German Shepherd Labradoodle Mix Facts

The German Shepherd Labradoodle mix is a hybrid of two extremely popular dogs breed: a purebred German Shepherd and a Labradoodle. This mix is known to be one of the most hardworking, intelligent and active dogs and joining the genes of these results in a great dog.   

If you’re in the market for a dog that’s patient, loyal, smart and loving, then the Labradoodle mixed with a German Shepherd would be a great option for you. Studying the temperament and characteristics of both parents, your Labradoodle German Shepherd mix might even work as a police or service dog.

The German Shepherd originates from Germany where it was bred to herd cattle. Due to the patience, intelligence, and loyalty of this breed, it has become one of the top choice breeds for police work.

The Labrador Retriever comes from Newfoundland, Canada and was breed for the purpose of waterfowl hunting. Due to their high intelligence and fantastic skill, they also often work as guide dogs.

Glancing at this wonderful combination of these two breeds, your Labradoodle German Shepherd puppy might become a service dog, police dog, or perhaps a herding dog. But one thing you can really be certain of is that this dog will definitely be an extremely loyal family dog that won’t stop loving you.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a German Shepherd Labradoodle Mix

1. They Are Very Loyal Dogs. Both the Labradoodle and the German Shepherd dog are very loyal and will do anything they can to protect their family and their area. German Shepherds are brave and can be trained to guard against and attack any assailants. Labradoodles will bark if they sense any danger and won’t leave their master if they can sense even a small risk of danger.

2. They Will Give You Exercise. With this mixed breed you should expect to also become a lot more active. This breed requires long walks and as much playtime as possible, and that will help you become a lot more fit and healthier yourself. Your German Shepherd Labradoodle will be a great workout partner.

3. They Are Highly Intelligent Dogs. When we’re talking about intelligence, the German Shepherd Labradoodle mix is top of the class. Both the parent breeds are among the most intelligent dogs across all breeds which is why these dogs are often employed as service dogs, guide dogs, and police dogs.

cost of owning a labradoodle Labradoodle Mixed With a German Shepherd

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a German Shepherd Labradoodle Mix

1. They Have a Very High Level of Activity. If you aren’t a big fan of physical activity or tire quickly then you should look for another breed. A Labradoodle combined with a German Shepherd is a breed that needs A LOT of exercises. You’ll have to take it out for long walks every day, play games with it and regularly training it. Missing any of these points might lead to a dissatisfied and destructive dog.

2. They Might Be In-Your-Face. One interesting trait of a Labrador Retriever is that they have a tendency to be absolutely everywhere you are and wanting to do everything that you do. For some dog owners, this in your face behavior can be a bit too much, and if that something you can’t tolerate, this mixed breed dog might not be a perfect fit for you.

3. This Mixed Breed Require Specialized Training. If you’re a very busy person with barely any time for yourself, your home and family, then you certainly shouldn’t get a German Shepherd mixed with a Labradoodle breed. This is a dog that constantly needs training and you can’t use dominance-based training as some people prefer. You will have to be creative and think of new ways to stimulate this mixed breed.  

Traits, Appearance, and Personality of a Labradoodle Mixed With a German Shepherd

Weight50 – 110 pounds
Height20 – 28 inches
SizeMedium to large
Coat TypeMedium-length, curly or wavy
Coat ColorBlack, cream, tan, sable, gray
Shedding AmountLight to moderate
EyesBlack or brown
TemperamentEnergetic, Loyal, Wary of Strangers, Affectionate
Life Expectancy12 – 14 years
New Owners FriendlyDepends

The Labradoodle mixed with German Shepherd weighs from 50 to 110 pounds when fully grown. The difference of the weights can be attributed to the many sizes of their parent breeds, as Labradoodles can be found in either miniature or standard poodle size. Their height may range from 20 to 28 inches.

The German Shepherd Labradoodles have a medium-length coatIt will inherit either the wavy type of coat of the German Shepherd or the more curly type coat of from the Labradoodle parent. The colors of the coat can be a mixture of black, cream, gray, tan, and sable.

The Labradoodle German Shepherd mix usually has the energy and courage of the German Shepherd but breed into a more subtle way. You will appreciate their energy and loving nature as you live together.

A German Shepherd crossed with a Labradoodle will be very intelligent, and this is a trait that enables faster training and allow them to learn a wide array of skills and commands not all breeds are capable of. They can easily become service dogs with enough proper training.

