Can Bernedoodles be left alone

Can Bernedoodles Be Left Alone? How-To Guide Inside

Are you wondering about the way your Bernedoodle might respond if the only choice is that your Bernedoodle has to remain by itself and if you have to leave for 8 hours of work?

So can Bernedoodles be left alone? Yes, but Bernedoodles are generally very social dogs, so there are at least a handful of precautions you’ll have to take if you don’t have any options besides having to leave your Bernedoodle alone for many hours.

Leaving a Bernedoodle alone for hours is something that takes quite a bit of consideration.

What Could Go Wrong With Letting a Bernedoodle be Left Alone?

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    This is something you ought to have considered before you brought home your new puppy, as there are quite a few things that can go wrong if your Bernedoodle isn’t satisfied with being left alone.

    These things include but aren’t limited to:

    • Destroyed furniture
    • Your entire home is being turned into a doggy-toilet
    • Footwear and other clothing have been turned into a delicious treat
    • Different items buried deep within the cushion of your couch

    For example, if you have a dog that struggles with anxiety due to isolation or separation, as a lot of dogs do, you can absolutely expect that your Bernedoodle, when left alone, will eventually turn to destructive behavior due to those anxieties.

    Another quite important matter is if your dog is properly house-trained.

    If your dog is a rescue from a local shelter, they may have the benefit of already being potty-trained. This is a great situation if you have a lifestyle that requires that you will have to leave your pup at home by themselves for extended periods of time.

    Anxiety-Based Behaviors in Dogs Left Alone

    When speaking of destructive behavior in a dog that‘s left alone, we’ll have to take a look the difference between the type of destruction that is based in boredom and on that which is due to anxiety.

    To avoid the risk of your home being ripped apart when you leave your Bernedoodle, there are a few questions you should think about before leaving:

    Does my Bernedoodle show even the slightest signs of anxiety when I’m about to leave the house (or even if the dog only thinks I’m about to leave)?

    Is my dog hiding, trembling, tucking its’ tail, does his/her bowels becomes unreliable, or does my dog start pacing frantically.

    Many dogs will actually act quite normal when you’re about to leave the home for the day, and then only starts getting worse throughout the entire day. This is the type of behavior that might mean that what the dog is currently experiencing isn’t anxiety but jost a regular old case of boredom.

    Remember that many types of anxiety isn’t just something you can fix all by yourself and you more often than not might have to end up having to seeking professional help.

    But if you continue reading on I will suggest some great tips that I’ve had a lot of success in trying when I’ve had a dog that showed anxiety issues.

    Don’t Leave Your Dog In a Crate the Entire Day

    A lot of times I’ve heard a desperate dog owner mentioning that they’ve had to put their dog in a crate an entire day, to avoid their home being chewed to pieces, but putting your pup in a crate for 8 hours every day isn’t going to solve any problems long term.

    The reason why most dogs love their crate, is because it’s a sanctuary for them much like your favorite spot on the couch or your favorite recliner is to you.

    Even if you have bought one of the best and priciest crates on the current market, putting your dog alone in the crate all day isn’t a solution to any problems.

    There are actually quite a lot of issues that your Bernedoodle could develop if you leave them in a crate for long periods of time.

    One of the first problems you will run into is that all dogs need to go to the bathroom rather frequently. And if you leave your Bernedoodle in a crate for a very long time, eventually it will have to go to the bathroom somewhere, and being stuck in a crate doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for creative solutions to that issue.

    There is also the risk that you may introduce some serious health issues in your dog should you choose to leave it in a crate all day.

    Doodles are already quite susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia, and while this disorder is due to genetics, at least a handfull of studies have proved that those disorders can also be developed in different ways.

    What causes hip dysplasia in Bernedoodles? The primary reason is due to bad genes from mom and/or dad. But environmental factors can also increase the risk of a dog suffering from elbow or hip dysplasia and that can be due to a lack of exercise, obesity, but also inadequate nutrition.

    How Long is Too Long to Leave a Bernedoodle?

    But if you occasionally find yourself in a situation where you can‘t avoid having to leave your Bernedoodle alone for several hours, then you will have to know how long you could actually be able to leave him.

    And that is something that depends on what kind of setup you have for your dog.

