Why Does My Dog Pee on His Blanket

Why Does My Dog Pee on His Blanket? Problem Solved!

Have you started noticing your furry friend getting the bed wet now and then? You may be wondering why does my dog pee on his blanket. There are several reasons why this may be happening.

Your dog wetting itself is a significant sign of different behavioral, medical, and emotional issues, as well as problems with house training. There are a large variety of medical conditions that can cause this habit, ranging from UTIs, Cancer, and Kidney problems to Bladder stones and so on. These accidents can be addressed with a visit to the vet so you can rule out some serious medical complications.

Today’s article will focus on the many possibilities as to why your cuddle buddy is peeing on his blanket. So, let’s dive in and investigate further into this problem to help you address the issue at hand and maintain a clean and dry blanket for your pet.

Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Pees On His Blanket

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Most dogs throughout their lifetime have accidentally peed where they shouldn’t, but before you correct this problem, you need to understand why they’re creating the problem first.

If your dog is peeing in their sleep or when they’re resting, it might be a sign of incontinence or other medical issues. However, if your dog is peeing on their blanket while fully awake, you should make sure they’re potty trained and have a healthy diet. 

Here are some reasons to help you identify the cause of your dog’s uncontrollable bladder.

Not Potty-Trained 

House training a puppy is a laborious and challenging procedure, and if you haven’t found the time to deal with this, then your dog may urinate on their blanket.

However, even adequately trained dogs relieve themselves on their blanket, knowing they shouldn’t do so on the floor. It’s not uncommon for kennel dogs to pee on their bedding. This is because the problem can easily be fixed by covering a blanket over it.

Ways to Tackle the Problem

Your dog’s house training routine must be maintained. Some dogs can take a long time to learn this but rewarding them whenever they urinate in suitable locations is a big help. Take your dog outside more often to avoid having accidents. If you’re crunched with time, pay a dog walker to help you

Emotional Anxiety 

If your dog experiences emotional distress such as sadness, despair, anxiety, or stress, it may be prone to wetting its blanket. Your furry friend may have a hard time dealing with mental issues, which can be caused by several factors, such as:

  • Alterations made to their schedule or environment
  • Traveling
  • Loud music/noise
  • Missing the presence of a pet parent or buddy
  • Revisiting past traumas
  • Medical conditions that cause depression 

Ways to Tackle the Problem 

Ask yourself, “What are the emotional causes of my furry companion becoming anxious and peeing on their blanket?” Take a step back and reassure their emotions and lessen the stress. You can do this by taking them on strolls, putting them in calm areas without noise, and ensuring your pet gets enough leisure playtime. 

Territorial Markings 

Dogs are, after all, animals, so they have a natural impulse to make them mark objects or areas as part of their turf by urinating on them. It may be upsetting to have to wash your dog’s blanket every now and then because of the urination.

However, you must know that dogs don’t usually relieve themselves in and near their sleeping/eating areas. If you got them a new blanket or bed, they may try to make it smell more like them and indicate that this property belongs to them. 

Ways to Tackle the Problem 

Waterproofing their resting place is the best option you have. You can cover this new space with their blanket, so they don’t leave any messes behind. There are also various blankets that help in preventing calluses on their paws and aid in arthritis. With the new blanket, you can allow your dog to go crazy and enjoy themselves. 

Surgery/Medication Side Effects

If your dog has had any operations or taken any medication recently, your dog may urinate on their bedding as a side effect. There are some medicines that can cause an uncontrollable bladder. Usually, if these complications arise, you need to contact the vet. 

Ways to Tackle the Problem

When it comes to this factor, there is not much that you can do to help other than letting your dog’s vet know. You can try to wait it out until the adverse effects of the surgery or the meds wear off.

To help with this, you can purchase doggy diapers that help your pet maintain its life as usual without any mess. There are washable diapers that can help if you need to take care of a dog in need of prolonged medical care.

Canine Arthritis 

Arthritis with regards to dogs is an inflammation of joints that can affect dogs of various ages. The joint’s cartilage becomes damaged or altered, making it lack smoothness and resulting in joints rubbing forcefully against each other.

As arthritis can be an excruciating condition, your dog may experience many pains in their joints, making them unable to move or stand. This leads to urinating wherever they can, and most likely it happens to be their favorite blanket. 

Ways to Tackle the Problem

For this, you need to ensure your dog is diagnosed with Arthritis first, then proceed to ask advice from your vet on how to manage and treat them. Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle with active exercise is essential for a dog with arthritis but make sure you don’t overdo it. Giving them supplements that consist of chondroitin and glucosamine is a great help because it enhances mobility and quick stress recovery in joints.

Final Thoughts on Why Does My Dog Pee on His Blanket

Why Does My Dog Pee on His Blanket

This article should now have helped you identify the reasons why your dog is peeing on his blanket, and you can now take the necessary action to prevent further messes.

Dogs and accidental urination are prevalent, but you can help keep your house and furniture clean by incorporating waterproof and washable products.

Keep in mind that you need to consult the vet in case your dog’s health is concerned.

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