Why Does My Goldendoodle Stink? And How To Fix It!

If you have a Goldendoodle that stinks you’re probably quite desperate to find a solution, as it isn’t exactly something that makes it great to be around your Goldendoodle. The cause of the smell can be due to a handful of few different reasons.

So, why does my Goldendoodle stink? The main reason why a Goldendoodle stinks is often due to a lack of baths or using a dog shampoo that’s not optimal. There is also a risk that it’s a more serious issue, that can end up requiring some professional help.

Let’s have a look at the five primary areas to keep an eye out for when you smell something “stinky” about your Doodle.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Stink?

There are generally 5 reasons why a Goldendoodle stinks. And these 5 causes are:

Skin Issues

One of the more common reasons your Goldendoodle may stink is due to potential skin issues. This can include an over-production of oils in the skin as the result of the wrong diet. It can also be because of candida or a yeast infection, and if you notice your dogs’ odor has a sweet undertone in it, it is most likely for this reason.

These issues are usually due to the wrong diet. If you are feeding your Doodle the wrong brand of dog food (brands full of grains, carbohydrates, and additives), your Goldendoodle can easily end up developing digestive issues, which will immediately affect the state of your dogs’ skin. If that’s the case, you should try changing your Goldendoodles diet to eliminate the problem with the smell.

Due to their carnivorous nature, dogs thrive on meat. If possible, you should only buy kibble that has meat as a primary ingredient, and with no or only minimal other additives and ingredients.

A lot of people, my self included, have been able to eliminate bad odor from their Doodle by giving them a raw diet. It’s something I can definitely recommend, as a raw meat-based diet is very natural for dogs, and I’ve seen a lot of success in my own dog with it!

If your dog suffers from a yeast infection, it can often be spotted on the surface of its body, typically on the inside their ears, or on their belly and under the legs and arms You should take your Doodle to the vet as soon as possible if you notice that something looks wrong with its skin.

Another issue that can also be the cause of bad odor in dogs is parasites, such as ticks, fleas or mites. If you notice him/her scratching itself often, or showing any signs of discomfort, you should give your dog a thorough inspection. An, as usual, the best thing you can do is take your Goldendoodle to a vet and run screening for any issues

I would also generally advise that you give your stinky Goldendoodle a bath at least once every two weeks, using a high-quality shampoo such as the Earthbath Vanilla and Almond Shampoo. This shampoo is great for sensitive skin

Mouth Hygiene and Goldendoodle Smell

The mouth of your Goldendoodle can also be a “smelly zone”, both due to teeth issues and digestive issues (which is basically the same issue). If the main reason why you won’t let your Goldendoodle “kiss” you is that you can’t stand the smell from their breath – this is most likely the issue.

Your Goldendoodle can develop several digestive issues where their food isn’t properly digested and just sits in your Doodles’ stomach for longer than it should, and that will often result in a situation where your furry friend can develop bad breath.

Another likely cause of bad breath is your dogs’ teeth. Your Goldendoodles’ teeth can develop large amounts of tartar and build-up, especially if your dog has a diet that’s full of additives and carbohydrates that aren’t natural to a dog.

Tartar can cause bacterial infestation which in turn will result in a powerful odor from your dogs’ mouth.

As with humans, another reason could be tooth decay in your Goldendoodle which is again directly connected with your dogs’ diet and a general lack of minerals in it to properly maintain your Goldendoodles’ teeth in the best possible state.

If your dogs’ diet is wrong, you can brush their teeth every single day, and it still won’t help against tooth decay. Having your puppy’s teeth professionally cleaned to remove the build-up and tartar can help temporarily, but it’s not a long term solution. And unless you take a look at your Goldendoodles’ diet, they will keep having teeth and stomach issues.

why does my goldendoodle stink

Ear Issues

Another area that’s quite sensitive and can develop a nasty smell, is the ears of your Doodle.

With a healthy dog, there is a constant production of earwax and sebum in their ears and both of them serve certain functions in the health of your dog. But if there is an increased secretion of these substances for any reason, a build-up is likely to occur, which can lead to some unpleasant smells given enough time.

Your dog can also suffer a yeast infection on the inner surface of his/her ears. And the best way to avoid any ear issues, it to clean your Goldendoodles ears regularly, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary in their ears, take them to a vet.

Anal Glands

Now we’re getting to a stinky reason! Bad odor coming from your Goldendoodle can be that the anal glands need squeezing. All dogs have anal glands located right near their bottom.

Anal glands secrete several foul substances that serve several different functions in the dogs’ bodies. With a healthy dog, the anal glands will get squeezed every time he/she dog defecates so there will never be an issue. But most dogs will often experience issues with closed anal glands there the defecation doesn’t empty these glands.

If you’ve ever experienced your dog dragging his/her behind all over the carpet, it’s typically because they are trying to empty their anal glands with this maneuver. Having overfilled anal glands can cause a lot of pain and discomfort in a dog.

But not only is it painful, but it’s also a great possibility that it’s what makes your Doodle stink! You can either take your dog to the vet or the groomer to have them emptied, or you can do it yourself, which is surprisingly easy if you follow a guide such as this one below.

Goldendoodle Flatulence

Ever found yourself in a stinky cloud every time you are near your Goldendoodle? Perhaps they just have a “lively” stomach.

In dogs, flatulence occurs just as it does with people. And, just as with people, a little cloud here or there is perfectly healthy and normal. But if there’s too much gas around your dog, that is an indicator of digestive issues. Which once again brings us back to your Goldendoodles’ diet.

If you are giving your Doodle high-carbohydrate foods, that can easily cause the proliferation of bacteria in their intestines. Those bacteria are able to produce a lot of gas as one of the main products throughout their life cycle.

If you have a pup what is constantly farting, while it might be funny, it is also a sign that you should take a closer look at your Goldendoodles’ diet and find a more natural and healthier alternative to the kibble you are most likely currently feeding it. Your Doodle will thank you by becoming a stronger, happier, healthier and less smelly version of itself!

Although changing their diet can typically help your Goldendoodles health and remove the odor in your home, it’s still a good idea to take them to a vet if you discover any unpleasant smells or any other health-related issues.

A Doodles’ health is a very complex matter, and catching issues before they get too severe is a lot easier than trying to fix a disease that is full-blown. Since smells are often a sign of disease, you should never wait to ask a professional for help.


So those were some of the possible issues with a smelly dog.

If you’ve ever asked yourself why does my Goldendoodle stink, this should hopefully have helped you find some insight into a possible reason and some solutions on how you can fix the issue.

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