This hybrid breed is more often than not a great family dog that should be around people as much as possible. If you leave them unattended too often, they are at risk of developing separation anxiety and other negative issues.

How Long Do Labradoodles Stay in Heat black labradoodle German Shepherd Labradoodle Cross-Breed

German Shepherd Labradoodle Cross-Breed Puppies for Sale

Crossbreeds, such as the Labradoodle crossed with a German Shepherd, are usually quite a bit more difficult to acquire than most purebred dogs.

It is absolutely vital that you do proper research of any breeder before buying your dog, and not just find the first and best on Craigslist or in some Facebook group. A responsible breeder will be very knowledgeable about their specific breed and know all the ins and outs about the dog.

Besides doing thorough research on any possible breeder, it’s also a very good idea that you visit the home of the breeder or the kennel. This gives you a chance to also inspect exactly how the parents are living. Take note of the odor, cleanliness, and those things of the current living conditions of your furry little soon-to-be family member

Making sure that you only buy from a professional breeder usually also means that they are able to help you if you ever encounter some problems with your dog. The breeder will be able to provide All the necessary documents that allow you to get more insight into the dog’s condition, and also info on such things as genetic testing, vaccinations, and the parents’ health certificates.

The average price of a German Shepherd mixed with Labradoodle dog is around $750.

It’s strongly discouraged by certified kennel clubs and veterinarians that you buy your new puppy only by browsing online sites and groups. These sources usually aren‘t the most consistent and reliable.

If you aren’t able to find a breeder you trust, you could check with some of a non-profit rescue center for certain dog breeds. Here is a list of rescue groups you could contact:

  • German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption, Inc. in North Carolina
  • Idaho German Shepherd Rescue in Boise, ID
  • NorCal Poodle Rescue in Poplar Road Auburn, CA
  • Florida Poodle Rescue in St. Petersburg, FL
  • Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue in MD, DC, VA, PA & DE
  • Poodle Rescue of Houston in Houston, TX
How Long Do Labradoodles Stay in Heat Labradoodle German Shepherd Hybrid-Breed

Grooming Your Labradoodle German Shepherd Hybrid-Breed

Brushing this mixed breed is an essential part of grooming. The German Shepherd Labradoodle can shed quite a bit, depending on what genes are dominant between their parents. Brushing is not only beneficial when it comes to aesthetic value, but also in developing a bond with your dog as well.

Grooming your dog is a great opportunity to inspect for any redness, deformities, irritation reactions, hot spots, bald spots, rashes, and swelling on the dogs’ coat. 

A good solution would be to get a slicker brush such as the FURminator for untangling knots or mats in your dogs’ fur. A slicker brush is capable of penetrating the double layers of this breeds’ coat, allowing for a fantastic grooming session.

The coat of the German Shepherd Labradoodle requires two to four times of brushing every week. The active lifestyle of this breed means they have a tendency to look unkempt faster than more sedative breeds. During the seasons where your dog will shed its’ undercoat, daily brushing will be necessary.

It’s very much recommended that you groom the dog on a clean table or at the very least a flat surface. It’s infinitely better to do the task in a calm and peaceful environment to reduce any risk of your dog becoming irritated. During the grooming process, you will have to be perceptive of your dogs’ mood. It’s vital that you always apply gentle touches and as minimal pressure as possible.

Labradoodles crossed with German Shepherds are mostly free from most odors, and usually only require bathing once every two to three months. Bathing them weekly bathing isn’t necessary and might even inflict harm as it removes the natural oils from the dogs’ skin.

Avoid using regular human shampoo is prohibited, but opt for a shampoo formula that is neutral pH and hypoallergenic.

The Pro Pet Works Shampoo is a great organic shampoo that both hypoallergenic but also great for dogs with generally sensitive skin.

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When grooming the Labradoodle mixed with German Shepherd dogs, remember to pay attention to all the small parts such as their nails, eyes, nose, paws, teeth, and ears. Thoroughly lookout for any signs of the nose, eye, or ear infections.

To deal with the dogs’ nails, you will have to get a clipper of some sort. If you’re not feeling confident enough with clipping their nails, I would advise that you just book an appointment with any local groomer of your choice. The nails are an important part of any dog, and they can easily get damaged or chipped off by accident.

