Why Are Dog Owners So Arrogant

Why Are Dog Owners So Arrogant? 3 Common Reasons

Why are dog owners so arrogant? If you’ve never encountered an arrogant dog owner, you should be glad that you didn’t have to experience unnecessary drama. While not every dog owner is arrogant, there are some who sport an air of arrogance, and this can be unsettling for most people around. But the main question is, why are dog owners so arrogant?

The reason for dog owners to become arrogant is that they acknowledge their dog’s strength as that of a superior pet and become possessive.

However, it’s important to know that not all dog owners are proud and arrogant people. There are some friendly and decent dog owners with well-behaved dogs. But there are reasons for their arrogance. Let’s discover some of the explanations for why dog owners are so arrogant.

Why Are Dog Owners So Arrogant? – Explained

Relationship Between Dogs and Dog Owners

We have compiled the reasons why dog owners are so arrogant. Learn more about what causes them to be quite arrogant.

Impression of Superiority

There are some rigid dog owners who firmly believe that dogs are the best pets left and right. This can lead to superiority problems with other pet owners. Also, even among dog owners themselves, everybody thinks their dog is the best, and this may cause a rivalry between the owners and make them arrogant.


Another arrogant trait of dog owners is their possessiveness towards their dogs. For instance, it would be very nasty of someone to tell us away when we try to pet their dogs. The impression of the superiority of a specific dog brings about this trait of possessiveness.

Being a dog owner has many benefits, and one of them is showing them off to your friends. But not everyone knows how to do it properly. It can be very annoying to have arrogant dog owners ruining your space with their dogs.

There are a few dog owners who are entitled and selfish of their fur babies. This can make them arrogant when anything dog-sensitive pops up.

Confidence in a Dog’s Strength

It is natural for anyone to feel proud and confident walking a large and strong dog. These gigantic dogs catch plenty of attention outside, and the dog owners are always too pleased to bathe in the glory of that attention.

But there are some people whose confidence is pushed over to arrogance because of their strong dogs. They feel their dogs will protect them from anyone who dares get in their way. This makes them appear rude and arrogant in front of others.

Relationship Between Dogs and Dog Owners

It isn’t surprising to see that a child grows up in the footsteps of their parents. The same applies to dogs and their owners. Dogs are faithful creatures that depend on their owners and their behavior.

There have been recent studies that have uncovered that dogs have the ability to sense their owner’s psychological and chemical signals. This means that they can understand their owner’s moods and emotions when they change.

According to a study by Michigan State University, the traits and personalities of dogs depend highly on their owners. If a person has a highly active and social life, their pet dog would be more active and energetic. On the contrary, if the dog owner is pessimistic, the dog will also have pessimistic and submissive traits, which also makes training more challenging.

Arrogant Dog Owners’ Impact On Dogs

The main rift between people regarding pets stems from the social divide consisting of people who love dogs and people who don’t. Men can be inconsiderate when they want to win an argument, but dogs are loyal companions that won’t let you down.

Dogs are highly considerate and empathetic creatures. The emotions of a dog mirror its owner’s emotions. If their owner is happy and excited, the dog will be full of joy and excitement too. However, if the owner is feeling sad or depressed, it is likely for a dog to pick up the unhappy emotions and feel depressed too.

Therefore, if you’re an arrogant and aggressive dog owner to a large dog like a labrador or greyhound, your dog will take up your behavior and develop arrogant and aggressive traits. Aggressive dogs are always dangerous and should be well looked after so that they don’t bite someone.

What Are The Traits That Make Dog Owners Inconsiderate and Arrogant?

Here are some of the common inconsiderate actions performed by arrogant dog owners.

  • Getting mad and possessive when others try to touch their dogs
  • Not cleaning up after their dogs
  • Not training their dogs not to bark unnecessarily
  • Not putting their dogs on a leash while walking in public areas
  • Not stopping their dogs from jumping at people

Why Are Dogs Popular Pet Choices?

Statistically, there are more than four hundred and seventy million pet dogs worldwide. Fifty-seven percent of the global population have a dog as a pet.

Among all other pet choices, dogs are the most popular, with thirty-three percent of pet lovers preferring dogs as pets over other animals. In most nations, you should have a license to prove your ownership of your dog.

But even with the numbers aside, dogs, in general, are lovable creatures. It is no wonder why they’re considered a man’s best friend. With the right affection and discipline, dogs are lifetime companions who will remain loyal and affectionate till their last breath.


Why Are Dog Owners So Arrogant
Arrogant Dog Owners' Impact On Dogs
Why Are Dogs Popular Pet Choices?

Now that we know why the world views some dog owners as arrogant. They can either have a deep possessive attitude toward their dogs or believe in their dog’s superiority and become overconfident.

Some dog owners are very proud and possessive and might not even want you to look at their dogs. If you don’t want unnecessary trouble, it is best to steer clear of arrogant dog owners because they won’t hear anything but praise for their dogs.

If only dog owners could be more considerate and learn that there are many great pet animals aside from dogs, the world would be free of arrogant dog owners.

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