Labradoodle Border Collie Mix

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix – The Ultimate Guide

What happens when you mix the most intelligent dog breed in the world with a combination of the second and seventh smartest? Well, the results can be pretty interesting!

Collies are known for being intelligent and hard-working; they are literally the number 1 sheepherders in the dog world. Labradoodles are one of the most playful and curious mixed breeds of all time; some might say they’re as smart as a young human child.

Combine the two together, and you have the Border Collie Labradoodle Mix, a new hybrid breed with great intelligence, energy, royalty, and a certain panache that we can’t seem to get enough of.

What Is A Labradoodle Border Collie Mix?

Bordoodle Cost

Say hello to dogdom’s newest member! The Labradoodle Collie has generated quite a lot of buzz for a while now, and we can understand why. They’re furry, fluffy, funny, and a joy to interact with.

This breed is so new that we still haven’t figured out a catchy name for it, and referring to it as Labradoodle Border Collie Mix is definitely taxing. Maybe Labradoodllie will suffice for now? Or how about Colliedoodle Lab? Or, why not just keep making stuff up on the go?

Parent Breeds of the Labradoodle Border Collie Mix

Everyone is ultra-hyped about this new hybrid that seemingly packs all the best qualities you’d want in a doggo.

So without further, let’s start our ultimate guide by analyzing the breeds this magnificent cross hybrid originates from.

Border Collie

Most dogs just want to enjoy life and play around in the grass with their buddies in a never-ending session of bliss. But Border Collies don’t share a similar attitude about life; instead, this apex pooch believes in the value of hard work and accomplishments over mindless fun and snacks.

Border Collies are absolute career dogs; they are dogdom’s equivalent to the hard-working, 9-to-5 job, blue-collar employee. You know, the kind of person who wants to get somewhere in life by dedicating them-self to the office 24×7?

This purebred doggo needs lots of activity; they wake up every morning ready to get the mail for you or herd that flock of sheep. Sounds exactly like a workaholic human, in our opinion!

Overall, they are easy to train, quite playful, and get along with strangers. Although they might not be comfortable with other pets right away, they do get there after a point. They are the ideal breed for large households that are constantly doing something or the other.


Unlike the esteemed Border Collie, the Labradoodle is a designer dog that comes from mixing two pure breeds. They are essentially a mix between the standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever, a charming combination. The Poodle’s glamorous appeal complements the Labrador’s childish antics pretty well.

The Labradoodle is like that best friend from high school who never grows up. They can remain childlike even when they become senior citizens, or dogizens, in this case.

They are incredibly playful, adorably friendly, packed with energy, and always looking for fun and excitement. You get so used to Labradoodles in their usual happy-go-lucky state that even the slightest hint of sadness in their eyes can feel traumatic. In other words, treat them like your precious babies!

Before Getting A Border Collie Labradoodle

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Aggression And Temperament
Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Appearance
Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Height And Weight chart

Because this hybrid is so fresh off the boat, not many people know much about its features and personality traits.

But don’t worry; we can totally shed some light on that and tell you everything you need to know before getting this pawsome hybrid mixed breed.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Appearance and Characteristics

Get ready to be dazzled because this breed has a diverse range of possibilities when it comes to its appearance. There aren’t many pictures of this mix yet, and the few we have seen give us a one-track opinion.

So far, Collie Doodle puppies appear to be dark in color like their Border Collie parents. But when it comes to their coats, we’ve noticed they are more on the curly and wavy side as opposed to being smooth & straight.

We know the Border Collie parent typically comes in two double-layered coat types; it can be incredibly smooth or slightly rough and furry. Rough coats are typically feathered and can be medium to long. Meanwhile, smooth coats are coarser and shorter in comparison.

On the other hand, Labradoodles will have fleece, wool, or hair coats, so there are plenty of possibilities there. Fleece coats typically have loose and bushy curls, wool coats have smaller curly furs, and hair coats have straight and thick furs.

To conclude, a new litter of Collie Doodle Mix puppies can inherit any of these parent traits. The only way to predict how the pup will look is by assessing the Mom and Dad’s features.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Height And Weight

Predicting the size of a Collie Labradoodle hybrid is as pointless as freezing your dog’s poop with the infamous poop freezer spray. The world doesn’t have enough insight into the matter, so we can only speculate.

This mix doesn’t stick to a specific size range but touches upon many possibilities. How come? Well, that’s because the Labradoodle itself is a mixed breed that comes in various sizes due to the diverse nature of the Poodle breed. So we can’t really pinpoint a specific range.

