what is an english doodle english doodle size english doodle colors english doodle lifespan english doodle temperament english doodle grooming english doodle price

What Is An English Doodle – Everything You Should Know!

what is an english doodle english doodle size english doodle colors english doodle lifespan english doodle temperament english doodle grooming english doodle price

With their signature fluffy hair, the English Doodle was bred for the first time in America during the 1990s, initially for a larger Cockapoo version. This cute and cuddly creature is a cross between an English Crème Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The English Doodle is a beautiful dog featuring a cute round face with kind eyes and a strong and sturdy structure.

Because of their doll-like features, they are also aptly known as the Teddybear doodles. The English Doodle colors also contribute to this factor since they come in different shades of brown, gold, and chocolate. Even though the breed is relatively new, their aesthetically pleasing mannerisms and appearances have given them the title of a designer dog.

Bred initially to be therapy dogs, English Doodles are very affectionate and have a calm and laidback demeanor. For pet lovers, being with your pets automatically makes you feel better, so it’s no surprise that pet therapy delivers very high levels of success in clients. Animal-assisted therapy is mainly useful for those experiencing depression, anxiety, loneliness, and other mood disorders. Since English Doodles are known to be very intuitive of human emotions, they are the best animals for this type of therapy.

What Is an English Doodle

There are several different generations of the English Doodle:

  • F1: Euro Goldendoodle: This was the first generation Golden Retriever, and Poodle bred equally (50%-50%). They resemble the parent Golden Retriever more than the Parent Poodle. These breeds have low to no shedding and typically have a straight coat with waves like the Golden Retriever parent breed. This happens when the Retriever parent breed has a more dominant trait, then the Poodle parent breed. Sometimes the Doodle can have a fleece type coat that sheds very little or not at all.
  • F1b: This type of English Doodle breed comprises 75% Poodle and 25% Retriever, usually conceived by crossing one F1 breed with a Poodle. This breed is the most allergy-friendly Doodles and has little to no shedding. They have a silky soft coat like the Retriever or can even have a wavy or shaggy coat like an Irish Wolfhound.  They are also known as the Double Doodle.
  • F2: Breeders conceive this breed by crossing one F1 Doodle (50%) with another F1 doodle (50%). This results in the purest offspring breed of both the parents.
  • F3 Multigenerational/ Multigen: This breed crosses two unrelated F1bs (75% Poodle and 25% retriever). The advantage of breeding multigene English Doodles is that they are more varied in terms of color. It usually comes in a curly coat.  
  • Super English Doodle: They are created by crossing one F1 with an English Retriever (60% English Golden and 40% Poodle.)

The English Doodle breeding is for the desired low dander, low shed, and highly intelligent, obedient, and friendly dog.  They are excellent family dogs because of their gentle nature. They will mold right into your lifestyle as they are very adaptable.

The English Doodle’s temperament is ideal for families since they are very sensitive to human emotions and can tell when you feel sad or happy. They are loyal pets who thrive on human interactions and love personal contact; this is why they become very attached to their owners.

As social as they are, English Doodles are better known as lapdogs and love to be the center of attention! Even though they have a relaxed and calm personality, they aren’t lazy and love to play.

They also enjoy puzzles and need a lot of mental stimulation because they are brilliant dogs. These dogs’ versatility is why they are the best fit for working dogs, such as therapy, as a guide, and as a service dog. 

what is an english doodle english doodle size english doodle colors english doodle lifespan english doodle temperament english doodle grooming english doodle price

The Main Differences Between an American Doodle and an English Doodle

  1. The type of golden Retriever used to breed the Doodle: American Golden Retriever for American Doodle and English Golden Retriever for English Doodle.
  2. The English Doodles are more muscular, whereas the American Doodles are less muscular.
  3. English Doodles have a higher life expectancy (12 years) than the American Doodles (10 years) because the American Doodles tend to have a significantly higher chance of getting cancer.
  4. English Doodles have a more specific coat color since they are bred from Cream Golden Retrievers, while the American Doodles have a much wider variety of colors.

The Characteristics of an English Doodle That Makes Them Perfect Companions

Let’s take a closer look at the English Doodle’s characteristics which makes them so great as pets.

The English Doodle’s Size

The English Doodle’s size is determined by its height, not the weight. They are typically the perfect size for cuddles, and thus, the name “teddy bear” dog is apt for them. However, their size can be determined by lineage and vary widely.

The English Doodle size depends largely on the generation of breed. The most common sizes are:

  • Extra Small Size: It is also known as Tiny size. They are 10-13 inches in height and 10- to 18 pounds in weight. They come in the F1b generation. The extra small size takes a very long time to breed because it undergoes 4 to 5 generations of breeding and can take up to 8 years after proper planning.
  • Small Size: It is also known as Mini size. They are 12 to 15 inches tall and 18 to 20 pounds in weight. They come in either the F1, F1b, or Multigen generation.
  • Medium Size: It is also known as Moyen size. They are 16 to 19 inches tall and 30 to 50 pounds in weight. They come in either the F1, F1b, or Multigen generation.
  • Standard size: It is also known as Large size. These Doodles are 19-23 inches in height and 50-80 pounds in weight. They come in either the F1 or F1b generation.

