English Doodle Breeders in Florida

The 5 Best English Doodle Breeders in Florida (FL) – 2024

Florida is a densely populated state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. It’s home to many professional English doodle breeders and dog lovers.

English doodles come from a cross between an English cream Goldendoodle and a poodle. They are also called English Goldendoodle or teddy bear Goldendoodle. These are very pleasant and friendly dogs with wonderful temperaments. English doodles are usually used as therapy dogs in the United States.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Doodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve correctly prepared your home for bringing home a precious little Doodle puppy!

English Doodle Breeders in Florida

Do you live in Florida, United States, and looking for top English doodle breeders around? Stay with me.

This article will show you the five best English doodle breeders in Florida that have your best interest at heart. The breeders on our list are top-rated. No puppy mills or backyard breeders made it to this list.

D’ Shalom Goldendoodle

English Doodle Breeders in Florida

D’shalom Goldendoodles is a top-notch English doodle breeder located in a small town in Central Florida. They are made up of passionate pet lovers, raising quality and healthy mini and standard-sized English doodle puppies in Florida. Their goal is to see you leave their facility with a healthy, loving and caring English doodle. Their numerous positive reviews speak volumes about their authenticity.

To reserve a puppy from this breeder, go through their available puppies and select your choice puppy by making an initial non-refundable deposit of $500 which will be subtracted from the total amount of the puppy. The supported payment platforms are listed on their website.

They’re ready to receive calls, texts, and emails from you; go ahead and contact the breeder to find out all the vital information about their breeding process. Note: they receive several applications in a day. Hence, expect replies within 24 hours.

D’shalom Goldendoodles details

Country Mini Doodle Farms

English Doodle Breeders in Florida
English Doodle Breeder in Florida

Some dog lovers prefer mini English doodles because they tend to be more hypoallergenic and compact. Country mini doodle farms is a professional breeder located in Summerfield, Florida. They specialize in Breeding quality F1 and F1B type of mini English doodle puppies in Florida.

Mini English doodles are produced from a cross between a Golden retriever, an English Goldendoodle mum, and a miniature poodle Dad. If a mini Goldendoodle dog is your thing, consider going for this breeder.

Their English doodle puppies are caring and are low to non-shedding. As a USDA licensed breeder, they are your best bet to owning the best mini English doodle puppy in Florida. They’ve got a 2-years health guarantee that covers any genetic disorders. Head over to their website to reserve a puppy in their upcoming litters.

Country Mini Doodle farms details

Love My Doodles

English Doodle puppies in Florida

Love my doodles is a professional English doodle breeder located near Gainesville, Florida. Their goal is to breed lovable, healthy, easy-to-train mini to standard-sized English doodles.

They offer a whopping lifetime genetic health guarantee and are willing even to replace your puppy if it’s found to have a life-threatening or disabling congenital health defect. Love my doodle doesn’t ship puppies outside the USA currently, but they are willing to fly your puppy through a puppy nanny to any location in the United States; for an extra cost, though.

If you consider owning an English doodle from love My Doodle, visit their website and reserve your puppy with an initial deposit of $258. You’re welcome to make payments via PayPal or credit card. Their mini Aussiedoodle and double doodle puppies also make great pets in their forever owners’ homes.

Love My Doodles details

My Little Doodle

English Doodle Breeders in Florida

My little doodle is a small home-based English doodle breeder located in the north of Orlando, Florida. They specialize in breeding and training mini to standard-sized English doodle puppies in Florida.

To give their best to their customers, they only breed 2 litters in a year. Enabling them to put in utmost effort in raising and training friendly English doodle puppies in Florida.

They use the puppy culture technique to raise excited and friendly English doodle puppies. All their parents’ dogs are health tested and are blessed with great temperaments.

The puppies are crate-trained and receive their first set of vaccination before moving to your home. They are covered by a 2-years health guarantee as well. To own an English doodle from My Little Doodle, you must reserve your puppy several months in advance.

My Little Doodle details

Cosmopolitan Goldendoodles

English Doodle puppy in Florida

Cosmopolitan Goldendoodle is a top English doodle breeder located in Micanopy, Florida. They delight in breeding healthy, energetic, and pleasant English doodle puppies for happy buyers. Their English doodle puppy in Florida receives basic puppy training from a tender age.

If you need a mini, medium, or standard puppy that is very pleasant and friendly, consider Cosmopolitan Goldendoodles. Their parent dogs are properly treated; They are GANA Approved and pass through OFA evaluations before breeding new English doodle puppies.

Many customers are pleased with their program, and you don’t expect anything less than excellence from this breeder. Before leaving their facility, they ensure your puppy is vet checked and receive their full dose of vaccinations as well as micro-chipped.

Cosmopolitan Goldendoodles details


If you are in Florida, USA, you can’t go wrong if you choose one of the breeders on our list. We combed through dozens of breeders in this warm state and whittled down our ranking to Florida’s best five English Doodle breeders. Before committing to any breeder, ensure you do your research. Verify if the breeder has a variety of health certificates for the parent dogs.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact your choice breeder to reserve your puppy. We wish you luck with your puppy purchase.

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