Labradoodles can measure anywhere between 16 to 24 inches and weigh between 12 to 65 lbs. Meanwhile, the pure-bred Border Collie is typically around 18 to 22 inches and weighs up to 45 lbs. A Collie Doodle pup will grow up to fit under any of these ranges.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Height And Weight Chart

Here is an estimated size and weight chart for Labradoodle Border Collie mix dogs:

SizeHeightWeight (male)Weight (female)
Small16-19 inches (41-48 cm)25-40 pounds (11-18 kg)25-40 pounds (11-18 kg)
Medium19-22 inches (48-56 cm)40-55 pounds (18-25 kg)35-50 pounds (16-23 kg)
Large22-25 inches (56-64 cm)55-80 pounds (25-36 kg)50-75 pounds (23-34 kg)
Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Height And Weight Chart

Again, it’s important to note that these are estimated size and weight ranges, as the size and weight of an individual dog can vary depending on factors such as genetics, diet, and exercise routine.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Exercise Needs

This hybrid descends from two of the most high-energy dog breeds, so you’re definitely going to have your hands full. A typical Border Collie Doodle will need at least 60-90 minutes of hardcore physical activity to satiate their needs.

We’re talking lengthy walks that feel like a pilgrimage, playing fetch over and over again, randomly racing each other, constantly playing hide and seek, and much more. The more you give your mix something to do, the more purpose he will have and the more satisfied he’ll be.

They will go crazy and become unruly without enough purpose, so make sure to give them lots to do. Treat your Collie Doodle like a little helper who can get your mail, watch the yard, or simply play with you on a dull summer afternoon.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Companionship Level

The Border Doodle hybrid is a generally friendly breed. This is probably because the Labradoodle breed is incredibly affectionate, loyal, and generally pleasant to deal with. And, of course, Labradoodles are very playful and love to spend with their human buddies, so you’ll naturally find this trait in the Collie Labradoodle Mix as well.

The other parent breed, the Border Collie, shares the Labradoodle’s enthusiasm for being playful and friendly. Although they focus on working as an active member of the pack, they do leave some time for play sessions and general fun. Combine both these traits, and you have an offspring breed that is a pure darling to everyone and anyone around them.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Aggression And Temperament

The temperament and aggression levels of a Labradoodle Collie hybrid can vary from dog to dog. While they are considered docile for the most part, they might inherit some of the aggressive traits from the Border Collie parent.

Since Border Collies are bred as sheep herders, they have a slight level of aggression. If passed down to the Labradoodle Border Collie Mix, this aggressive energy can come out in random bursts during certain circumstances.

However, this is mainly prominent when the mix does not get enough tasks, work, or purpose to feel good about himself. In such situations, they tend to implode and lash out at others.

Border Collies can also be susceptible to fear-induced anxiety, which often turns into aggression bursts. This is a result of poor breeding practices and is quite uncommon; however, the particular dog WILL pass this trait to his offspring if he has it.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Grooming Needs

The amount a Labradoodle Collie sheds directly depends on the coat they inherit from the parents. If your mix has inherited a double coat, you’d best expect lots of shedding during summers.

On the other hand, this hybrid might be low shedding if they have a curly or wavy coat. Be sure to comb their hair at least once a week to check those tangles, knots, and general decay.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Food And Diet Needs

Although they are considered medium-sized dogs, the Colliedoodle Lab tends to eat a massive amount of food. This is because they are constantly active and spend lots of energy running around and doing things.

Ensure you include a large number of calories in their meals; give them enough to feed a horse! Or at least a Husky or Pitbull.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Lifespan And Health Problems

This mix is generally healthier than both parent breeds as they don’t inherit some of the prominent health issues present in the former. But while this is the case, they are far more vulnerable to specific health conditions.

Research indicates that the Colliedoodle Lab cross is very likely to suffer from elbow dysplasia, hip dysfunction or hip dysplasia, and epilepsy, each of which are quite problematic. As for their lifespan, they can live for somewhere between 12 to 17 years, depending on how good the breeder is.

Labradoodle Border Collie Mix
Border Collie Labradoodle Hybrid Puppy Price
Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Lifespan And Health Problems
Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Food And Diet Needs
Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Grooming Needs

Border Collie Labradoodle Hybrid Puppy Price

You might have trouble finding a Collie Labradoodle cross puppy since this hybrid is still so new. Depending on the breeder, we’d say they’ll cost you $1000 on average.

AKC Recognition

The Labradoodle Border Collie Mix is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club, partly because it’s a mixed breed, or perhaps because it isn’t popular enough. But we’re sure they’ll get there soon.

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