Boarding For Aggressive Dogs Dog Boarding For Aggressive Dogs

Boarding For Aggressive Dogs – A Complete 2024 Guide

Aggressive dogs can be dangerous when left alone, especially when they have access to the outside world. The dogs have to be kept under supervision so that no untoward incidents take place.

It is not a nice feeling to leave your dogs alone at home when you are out of station or away for a few hours. However, you cannot leave aggressive dogs to their own will, as they may hurt people or other dogs.

You may feel like staying with your dog always, but that is not ideal as you have your duties to tend to. Most people will approach their neighbors or dog-sitters to watch over their dogs while they are away, but some people do not have that luxury.

For people left without options, you can always leave them at boarding for aggressive dogs. These places will care for your dog’s requirements and keep them disciplined.

Boarding For Aggressive Dogs – A Comprehensive Guide

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Board & Train For Aggressive Dogs
Best Board & Train For Aggressive Dogs

If you have aggressive dogs, you know they can snap whenever they are set free. Dog owners need to take their pets with them to go out. However, they have to leave their dogs alone in their homes sometimes.

In such cases, you can use dog boarding services to leave your canine friends with professionals. The people offering these services are usually veterinarians who run boarding shelters for aggressive dogs when their owners are away.

These boarding shelters offer various services, including dog feeding, walking, bathing, etc. The volunteers will take care of the dogs and meet all their needs until the owners return.

Dog boarding services offer dog kennels that match the comfort the dog feels at home. They will ask you to provide them with the dog’s routine and eating habits, so they can care for the dog just like you do at home. Dogs not used to small spaces will be provided with larger rooms for unrestricted movement.

Common Services

Dog Boarding facilities for aggressive dogs provide several services, apart from taking in your furry friend for dog-sitting. Let’s look at some of these dog boarding places’ most common services.


Your dog will be fed with its proper diet, followed at home. You can call them beforehand and tell them the foods your dog eats, and they will arrange it by the time you reach the boarding place.

You can carry the dog feed with you even if you don’t call them. They also have various dog feed options, so there is no need to worry about your dog’s hunger.

You can give them the details of when you usually feed your dog and the number of times it is fed. The boarding employees will take care of the rest. They are professional canine caretakers, so your dog will be provided with the right food to keep its energy levels intact.


The dog boarding facility will take your dog for short runs on the premises. This is good for the dog’s health and reduces its anxiety. Most dogs are aggressive because they do not get much exercise.

When they don’t exercise much, stress builds up in their body since they are very energetic animals. So, boarding facilities will ensure your dog has enough space to run around the premises.

The dogs will be left to run around the facility with strict supervision. On top of human supervision, the facilities will also have a live webcam feed of your dog’s activities.


The employees in the boarding facilities will give your dog a refreshing bath after it is done playing on the premises. Since they need to cool down after all the running, they also offer to bathe your dogs.

If your dog does not like to get wet, there is no reason the employees there will forcefully bathe it. Dogs who love to get regular baths will love this service.


Dog owners do not get many ties to groom their furry pals because they must go to work almost daily. When they have off days, they are busy cleaning the house and managing other things.

Finding the time to groom your dogs with such tight schedules is difficult. However, dog boarding facilities also offer grooming services. They will take care of everything your dog needs.

The grooming service includes everything from brushing the dog’s fur to clipping the nails. Your dog will look super clean and groomed when you pick it up from the boarding facility.

Medical services

Veterinarians usually run dog boarding facilities, so the dogs are in safe hands in case of any medical emergencies. They will be monitored every time until the owners return from their outing.

If your dogs suffer from skin diseases or bad bowel movements, the vet will take care of those problems. They will prescribe all the medicines whenever necessary so that you can care for your pet at home.

Nap Time

Dogs should get enough rest so that they can function correctly. When you leave your dog at a boarding facility, it will get enough sleep so that your dog is full of energy and ready to return home when you go to pick it up.

Best Board & Train For Aggressive Dogs

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Boarding Dog With Separation Anxiety

Training your dog takes a lot of time and patience, and only a few people have that luxury. Commitments at work or with loved ones compel you to reduce your time with your dog.

A solution to this problem is to sign up your dog in a dog boarding facility. The boarding facility will take care of all your dog’s needs and train them with all the basic skills.

Let us look at some of the best Board & Train for aggressive dogs in the US.

The Dog House, Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg

The Dog House in Tampa Bay is an ideal place to drop off your canine friend while you are away from home for a few days. They welcome all types of dogs, from puppies and pets to working and sports dogs.

The cost of keeping your furry friend in The Dog House varies, depending on the number of dogs. It will cost you $45 for a dog, $80 for two, and $105 for three. They offer various services, including one-on-one attention, outings, half an acre of a playground, an A/C facility, etc.

You can drop off your dog in the morning (8:00 AM) and pick them up by evening (6:30 PM). You must bear extra charges if you drop off or pick them up during off days.

Academy Of Canine Behavior

The Academy of Canine Behavior is located in Bothell, Washington, boasting some of the most extensive indoor and outdoor kennel runs. They provide the best training and care possible for your furry friends.

You should check the availability before dropping off your dog since it is filled mostly throughout the year. The best thing to do is to book a reservation for your dog in advance. You must pay a reservation fee, which will be refunded if you cancel within a week.

The Academy Of Canine Behavior focuses on correcting aggressive dogs towards humans and other animals. They offer two packages, which include a 2-week and 5-week board & train programs.

The facility has experts to watch your dog’s physical and emotional health. They will go for walks and outings with trained professionals, who will teach them basic skills and techniques which you can use to command your pets.

Downtown Dogs Chicago

As the name suggests, Downtown Dogs Chicago is located on W Hubbard Street, Chicago, Illinois. The trainers are dedicated to teaching your dogs to be obedient toward their owners.

The boarding facility focuses on your dog’s basic training, positive reinforcement, behavior alteration, and impulse control. You can leave your dog in Downtown Dogs for three weeks, where the trainers will set up a communication system to work on its issues.

Your dog pet will be equipped with different skills and commands once they complete the 3-week duration in the boarding and training facility. The cost of leaving your dog at Downtown Dogs will vary, depending on your dog’s needs.

Boarding Dog With Separation Anxiety – All You Need To Know

Boarding For Aggressive Dogs Dog Boarding For Aggressive Dogs

Dogs can experience separation anxiety when you leave them alone for an extended period. Depending on how long you are gone, this can be days or weeks.

When anxiety develops in dogs, they may start showing signs of aggression or other awkward behavior.

Separation anxiety can surface in dogs even though they are trained domestically. How they act when you are with them differs from how they act without you.

Here’s all you need to know about boarding a dog with separation anxiety.

  • Try to prepare your dog to go into boarding by spending less time with it than usual.
  • Leave your dog with its favorite blanket or toy in the facility when you are away. This gives the dog a sense of comfort when it is anxious.
  • You can consult your vet for anti-anxiety medication if your dog experiences severe anxiety episodes.
  • Choose a boarding facility that provides multiple outdoor activities. Being active keeps the dog from being anxious.
  • Don’t stay around the boarding facility too long after dropping off your dog.

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