Are Labradoodles Calm Dogs?

Perhaps you’re in the market to get a dog and considering whether to get a Labradoodle, and wanted to know if they are a calm breed before finally deciding?

Labradoodles are not generally calm dogs, especially as puppies. They’re typically just too excited and interested in discovering the intriguing world around them!

Adult Labradoodles have a strong work ethic and lots of energy and stamina. But with enough exercise, and not only challenging their body but also their brains as well, they can easily be quite calm back at home.

Are Labradoodles Calm Dogs?

Are Labradoodles calm dogs? Let’s take a closer look at that question.

Loyal, friendly and sweet-natured,— it isn’t a surprise that Labradoodles are becoming are more and more popular dog breed in not only the USA but also around the rest of the world.

But even with their numbers growing, they aren’t the right dog for everybody.

If you are thinking of getting a Labradoodle, there are some key points you will have to consider first.

Because while this wonderful and kind breed has a lot of appealing features, they can also be a bit of a challenge if not taken proper care of.

If you’re looking to own a Doodle, then you should be ready for the change in their energy levels that happen throughout the various stages of their life.

A newborn Labradoodle puppy mostly just wants to sleep, eat and poop, and won’t do much else.

When they are between the ages of 8 weeks and five months old, a puppy is much like a toddler.

During this period, they’re learning a lot about the world and have somewhat high energy levels, and any owners will also have to deal with potty training and teething.

In the next period, between the ages of 6 to 12 months old, this is where things get serious and this is equivalent to having a teenager in the house, only with twice as many legs, and sharper teeth!

Young Labradoodles are often excitable and exuberant. Plummeting into people or jumping up onto them and everything you may have taught them might fly entirely out the window!

Be prepared to have your boundaries thoroughly tested, so it is extremely important that you reinforce their training continuously.

sadly, there’s quite a lot of young Labradoodles that often end up in shelters as some owners aren’t able to handle them properly.

Among other things, Labradoodles are well known for having an extended puppyhood that can in some cases go on even until they are between three and four years old. and during this phase, their remarkably high energy levels can be quite exhausting!

But are Labradoodles calm dogs when they finally get older?

But don’t lose hope just yet, as there is some good news in that after the age of five, Doodles usually does become a lot calmer.

But there are also a few ways you can help your Labradoodle be calmer.

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How To Keep Your Labradoodle Calm

You may think that an adorable and fluffy Labradoodle should be an easy dog to have around in your house, seeing as they tick many boxes people look for in a dog with their sweet nature and friendly personality.

But, are Labradoodles calm dogs without proper training and exercise? Definitely not. They are an energetic breed that requires more than just a short stroll around the block.

You should only consider getting a Labradoodle if you’re sure that you have the required time to commit to training and exercising them. Otherwise, there is a risk that they can end up unruly and destructive.

Exercise Requirements

On average, a healthy Labradoodle requires at least one hour of daily exercise.

If you read articles online, you will discover that many Doodles are described as “hyper” but the reason for that is that often they are just bored and under-exercised. If they have a task to do, they will be able to direct all their energy towards the goal of accomplishing that.

Labradoodles are also excellent partners for owners who enjoy running, hiking, or cycling, and these are also a great and fun way to burn up some of that excess energy they have.

And what better motivation is there for staying fit yourself?

Swimming is another great possibility as Labradoodles love the water, and going to the dog park and letting them off their leash to run around and play is also a favorite for pretty every dog in existence.

Labradoodles will do the best living in a home that has access to a backyard but you will have to be careful about leaving them unattended, as they love to dig, and can easily get under a fence if not built properly.

As they by nature are working dogs, Labradoodles thrive when they have a specific task or job to do so you could consider doing sports such as dog agility or field trials.

As they say, a tired Labradoodle is a calm Labradoodle, but young Doodles need to gradually increase the amount of exercise they do slowly to best protect their joints.

You should also know that young Doodles are also just as prone to hyperactivity due to being overtired.

As time goes by, you will learn your own specific dogs’ rhythms and be aware of their changes as they grow older.


Labradoodles are a relatively large dog, and it is essential to train your Doodle as early as possible, teaching all the possible basic manners, such as jumping up at people isn’t acceptable, with an abundance of positive reinforcement.

But luckily for us owner, a Labradoodle is a highly intelligent dog and also very eager to please, so training one is usually very straightforward.

Doodles’ typically function best when they have some structure in their lives, such as insisting they “sit” when you put their leash on them or before they are about to receive their meal.

Taking your Labradoodle for dog training classes is a great way to help you establish control around other people and dogs.

Mental Stimulation

Labradoodles not only need a lot of physical exercises but these highly intelligent dogs must also have something to occupy their mind.

Chew toys and dog puzzles can keep their brain active.

Also, you should to try and hide treats around the home for him/her to find, and playing games such as tug of war or fetch, and constantly teaching them new tricks.

These mental workouts are equally as important as the physical ones if you want to meet all your dog’s needs as they grow older.

Something that I myself have had great success with, and can highly recommend, is that you take a look at the Brain Training For Dogs program by Adrienne Farricelli. She has made a routine with lots of fun and exciting exercises to mentally stimulate your dog.

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Is a Labradoodle Good With Kids?

Labradoodles love people, and that also includes kids. Their tolerant and patient nature makes them an ideal pet for families.

But due to their size and enthusiastic nature, they aren’t always the most suitable dog to have around small toddlers, as there is a risk of your lively pup knocking them over, so you should always keep an eye on them if you have small children.

Can Labradoodles be Left Alone?

Labradoodles are prone to suffer from separation anxiety, so leaving your Doodle alone for several hours a day isn’t recommended, but it’s not impossible if you take some precautions.

I would highly recommend that you check out our article about this subject.

Final Words

Labradoodles are highly energetic dogs and can be quite a handful to manage, especially when they’re young pups.

But if you are able to commit to the time needed to train this adorable dog and can meet their large needs for exercise and mental stimulation, they will be a lot calmer, and will easily make an ideal pet.

Alternately, if you would like a Doodle but don’t want to go through the tumultuous stages of early life and discipline, consider adopting an older dog from either a shelter or rescue center.

Do you own a Labradoodle? Do you have any tips to keep them calm? Let us hear your stories in the comments below.

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