amount of time outside to just exercise and enjoying the freedom to roam and run free.

A Labradoodle requires quite a bit of exercise, and too little will cause them to be restless.

Adult Labradoodles need about 60 minutes of exercise a day. That’s per day. And puppies need around 90 minutes per day.

If you have either an adult dog or a puppy that goes several days without any exercise or if they spend too much time in their kennel, it’s a guarantee that they will become restless.

And when talking about exercise, you shouldn’t include the time they are free to roam around or the amount of time they are in the house.

Along with need exercise time, you shouldn’t leave a Labradoodle cooped up in the same place for too long.

You shouldn’t leave a dog locked up by itself for more than 8-10 hours max. and 10 hours is really pushing your luck.

Check out this article on leaving Labradoodles alone.

8-10 hours alone is a really long time in itself, and if you find that you constantly have to leave your dog alone for more than 10 hours, you should probably think about giving your dog to someone else.

Any pet would go mad and get extremely restless if they are locked up for too long.

And yeah, your dog will still love you even in such a situation, but in such a case, that’s the problem with the large amounts of loyalty in a Doodle.

Biting the hand that feeds you, no matter how cruel, isn’t something a dog will do, as no pet wants to starve (I dont expect you are really starving your dog).

can a labradoodle run long distances how to get labradoodles to calm down
Doodles love to run and play


Training is the best thing you can do for your furry friend.

Expect it to take about 3-6 months to train your Labradoodle if you’re consistent. If not, it will take longer, or perhaps you will never succeed.

There are plenty of ways to train your Labradoodle.

You can be economical and watch free training videos on YouTube, spend some money to get someone to train your dog, or you can pay for dog training lessons where you can tag along with your Doodle.

Whatever you decide, Labradoodles must have proper training.

Here is a site that could help you to get started with the training process.

You might be asking how can training help to how calm my Labradoodle?

But believe it or not, a dog can be trained to pretty much anything, just take your time and relax, and it’s possible to do without harming them or suffocating their personality and what makes your dog unique.

I’ve heard from plenty of dog owners that they didn’t want to train their dogs because they don’t want to tie their pet down.

This seems like such a weird take to me as even humans need some guidelines to live by. We practice and hone our skills to be disciplined in many different areas.

This is something that helps us find purpose and satisfaction in our lives.

Dogs are by nature extremely loyal, and training really brings out their personality and skills to a point that allows them to be the best version of themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And while it might seem quite tedious, if you stick by the training of your dog, you’ll be pleasingly surprised at the outcome in the end.

Playtime and Attention

Generally playing and giving plenty of attention to your dog is a great preventative method to help a Labradoodle calm down.

But just playing around with your pet, or showing them some attention, won’t always mean they are getting the exercise they need.

This scheduled time should be catered towards loving your pet and giving it plenty of quality time.

You should schedule this time at the same time every day, as it will make things a lot more easy for you, and your Doodle will also subconsciously know what’s about to happen.

Make sure that you have a specific set of things your furry friend loves to do.

As an example, my brother-in-law gives his Labradoodle massage every other day. It’s a time when the dog is getting plenty of attention.

While it’s not exactly considered playing, he knows that it’s his special one-on-one time with him and the dog absolutely loves it.

This is also the case when my sister and brother-in-law are watching TV, their Doodle is used things happening at the same time every day, so he doesn’t get all fired up.

Dogs notice when something is different. That doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to change plans, but for your own benefit, scheduling each activity will help sharpen your dogs’ danger skills.

This is why if something happens to you or someone else near them, they will know because things change and they can sense that.

Here’s a video with some tips on how you can massage your dog.

What If I’ve Already Tried the Above Tactics?

What if your dog is overly energetic? What if he/she whines so much it starts to hurt your ears? Well, sadly I don’t have all the answers for any specific situation, but there are a few things you can do to help the situation.

But in reality, no solution is 100% perfect.

You have to really read your pet and get to their level. Dogs are living, breathing creatures, after all, so you must treat them as such.

They come with their own personality and individual characteristics just like we humans do, and while they aren’t human, they are alive and that should always be taken into consideration.

What is the effect of spaying or neutering your Labradoodle? There is also the option to spay or neuter your Labradoodle. Most dogs, and other animals in general, will typically calm down after getting fixed.

Some things that you should do consistently when raising your Labradoodle to help decrease their energy level can be:

  • Setting and maintaining a good diet
  • Exercising your Labradoodle properly
  • Providing adequate mental stimulation
  • Spending time with your Labradoodle and introducing him or her to new people and animals
  • Rewarding desirable behavior

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