The English Doodle’s Activity Level

Like any other dog, the English Doodles are relaxed and calm but enjoy the occasional games and sports. However, they don’t need to exercise as much as the American Doodle. They also tend to be very athletic and are likely to get into mischief if left alone.

An average of 20-30 minutes per day exercising or swimming, since they love the water, is enough activity for an English Doodle to keep them from feeling bored.

What’s more, they are very curious and love to explore, making them great companions for hiking and camping. They love to be in the water, and so they can be excellent swimmers. You can incorporate swimming into your pet’s daily exercise routine and make it even more fun for him/her.

The English Doodle’s Colors

Since they are a mixed breed, the English Doodle colors are widely varied. You can have almost any color you want by asking the breeders to consider the parent purebreds’ coat while crossing.

In general, the most common colors are crème, apricot, golden, brown, black, and white. Out of this, the most common coat color is the golden one with whispers of white on the tips.

Typically, The English Doodle colors tend to lighten with age. The English Doodle colors that come in shades of brown usually have brown or hazel eye colors, whereas the black, white, apricot, and crème English Doodle colors typically have black eyes.

The English Doodle’s Coat

The English Doodle’s coat can come in a wide range with thick, thin, straight, and curly as the dominant coat types. The English Doodle’s coat is very varied and hard to predict because they are hybrid and depend heavily on the lineage. They also come in a variety of different types:

  • Fleece/wavy coast: These coats have a soft and luxurious feeling. As they grow into an adult doodle, they become loose curls. This is a low shed to a non-shed type of coat.
  • Curly coat: Resembling the parent Poodle breed, it is a curly coat that doesn’t shed at all. This type of coat is the best for people with allergies.
  • Straight/loose coat: This coat bears a resemblance to the Golden Retriever parent breed, which has a silky and luscious look to it. As they grow into adults, they look lovely due to the voluminous coat. There is low shedding with this type of English Doodle’s coat but not as much as the parent breed Golden Retriever.

The English Doodle’s Temperament

You will get the best of both worlds because of the English Doodle temperament- the mellow, happy personality of a Golden Retriever and the playful nature and intelligence of a Poodle.

This makes the English Doodle very mild-mannered yet alert, with a friendly character. English Doodles are the best family dogs because they are very friendly and aware of human emotions.

English Doodles are the best breed for novice owners because they are very easygoing, making them very unproblematic to train. An English Doodle’s temperament is considered the best amongst other breeds. However, their dispositions may be subject to several factors such as heredity, training, and even socialization.

For instance, if the parent breed has an aggressive, dominant temperament, it is likely that the offspring also possesses the same temperament. This can also be corrected through vigorous behavior training and also by socializing with other dogs. Doodles are typically endearing towards everyone they meet, but if they are resentful or aggressive towards stranger dogs, in the beginning, you should always supervise whenever your pet is socializing.

It is still advisable to meet one parent of the offspring before considering getting a puppy so that you get accustomed to the temperament and get an idea of how your puppy might be when s/he becomes an adult.

English doodles have many positive personality traits. Since they love to please their owners, it is reasonably effortless to train them. It would be best if you started with early socializing for a well-rounded dog, especially with English Doodles, as they are knowledgeable and need a lot of mental stimulation. Because of this, doodles should not be left alone for extended periods.

what is an english doodle english doodle size english doodle colors english doodle lifespan english doodle temperament english doodle grooming english doodle price

The English Doodle’s Grooming

Normally, English Doodles are a non-shedding, low dander level breed, making them ideal for those with allergies or asthma. Since no dog is entirely 100% hypoallergenic, there is little to no shedding in English Doodled. You can schedule a weekly or biweekly weekly brushing routine to remove tangles and avoid matting. Pet owners typically take their Doodles to the groomer 2-3 times a month for a bath and haircut.

English Doodle’s grooming is fairly easy and low maintenance. They don’t shed, so their hair continually grows; you can choose to groom your Doodle like this with long hair, or you can clip it to your convenience. Giving them regular baths will strip their coat of their natural oil and moisture. Brush their teeth at least 2-3 times a week or daily if possible to remove bacteria build-up and avoid gum infections and bad breath and trim their nails 1-2 times a month.

The English Doodle’s Training

An English Doodle’s temperament is very calm and so they are the easiest to train among dogs, especially for new pet owners. They are very obedient and are willing to do anything for the happiness of their owners. They love the feeling of accomplishment and, thus, are eager to carry out any orders. It is best to start training them when they are young. The type of adult English Doodle you end up with depends a little on their personality and a lot on their training and how they were raised. The best way to train your Doodle is with positive reinforcements such as food treats, praise, petting, or a toy. Training them with harsh corrections/punishments can do a lot of damage to their confidence and trust.

The English Doodle’s Health

Since English Doodles are new to the Doodle group, it is difficult to tell, in confidence, what conditions they prefer. Research shows that English Doodles are most prone to eye diseases and cancer. However, with proper healthcare and maintenance, an English Doodle’s lifespan is approximately 12-14 years, and most of them tend to live very healthy lives.