    A few questions that you should think about before you try to settle on for how long your doodle is fine with being left alone are:

    1. Is it possible for you to leave your dog roaming around your home or is your dog limited to a smaller area?
    2. Will your dog be able to relieve himself through the day or is it necessary for it to be let outside for the eventual potty breaks?
    3. Might your Bernedoodle get bored throughout the day or have you prepared some kind of mental stimulation for the day?
    4. Does your pup have access to all the food and water he/she might need, or will you have to be around to give the portions every time?
    5. Is your dog at risk of being stuck outside in the case of an abrubt change of weather(colder or hotter)?

    While there are of course other things you will have to consider, let’s use those questions to set some guidelines and see if we can get a bit more specific on the question of how long can a Bernedoodle be left alone.

    1. Is Your Dog Going to Have Room to Roam?

    Do you absolutely have to leave your dog in their properly sized crate, then you shouldn’t leave them in there for more than a few hours every once in a while.

    And if the crate is really your only option, then you should never leave your Bernedoodle alone in there for an entire work day.

    The maximum should be 2-3 hours tops!

    2. Will Potty Breaks Be Possibly While You’re Gone?

    If you in any way can find a place where your dog will have the option of going to a suitable spot to relieve himself, then that’s going to be an extremely positive situation you’re in.

    But on the flip side, if it is necessary that you‘re home to get your dog back inside the home, then that’s not really A perfect spot to be in, and you probably won’t be able to leave him alone for very long.

    Perhaps somebody who lives nearby you can help your dog outside every 4-5 hours.

    Be aware that if you’re dog is a puppy, it will have to get out a lot more often, expect around every 2 hours.

    3. What Will Your Bernedoodle Be Able to do For Fun While Being Left Alone?

    There are an abundance of different solutions when it comes to keeping a dog mentally stimulated throughout the day. One of my preferred toys is a KONG toy that you can just fill with some water-soaked kibble.

    But as I said, there are a lot of different toys, and the more of these kinds of things you’ve placed through your home, the merrier, as your Doodle might not even notice that you’ve been gone for several hours.

    4. Does Your Dog Have Access to Plenty Water?

    Water is something your dog should never run out of, unlike food that is something you can decide how often your dog should eat, which could be once or twice every day for an adult Bernedoodle.

    A dog should have constant access to large amound of water throughout the day. Especially during it’s a warm summer day. If necessary, you should consider buying what’s called an excess water bowl.

    What I’ve done is that I’ve bought a PetSafe Drinkwell which is a quite amazing product that doesn’t care if you have to away for 3 or 8 hours every day.

    5. Will Your Dog be Able to Cope With a Sudden Change in Weather?

    While your local weatherman might always be completely trustworthy where you live, that’s not the same situation with the weathermen where I live, but predicting the weather is generally quite hard.

    So take a look at what you can offer your if the suddenly weather turns cold, or perhaps it starts to rain. Is there a great place where your dog can go to wait out one of these change of weather?

    What might be a good solution for you and your dog, could be one of the more modern and quite sturdy insulated dog houses, that some of my neighbors are pretty thrilled about at least. That will allow your Doodle to flee to cover if the weather changes for the worse.

    Or you could also install a doggy door in your home quite easily.

    If you haven’t prepared your home for the situations where the weather might change quite a lot from the time you leave, to you get home, it can be very dangerous for a dog.

    How Long Can Bernedoodle Puppies Be Left Alone?

    If you’re the owner of a Bernedoodle puppy, this makes it even for you to leave your pup as puppies require a very substantial amount of maintenance and will have to get outside a lot more often than an adult dog.

    A Bernedoodle puppy under 6 months shouldn’t be left alone for more than 2 hours.

    Firstly you should establish and stick to a committed feeding and crating schedule when dealing with a puppy. It’s the only method to be certain that your puppy will get all of the required nutrition for its’ growing body.

    If you’re not really committed to a crate schedule, you can certainly expect that this process will take a lot longer before you’ll see any worthwhile results.

    Take a look at this post for more information on how to crate train a Doodle puppy if you want to ensure that you do it in the best possible way.

    Strategies to Successfully Leave a Bernedoodle Home Alone

    As mentioned earlier there are luckily a bunch of different things you can do in order to leave your Bernedoodle home successfully, and some of those ideas are the ones I’ve mentioned just above.

    But let’s take a quick look at some more ideas that will really help to make your dogs’ day a lot more enjoyable even with you no there, and these ideas also have the added bonus that they will usually decrease the anxiety your doodles might have in that situation.