When caring for your dogs’ teeth, you should purchase a pet toothbrush and some specific pet toothpaste. How you brush the teeth of the German Shepherd Labradoodle is the same method you would use for brushing your own teeth.

Some dogs aren’t exactly fond of people touching their feet or teeth, so expect that you will need some extra time before your dog has familiarized himself with the process.

German Shepherd Combined With Labradoodle GERMAN SHEPHERD LABRADOODLE MIX

Health Issues in German Shepherd Combined With Labradoodle

The average life span of the Labradoodle crossed with German Shepherd dog will range from 12 to 14 years. The risk factors and health status of the dog will depend on both environmental factors as well as genetic inheritance.

The parent breeds Labradoodle and German Shepherd are both prone to a variety of different health issues. Below you can see a list of the most common health issues observed in the mix of a Labradoodle and a German Shepherd:

  1. Hip and elbow dysplasia: This is a condition that will often occur in heavier dogs. The reason for these issues is due to a displacement of the hip joint and thighbone. This can lead to a lot of pain for your dog during walking and immobility in the legs.
  2. Hemophilia: This is a blood disorder which manifests as any wounds suddenly takes longer before final closure and healing and also excessive bleeding when a wound occurs. While it is manageable it’s also incurable, so it is of the utmost importance that it’s noticed as early as possible in the life of a dog.
  3. Flea and tick infestations: This condition is usually the result of poor grooming habits. Which is why it also servers as a stark reminder of just how crucial grooming should be.
  4. Perianal Fistula: This is an issue that mainly occurs in German Shepherds. What happens here is that the skin that surrounds the anus drains and gets in contact with an internal cavity. These small wounds on the anus are likely to cause a foul-smelling discharge and even some infections.
  5. Osteoarthritis: This issue is a degenerative disorder that is a result of a dog simply getting older. Suffering from this can lead to pain and difficulty when using the joint affected by it. With German Shepherd hybrids, the most commonly affected body part is their spine.

The best method to prevent most of these issues and diseases, it to have frequent appointments with a vet, as these visits will be a great way for both you and the vet to keep constant track of any issues, no matter how minor they might seem at first.

Frequent visits will also help reassure you if you suddenly notice something that you deem suspicious and which needs to be looked at by a professional.

You should have your dog thoroughly checked by a vet at least once a year, even if there aren’t signs of any issues what so ever.

Labradoodle Mixed With German Shepherd

Labradoodle Mixed With German Shepherd Food Requirements

Every dog owner is interested in ensuring that their furry friends are able to live a healthy and long life as possible, and one of the ways you can achieve that, is by giving your dog the best possible food. How much a dog will need to eat can vary quite a lot from one dog to the next depending on the size, weight, activity level and so on.

The typical amount of food suitable for an adult German Shepherd Labradoodle mix can vary from 2 to 4 cups of high-quality kibble. 

It is a generally accepted belief, that the food servings for your dog should be divided into two meals every day.

One of the many reasons why you should buy the best quality food that you can afford is that these foods are usually packed with a lot more beneficial nutrients, and not just empty calories like the cheapest possible options.

Quality food often contains many essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus that are great for helping your puppy become strong and healthy. Calcium plays a crucial part in developing strong teeth, eyes, joints, and bones, and Phosphorous is a great mineral to ensure proper development of any bones and joints.

Here are some of our recommended dry food for the Labradoodle crossed with German Shepherd dogs.

  • CANIDAE Pure Grain-Free: This product is suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It features nine simple key ingredients, that each has a meat ingredient that guarantees a delicious and sufficient amount of animal protein. It doesn’t have any harmful additives. This brand has a 4, 12, or 24-pound bags available.
  • Merrick Grain-Free Dry Dog Food: This formulation is fitting for allergy-prone dogs. It includes deboned chicken with blueberries, peas, sweet potatoes, and apples. It has a delicious taste that your dog will absolutely love. It benefits the hip and joint function due to the chondroitin and glucosamine supplements.
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness: This formulation is suitable for highly active dogs such as the German Shepherd Labradoodle mix. It has high-quality protein and a substantial amount of carbohydrates to support the energy level of this breed. It contains vital vitamins and minerals.

The Premium Option

If you can afford it, the absolute best option for any dog is fresh food. And these days you don’t have to do everything yourself, but you can instead order it from several online distributors.