The most vital aspect to check when considering getting a puppy is to bring health clearance from the breeders before making a decision.

Common English Doodle Diseases

  • Ear Infections: They are prone to getting ear infections because they have floppy ears that can sometimes trap a lot of moisture for bacteria and yeast to survive in. Hair growth in the air can also block airflow and cause irritation in the ear. Other underlying factors that contribute to ear infections in the English Doodle are diet, lifestyle, excessive ear cleaning, and a weak immune system.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This is a skeletal condition in dogs where the ball and socket do not correctly fit the hip joints or are not appropriately developed. So they rub and grind against each other instead of snugly fitting in the joint and sliding smoothly. The hip joint’s abnormal functioning will eventually wear and tear and cause an eventual loss of function of the hip. The causes of this disease are heredity, abnormal growth, or maybe due to malnutrition.
  • Elbow Dysplasia: It involves multiple abnormalities in the elbow joint, specifically the abnormal growth of the cartilage or the structures surrounding it. It is a painful condition and may need lifelong treatment and management. Elbow Dysplasia may cause your dog to experience lameness, stiffness, or become reluctant to move/exercise in the long run.
  • Gastric Dilation – Volvulus: This is also known as bloat. It is a life-threatening disease in dogs and affects deep chest dogs such as a large English Doodle. This condition hinders normal blood-flow from the abdomen to the heart. Because of poor ventilation in the body, cells die insides the tissues rapidly. Sometimes it may result in severe consequences such as rupture of the stomach wall. This disease is prevalent among older dogs. The signs and symptoms of this illness are restlessness, depression, lethargy, retching/dry heaving. If you notice these signs, you should take your pet to the vet immediately.

The English Doodle’s Lifespan

On average, dogs live for about 10-15 years; thus, for a dog, living up to 15 years is a remarkable feat. It is sad to understand that a dog’s lifespan is significantly shorter than a human being’s. It is the most painful thing to watch them grow old and know that they will pass away soon.

An English Doodle will normally have a lifespan of around 12 years due to their Poodles genes, as Poodles are usually able to live quite long for a dog.

The English Doodle is known to have the advantage of hybrid vigor, which means crossing the two pure unrelated breeds will conceive a healthier and much better version of either of the parent breeds. For instance, the English Crème Golden Retriever has a very short lifespan of 7 to 8 years, but when you cross it with a Poodle, it provides hybrid vigor and increases the offspring’s lifespan up to 12 years. Thus the English Doodle’s lifespan sees a significant increase due to cross breeding by up to 5 years.

The English Doodle’s Feeding Schedule

1-4 cups of dry food a day divided into multiple meals is the usual intake of most English Doodles, depending on the age, size, build, metabolism, and activity level. It is crucial to divide your dog’s meal into multiple meals in a day instead of just one big meal because they are prone to suffer from Gastric Dilation- Volvulus or bloat.

Food quality is also an important note to keep in mind, especially when you have puppies since they require more acute caring and nurturing. The better the dog food, the healthier your dog will be because of the nourishment it receives from the food. An English Doodle’s food intake depends on a range of factors such as age, size, build, metabolism, and activity level.

An active dog will require more food intake than a dog who doesn’t exercise or isn’t active. The age of a dog is also an essential aspect of considering food. Food treats are also available in many forms; these treats’ preferences can vary from one dog to another and may change as they grow older. It is also essential to check if your dog is overweight or underweight from time to time.

The English Doodle’s Price:

The English Doodle price can range from $1,500 to $5000 depending on the size and color. Since the English Doodle is an uncommon dog, coming into the poodle family only recently, they come at a high price. The ‘designer dog’ tag that’s theirs makes them an even harder fetch.

Most breeders have a six month long waiting list because it takes careful planning and a lengthy procedure to make the best breed. It takes almost 8-10 years to breed down to that size for the smaller sized English Doodles. If the customers want unique coat colors, it might take an even longer time as a litter of puppies are not birthed in the same coat and color.

Why Should You Get an English Doodle?

Research from 2000 found that dogs offered more support than humans by being a great company and providing a strong, lasting, healthy, emotional relationship. The most fantastic family companion, the English Doodle, is a lovely creature of gentle nature; they rarely show any aggression towards other animals or people.

The English Doodle is the most relaxed in their character, but they are not lazy, nor are they couch potatoes, although they are cuddly lap dogs. This breed is a social dog; they are known to get along with children well, so it is recommended that parents teach their children to approach and touch them but always supervise these interactions.

They love being around people and are instinctively family dogs. They are not ideal for outdoor or kennel life because they long for companionships. It is not advisable to ignore or leave them alone for long periods because they are prone to suffer from separation anxiety. Because the English Doodle may grow large, some may say that they are not ideal for apartment life. This cannot be further away from the truth.

The English Doodle may come in large sizes, but they are very calm and relaxed with low to moderate energy. They are also very adaptable to living situations and known for their patience. Therefore, they will fit right into your apartment life!

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