labradoodle playing minecraft

Labradoodle Playing Minecraft!

If you’ve ever doubted that Labradoodles are intelligent, this should convince you otherwise!

Liam Thompson uploaded a video on September 29 introducing his channel to his Labradoodle playing Minecraft. “Playing games like Minecraft are super fun with your friends. I’m gonna teach my dog how to play Minecraft!” Liam said.

The YouTuber created a makeshift keyboard setup where he took all the keys off, only keeping two that he was going to use for walking and attacking. He then placed two pieces of cardboard and fastened them to each of the keys, so that the dog would only hat to press a paw down on one of the two squares to play the game.

Utilizing positive reinforcement, Liam rewarded his Labradoodle Max with a treat every time he managed to press his paw down on one of the keys, which would naturally over time train the dog to press the buttons to receive more treats.

Hilariously, the Labradoodle managed to destroy some blocks and also managed to kill an enemy in the shape of a spider. Liam seemed quite pleased with the experiment and said: “We managed to get Max to destroy stuff. We managed to get him to walk. He’s got all the basics covered of a Minecrafter!”


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