English Doodle Breeders in Georgia

5 Great English Doodle Breeders in Georgia (GA) – 2023

English Doodles are designer dogs. They come from a cross between an English Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. Most people prefer them because they make for great family dogs and are friendly.

English Doodles are also known as English Goldendoodles or English teddy bear Goldendoodles. They are usually low-to-non shedding. Some of their variants, like f1b, are good for people with dog allergies.

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English Doodle Breeders in Georgia

English Doodles are great dogs. However, only a few breeders know the exact way to raise a friendly English doodle companion for their forever owners. That is because English Goldendoodle strive better when shown much love and are well socialized.

English Doodles are not meant to be raised outside or in kennels; that is why most authentic English Doodle breeders are home-based. Hence, I will show you the 5 best English doodle breeders in Georgia.

Atalanta Doodles and Poodles

English Doodle Breeders in Georgia

Atlanta Doodles and Poodles is an English Doodle breeder located in the metro Atlanta area. They have been breeding English Golden Retrievers for over 15 years now, which has taught them how to raise healthy and well-trained dogs with great temperaments.

They specialize in raising quality miniature Goldendoodles for families in Georgia and beyond. They desire to help you experience the cute and loving nature of an English doodle. All their English doodle puppies in Georgia are given much attention and are raised with the best vet care. They receive basic puppy training and are socialized with the other dogs and animals in their surroundings.

All customers enjoy lifetime support and a 1-year health guarantee. Please fill out their application and make an initial deposit of $500, to reserve a puppy with them.

Atlanta Doodles and Poodles details

River Falls Goldendoodles

English Doodle Breeder in Georgia

River Falls Goldendoodles is a G.A.N.A. certified, blue-ribbon Goldendoodle breeder in the east of Georgia. They have been raising quality Goldendoodles for over 10 years now and have served U.S.A. citizens with some of the finest English Goldendoodles.

This English doodle breeder in Georgia offers their customers a 3-day general health guarantee and a 2-years genetic health guarantee covering any genetic dysfunction. The English doodle puppies here are well handled and can be transferred at an extra cost to any location in the U.S.A. via flight or road transport depending on where you live; you can as well pick it up by yourself.

Your English Doodle puppy receives adequate medical checks and treatments before leaving for their forever owners’ homes. If Rivers Falls Goldendoodle is your perfect breeder, join their puppy waitlist now, with an initial deposit of 500 dollars, and get ready to pick it up after 2 months. The breeder prefers virtual visits due to Covid 19. Follow their Facebook page to stay updated on your puppy’s progress

River Falls Goldendoodles details

Southeast Doodles

English Doodle puppies in Georgia

Southeast doodles is a family-owned and managed doodle breeder in McDonough, Georgia. Their goal is to breed superb English doodles with sanguine temperament and sound health.

Southeast Doodles’ English doodles are well socialized and homegrown, Adapting them to any situation in the home of their forever owners. They raise their English doodles with special regard for people with visual impairment and allergies.

The breeder delivers to every state in the United States. Delivery can be done via airplane or road transport depending on your location, but it comes at an extra cost. All the English doodles are covered by two years health guarantee. You’re sure to get health-tested and sound English doodle puppies in Georgia from this breeder. Hop onto their website to reserve a spot on the waitlist.

Southeast Doodles details

Ramen Doodles

English Doodle puppy in Georgia

Ramen doodles is an English Goldendoodle breeder located in Jackson, Georgia. Their puppies are raised in a home and enjoy all the attention, hugs, and kisses typical of authentic English doodle breeders. You get from this breeder a well-bred English doodle that is healthy and well socialized. They receive basic puppy training like potty training and crate training.

Ramen doodles’ English Goldendoodle puppies in Georgia are hips and eye inspected, receive their full shot of vaccinations, and are dewormed right from birth to the time they are ready to leave for the home of their forever owners.

To book a spot on their puppy waitlist, reach out to the breeder via the media handles below. Labra doodles are also part of their puppy collections.

Ramendoodles details

  • Price Range: Not Available
  • Sizes: Mini, Medium, and Standard (Multi-gen)
  • Location: 856 Colwell Rd, Jackson, GA 30233, United States
  • Contact Info: +1 ​ 850-603-9100
  • Social Media: Facebook Page
  • Email: ramendoodlesplease@gmail.com

I Want a Doodle Georgia

English Doodle Breeders in Georgia

I Want a Doodle is a blue ribbon certified member of the Goldendoodle Association of North America G.A.N.A. They’ve been breeding Goldendoodle puppies as a home-based hobby breeder since 2012. They raise their English doodles with much love and affection. They are well socialized with other animals as well as kids. Their sizes range from mini to medium-sized.

The breeder’s goal is to deliver healthy and loved-up English doodles to their customers. Their male and female breeding dogs are health tested and are vet certified. All their puppies are registered, micro-chipped, receive up-to-date deworming and at least one set of puppy shots.

With $300, you can reserve a spot on their waitlist. For more information about litter availability and pricing, reach the breeder via the handles below.

I Want a Doodle details


Georgia hosts many English doodles breeders, making it difficult to find authentic breeders. However, we have narrowed down for you the five best English doodle breeders in Georgia.

The ball is now in your court; select your choice breeder, and make necessary inquiries before making any financial commitment. Have you patronized any breeder on this list? If yes, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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