how big do english doodles get

How Big Do English Doodles Get – Everything You Should Know

how big do english doodles get

Are you thinking of getting an English Doodle? Worried wondering if the space in the apartment is enough? And how big do English Doodles get?

A full-grown English Doodle will reach a size of 12-23 inches and 18-85 lbs depending on if it’s a small, medium, or standard-sized Doodle, and they will typically reach that size at around 12-16 months old.

To know better, let’s first understand what an English Doodle is. Technically, English Doodles aren’t a breed of their own, but a crossbreed between an English Cream Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Yes, they hold a designer breed status known as English Cream Doodles or Teddy Bear Doodles. English doodles were first bred in the USA during the 1990s to be a therapy, guide, companion, and service dog. 

How Big Do English Doodles Get?

It is difficult to predict how big an English Doodle can get, as it is a hybrid. It also depends on the kind of size one desires. When the size is mention, we need to consider the height of the dog and bone structure.

English doodles finish 50% of their adult growth within the first six months. They reach their maximum height within a year but can still grow for 1-2 years.

Nevertheless, English Doodles come in various sizes. Different poodles like a toy poodle, miniature poodle, and standard poodle were bred with Golden Retrievers for more variation after gaining rapid popularity.

Kindly remember, the size of English doodles depends on the parents’ genealogy. The closer the parents are in weight, the better the size prediction. However, they come in three generic sizes-small, medium and standard. Measurements are done mostly from foot to top of the shoulder blade.

Small English Doodle Size

One fascinating fact about small English Doodles is that their energy levels are the same as standard-sized doodles. So, if one is looking for a little but energetic doodle, small English Doodles can be considered. Small doodles acquire half adult weight between 3.5-5 months and achieve full adult weight between 11-13 months.

They can grow up to 12-15 inches and weighs 18-30 pounds. It’s great for people with small living spaces because their demeanor is very laid back, and they prefer to chill.

Medium English Doodle Size

Medium Doodles are the most popular size amongst the other doodles. In terms of the size scale, medium doodles sit between standard and small size doodles. It is perfect for someone who is looking for a dog that is neither too big nor small.

Medium doodles generally reach half their adult weight between 3.5-5 months and gain full adult weight between 11-13 months. Medium doodles grow up to 16-19 inches and weigh 30-50 pounds (18-23kg)

Standard English Doodle Size

Standard size doodle breeding was done initially as retrieving dogs and a more extensive alternative for another designer breed known as Cockapoo. These doodles tend to be big and thick. They can sometimes be heavily built and short, like the English Crème parent. Standard doodles reach half their adult weight between 4.5-6 months old and attain full adult weight between 12.5-16 months.

They grow up to 19-23 inches and weigh 50-85 pounds (23-36kg). They are taller and leaner boned. Since the Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle are similarly sized dogs, the first-generation cross is acceptable with fewer health risks.

Are We Still Looking For More Options?

If the search is still on, there is another size to consider. It is the English Mini Doodle, which falls under the extra small or miniature category: a result of breeding between English cream Golden Retriever and Toy poodle. They are also known as English Miniature Golden Doodle or Mini Golden Doodle. The term ‘Teddy Bear’ is usually reserved for this size as they resemble a teddy bear. Mini doodles have a higher percentage of Poodle than Golden Retriever in their inheritance.

Since there are vast size differences between the two parent breed, a method known as transcervical insemination gets performed. In this process, the semen is deposited directly into the female dog’s uterus. The first-generation miniature cross is also not recommended because of the contrast in size of the parents. It may result in unpredictable sizes and structural abnormalities.

Minidoodles reach half of their adult weight around 3.5 months and advance to the full adult weight between 7.5-11 months. They grow up to 10-13 inches, weigh 10-18 pounds, and are an excellent option for singles, couples, or small families. They are also perfect for small living apartments as they do not take up much space. Doodles live 10-15 years, but more miniature doodles live the longest, so watch out for one.

English Doodle Growth Calculator

As per observation, research, and individual reports, the English doodles have a pattern in their average growth. Following are the details:

Toy/Miniature Doodle:

• 4.7 pounds in 8 weeks

• 10.9 pounds in 16 weeks

• 14.1 pounds in 24 weeks 

Small Doodle:

• 6.4 pounds in 8 weeks 

• 14.2 pounds in 16 weeks 

• 20.5 pounds in 24 weeks 

• 24.7 pounds in 32 weeks

• 26.5 pounds in 1 year

• 30.7 pounds full grown 

Medium Doodle:

• 8.2 pounds in 8 weeks

• 20.6 pounds in 16 weeks 

• 31.6 pounds in 24 weeks 

• 37.6 pounds in 32 weeks 

• 43.1 pounds full grown

Standard Doodle:

• 10.2 pounds in 8 weeks 

• 25.9 pounds in 16 weeks

• 41.4 pounds in 24 weeks 

• 50.1 pounds in 32 weeks 

• 55.8 pounds in 40 weeks 

• 56.9 pounds in 48 weeks 

• 58.8 pounds in 1 year

• 64.2 pounds full grown

Note: These calculations are specific size predictions and may not be accurate for all.

Weight Formula

 To know the size or predict how big a doodle can get, one can use this formula for reference.

  • Growth equals current weight divided by current age in weeks, and
  • Adult weight equals growth x 52 (which is the number of weeks in a year)

Choose the Right Dog

The poodle breed is of two kinds. One is short-legged, and the other is long-legged. According to research, breeding between a Golden retriever and a short-legged poodle results in the offspring’s health issues.

The puppies will face difficulties supporting their weight as they grow. To avoid such a situation, always cross-check and find the right experienced breeder. Hopefully, this article gave exciting insights into English Doodles’ sizes and answered how big do English Doodles get, making it easier to choose the right and healthy dog.

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