is pea gravel safe for dogs

Is Pea Gravel Safe For Dogs? – What You Should Know!

Owning a dog can be fun, joyful, and a wonderful experience. However, as owners of dogs, people need to remember that they need to look out for their canine buddies. Just feeding and grooming is not enough if you want them to be happy and healthy. There are more things to consider, and one of them is preparing the house to make them have a more comfortable and safe environment.

When it comes to preparing the house for a dog, many people ask the question: is pea gravel safe for dogs? The answer will depend on one owner to another.

The general opinion among dog owners is that pea gravel is good for dogs. It helps them play without getting dirty or bringing dirt inside, it’s great for them to dig, and above all, pea gravel is also a good solution to minimize the smell from your dog’s potty.

Let’s take a closer look at the question, is pea gravel safe for dogs, and go further into details in the following article.

Why Use Pea Gravel?

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    If you own a dog or you’re planning to own one, you’ve probably heard of something called dogscaping or petscaping. So, what exactly does this mean? It’s simple. Dogscaping means creating a backyard that is friendly and safe for dogs, and moreover, beneficial for them.

    Using pea gravel has two major benefits, one for the dogs and the other for the owners. It provides a beneficial environment for the dogs while at the same time protecting and keeping your property safe from destruction.

    Dogs, whether small or large breeds, display great bursts of energy unless they belong to breeds that are not physically active. This means your dog will require space to play around, run around, and frolic in the backyard. This is where pea gravel comes in handy.

    To create the perfect backyard for your dog to play with, you need to observe their habits. Which areas do they visit the most? Do they follow the same walk path? Do they run in a frenzy? You need to make notes of all these in order to dogscape. But don’t worry! It’s going to be worth it for the following reasons.

    is pea gravel safe for dogs
    • Pea Gravel Is A Safer Choice

    If you’re dogscaping your yard and you’re looking for landscaping material, then consider pea gravel. Compared to other types of gravel, pea gravel is safer for dogs. Are you wondering, is pea gravel safe for dogs? If so, here’s your answer. These round, oval, and smooth-shaped gravels are not a threat for your dogs.

    Other types of gravel usually have sharp edges and can cause potential harm to your dog. Place your pea gravel in the locations where your dog visits the most. If your dog follows an everyday path when walking or playing, place the gravels there with some binding material, else most of the pea gravel will dislocate.

    • Less Dirt

    Among the list of many reasons why pea gravel is safe for dogs, one of them is that it protects your dogs from getting dirty easily. Are you wondering how is pea gravel safe for dogs? It works as a layer of protection. You place the pea gravel on top of the layer of grass or mud. This will minimize them digging the soil or plants.  

    When dogs dig the spoil in your backyard, they are getting dirty and exposing themselves to different risks. Moreover, if there is no pea gravel, you risk your backyard getting destroyed by your dog since they tend to pace, walk, run, jump, and of course, dig. In this regard, pea gravel helps prevent your property from getting damaged while at the same time keeping them clean and away from potential risks that come by excessive digging.

    • Reduced Odor

    One more reason why you should consider using pea gravel for dogs is that it helps reduce the odor from their bowel movements. Dogs have a strong sense of smell. This means they can easily pick up different smells, including their own litter. This can prove to be quite an uncomfortable smell for your dog.

    So, how does pea gravel help? If your dog pees and carries out its bowel movement in the pea gravel, it becomes easier to scoop and remove. When you have to scoop your lawn’s grass and plants, it becomes difficult and also damages your property. By easily removing the litter, you can easily reduce the foul odor.

    • Protects Your Soil

    As a dog owner, dogscaping is a must. It gives them more freedom to explore the outdoors without causing much danger to them that otherwise can occur. One of the popular choices of material when it comes to dogscaping is pea gravel, and there’s a reason for it.

    When dogs discharge, their poop contains nitrogen in high levels. So, why is this bad? Because it kills the soil and its fertility by increasing acidity. When this happens, you will notice patches of brown areas. This is why adding pea gravel in areas where your dog frequents the most is a good idea.

    • It Protects Their Paws

    It is common knowledge that dogs love digging. Do you notice that your pooch loves to dig? Well, they might love it, but that does not mean it is good for them. Digging can prove to be quite harmful to dogs, especially if the digging is consistent and frequent.

    When dogs dig, especially if the soil is hard, they can damage their paws. There are also chances of debris like thorns, sticks, or other sharp objects impaling their paws. To prevent this, pea gravel is a good idea. Just place it in your front or backyard, and this will reduce the digging. And even if they dig, you need not worry. Make sure the layer of pea gravel is thick.

    • Reduced Infections

    Are you wondering if pea gravel is safe for dogs? If you own a dog, it’s natural to be concerned and to want the best for them. After all, they become part of the family. Not only is pea gravel safe for them, but it is also highly beneficial in many ways. One such benefit is that it helps reduce the chances of skin infections.

    When dogs get wet, especially after playing in dirty soil, grass, or mud, they get exposed to more germs. Monsoon season is the month dogs get different kinds of skin allergies and diseases. However, you can prevent this, and it’s easy! Just pick up pea gravel and place it on the area they play the most. This will act as a layer between the grass or mud and them. They can play on wet gravel without catching any infections.

    • Helps Regulate Temperature Better

    During hot summer months, dogs need to cool off. This is not possible if you don’t have a backyard with pea gravel. When you just have grass or soil, you cannot possibly think of spraying it with a hose and letting them play there. No! In fact. that can be quite harmful to them.

    When you do have a backyard with pea gravel installed, you can just hose it with a pipe. This will provide a cool and safe space for them to lie down. You also prevent creating a messy-looking backyard with pools of water here and there.

    is pea gravel safe for dogs

    Using Pea Gravel: Tips And Suggestions

    So, you’re all set to dogscape your yard, and you’ve got yourself some pea gravel. How do you go about it? You have nothing to worry about. It’s really easy, and you can learn how to use it in a few minutes.

    • Take Note Of Your Dog’s Path

    Dogs are animals of habit. They will usually follow a common path every day. Day in and day out, they will make use of this path to go from one place to the other. So, once you’ve taken notes, place your pea gravel along that path.

    • Secure The Pea Gravel

    It’s not a surprise that pea gravel travels. They don’t stick in one place unless you intentionally secure it with something. So, make sure, when you install the pea gravel, you should secure it with some sort of edging material such as bricks, board, stones, or even wood. This is done so that when your dogs play on it, the gravel does not move or shift.

    • The Installation

    When compared to other dogscaping materials, pea gravel is easier to install. All you need to do is prepare the soil. How? Simply remove about six inches of soil. This includes any debris or vegetation where you want to put the pea gravel. Now, add some crushed stones. It should be about two inches. Now you’re all set to add the pea gravel. Make sure you pack it tightly to prevent shifting and movement when your dogs run on it.

    Is Pea Gravel Safe For Dogs – Conclusion

    Like we said in the beginning, owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility. Their well-being becomes your priority. You would not want your furry friend to be in discomfort, pain, or even hurt themselves.

    If you want a secure backyard for your dog, where they can enjoy while at the same time remain safe, consider dogscaping. And one of the best materials for dogscaping is pea gravel. It is not only safe for dogs, but it can also prove beneficial for the owner!

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