For the past couple of years, I’ve opted for Ollie Petfood and that has been fantastic for my dog. But it does come with a cost, but I would say it’s worth every penny.

If you aren’t sure or just have more questions regarding what food you should feed your dog, I would advise that you consult a vet. They are able to help you create a detailed diet plan. Remember to generally monitor the food intake of your dog, so that you can assess if they might need more or less, so they don’t end up getting obese or too skinny.

when do labradoodles calm down German Shepherd Labradoodle Mix

German Shepherd Labradoodle Mix Exercise Requirements

The Labradoodle German Shepherd mix requires quite a high level of physical activity, and you should expect at least one hour of physical exercise every single day. But it isn’t only physical stimulation that you will have to consider, but also a lot of mental stimulation for this intelligent mix breed. These dogs will usually always enjoy playing fetch, hiking, and jogging.

These dogs also love to chew, so find something that you dont mind them chewing on so it doesn’t end up being your new slippers that will be destroyed by their paws. The German Shepherd Labradoodles might enjoy the KONG Tires Extreme that is made of a very elastic and durable material. This toy can actually rebound when compressed, giving your dog the option for some great dynamic playtime. This toy also allows you to fill it with treats for a fun challenge for any dog.

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For all of us, there are generally days where we would rather stay inside and play with our dog, and for that, it would be a great idea with a playpen if with adequate room. We love the BestPet Puppy Pet Playpen 8 Panel as this is a great and strong exercise playpen. It‘s coated with a finish to prevent any rust build-up, and it’s very easy to assemble. This playpen can also be used with smaller non-climbing animals.

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Labradoodle German Shepherd Mix Training

The German Shepherd crossed with Labradoodle dogs has a great potential to work as service and therapy dogs, especially in the military. As long as you can provide proper training of the required skills to ensure a suitable behavior in your dog.

This breed is also extremely suited for agility training. But these dogs are also typically quite sensitive and caring, so training sessions can be stressful for the dog if not done properly, which is why your method of choice for training them is very crucial. A few tips on training the German Shepherd Labradoodles:

  • Under no circumstance hit your dog: Hitting your dog will severely affect the possibility of you really bonding with the dog. The dog will likely end up seeing you as a threat and may attack you. It can also develop very antisocial personality traits.
  • A system based on positive rewards: This system is probably the most effective of all the possible techniques. Dogs are typically much better learners when it’s done in a supportive and gentle atmosphere, just as most humans do. Positive gestures and words will assist any learning and avoid the most discomfort and many other negative emotions.
  • Use their young age to your advantage: A puppy is usually a very fast learner compared to an older dog but you will have to be consistent when training puppies as they have a tendency to lack a bit of focus, as any human toddler.
  • Limit the length of your training sessions: If you have long periods of training, you can expect certain misbehaving to occur from a dog. This is often a dogs’ method to express exhaustion and diverting attention to something else. So instead of using long training periods, focus on shorter but more efficient methods, and then let your pup have some free time afterward.

Great training sessions can really boost the relationship between a dog and its’ owner. If you are having issues with properly training your dog, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact an experienced and professional dog trainer, before you end up with a disobedient dog.

allergic to dogs Labradoodle German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Mixed With Labradoodle And Families

A striking characteristic of the Labradoodle mixed with German Shepherd dogs is their devotion to and love of kids. These are very family-friendly dogs that relish the company of the little ones. Your job as a responsible adult is to maintain a watchful eye over any interactions between kids and the dog. It is also necessary that you set an example of how children should treat a dog with love and respect.

German Shepherd mixed with Labradoodle pups desires a lot of attention, so make sure that you should set aside some time every single day to really care for their needs, as this will contribute to avoiding the development of separation anxiety.

You should also give the dog proper socialization early on, as that process will help in achieving a much more well-adjusted dog and in return get a lot more desirable family dynamic. Socialization should start when the puppy is as young as 2 1/2 weeks, so that will be an important task for the breeder.

Socialization will help the pup to be able to distinguish between good and bad emotions and stimuli. It will also make them feel a lot more comfortable with any new environment, which is especially important when you are bringing them to your home from their family and birth home.

These dogs can be an amazing addition to your family. You can expect them to bring a lot of excitement to your home, and with proper training, your family will have a loving friend for many years.


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