    Exhaust Your Dog Both Physically And Mentally

    Before you consider leaving your Bernedoodle alone for many hours, you will have to ensure that your dog has been thoroughly exercised. This breed of dog is a very active and energetic breed, so make sure you give them a fitting tour through the neighborhood or play some fetch in your backyard before leaving.

    While most dog owners are actually very good at making sure their dogs’ have been properly exercised, a lot of owners have a tendency to neglect something just as important, and that is the mental stimulation.

    A Bernedoodle is ranked as one of the most intelligent breeds you can own, so you should definitely try some different mentally stimulation games with your pup before you leave.

    You can find a whole bunch of different games online that your dog will love, but if you’re looking for some great inspiration to get going, I can fully recommend that you take a look at a certain training program called Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli, which is a program packed with engaging exercises you can play with your pooch.

    Leave Your Doodle With Some Puzzles With Hidden Surprises

    I’ve previously mentioned the KONG toy with added food to give your dog something to work with.

    Amazon has another treat that I’m sure your doodle will enjoy, particularly if the dog is a bit older and not as into destroying everything it sees.

    This is the Outward Hounds Puzzle Brick. Your dog has to move the different pieces to get the treats. I’ve had one for years, and my dog absolutely loves it.

    Another great toy is the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball. This toy is supposed to be filled with treats before you leave. And then while you are gone, your dog will have to push it around the floor to get his reward.

    Return Home for Lunch

    It is going to give your dog the option for an extended break outside if it is a possibility that you come home for lunch in a while.

    If perhaps you may have the ability to take a bit longer of a lunch break or live close enough to work, then you could give your dog enough exercise and mental stimulation in the middle of the day to continue until you return for the day.

    Turning the TV to DOGTV While You’re Away

    For the present generation, iPads and TV has become the number one babysitter, so why not let your furry friend in on some of those modern wonders.

    There’s a good chance that you can find some show that your Bernedoodle will absolutely love just binging on Netflix once in a while.

    You will also find that YouTube has numerous different channels whose main purpose is to deliver a soothing and relaxing experience for dogs, and if you’re in a position where you have to leave your Bernedoodle alone, a lot of these stations and shows can help with keeping your dog calm and relaxed.

    Get Someone Else to Let Your Dog Outside

    Depending on whatever your relationship might be with your neighbors, try asking one of them if they could be interested in helping you get your dog outside once or twice during the day.

    It will typically not be a problem, if that is something you will have to do once or twice.

    But if you are planning to leave your dog for long periods of time on a regular basis you should probably begin looking for a solution that doesn’t mean you will wind up depleting your”prefer” account with neighbors, friends, or family.

    Doggy Daycare

    Doggy daycare is probably the Roll Royce when it comes to options for leaving your Bernedoodle alone for the day, but the costs are also thereafter.

    Depending on what services you get, prices will usually vary, but you can expect to pay on average between $15 and $35 dollars per day.

    Purchasing a package that is monthly means you can save some on the average per day cost, but you should expect to still pay anywhere from around $200 to $500 per month.

    Hire a Dog Walker

    If you’re looking for something that isn’t just the occasional solution, but a more long-term service, then consider looking for a local dog-walking service.

    Depending on whatever options there might be in your area, most dog walkers will be able to not only walk but also feed your dog.

    It may, of course, get a bit pricy, but it is an almost perfect solution for those who can’t afford something such as doggy daycare.

    Take Your Dog With You to Work

    But what if all of the above-mentioned ideas simply aren’t an option for you, what kind of solution might then be possible?

    For me, I’m actually able to take my pup and bring him to work with me, every now and then.

    But remember there are a number of things are that you’ve got to be certain of before you get too carried away with this idea though.

    For example, for those who have a doodle with a tendency to bark a lot, you shouldn’t expect that your co-workers will appreciate you bringing your dog to work with you. Or if you have a lot of meetings throughout the day, so your dog ends up having to be taken care of by your coworkers instead of you.

    The only time I bring my dog to work with me is if I know that I will have the ability to leave the office about every two hours so that my dog can get outside for some fresh air and exercise.


    As with pretty much, everything else when it comes to dog ownership, whether or not you’re able to allow your Bernedoodle to be left alone depends upon whatever the specific situation you’re in is.

    If four dog has the choice of running around outside all day and if you live on 30 acres of property, and have a way if there is a change of weather to get inside then you can leave it for quite a long time. Your dog will probably love that!

    But in reality, there isn’t really a perfect reply to the question of can Bernedoodles be left alone, as it is dependent on so many variables.

    Can Bernedoodles be left alone

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