Why Is My Dog So Affectionate In The Morning

Why Is My Dog So Affectionate In The Morning?

Dogs love to show affection, and having your dog jump on your bed every morning to cuddle is something every pet owner can relate to. It’s their daily ritual! But have you ever wondered why your dog is hyper-affectionate in the morning?

Your dog is affectionate in the morning for several reasons. It could be because it simply wants your attention, loves your bed’s warmth, wants to cuddle or want to express its generous love for you. But sometimes, it could be because your dog is hungry or anxious.

It’s common for dogs to be affectionate in the morning, but some pet owners might wonder if the behavior is expected. Let’s find out!

8 Reasons Why Your Dog Is So Affectionate In The Morning

Why Is My Dog So Affectionate In The Morning
Reasons Why Your Dog Is So Affectionate In The Morning
  1. Your Dog Is Greeting You “Good Morning!”

Yes, dogs greet good morning too! They do so by jumping on your bed early morning for a warm greeting with a few wet kisses. It’s their love language.

If you’re a dog parent, you know their excitement when they see you in the morning. Every dog has a different personality. Some will greet you by licking your face, and some will snuggle with you on the blanket. But it’s their way of socializing, and it’s normal for them to do so.

After a good night’s sleep, they look forward to seeing you first thing in the morning, so it’s natural for them to be hyper-affectionate and clingy.

  1. Your Four-Legged Friend Missed You

Most dogs tend to be an early riser and patiently waits for their owner to wake up. No wonder why they come to you wagging their tail the moment you’re up. In a dog world, it’s their way of showing excitement after being away for a long night. Also, if you’re a dog lover, you look for your dog as soon as you wake up, and it goes the same for them.

Or, if you were away for the night, your dog is most likely to be clingy in the morning because it missed you.

Moreover, if your dog sleeps separately in a crate or their own bed, your dog will most probably be super excited to see you in the morning being affectionate.

  1. Brimming With Energy

After a night of good rest, like humans, even dogs feel energized and have overflowing energy in the morning. It could be why they’re ever ready to snuggle because they’re fully recharged and want to use their energy immediately.

As a result, it’s expected that your furry friend greets you in the morning by wagging its tail excitedly and licking your face to show affection.

  1. It Loves The Warmth Of Your Blanket

Some dogs, especially small breeds like chihuahuas and pugs, have short fur and are more sensitive to cold. It might be why they’re so affectionate and cuddly in the morning because they want to be warm and cozy under the blanket.

Moreover, weather conditions also play a huge role. During colder months or rainy seasons, the temperature drops during the night and is colder in the morning. Especially senior dogs are more vulnerable to cold temperatures, and dogs, too, want to feel warm. Maybe that’s why they’re excited to see you in the morning because they can finally cuddle with you on your bed.

Imagine how heavenly it must be for your dog to feel the warmth under your blanket after a chilly night. Hence, try spending extra minutes snuggling with your pet before jumping out of bed on cold mornings.

  1. Your Furry Friend Wants To Share Love

If you habitually cuddle with your dog, it will undoubtedly want more warm cuddling. It can be why your dog is so affectionate in the morning to show its love for you.

Also, like humans, dogs too produce a happy hormone called oxytocin that increases when dogs interact with their owners. As such, this positive interaction can help your dog reduce stress, prevent loneliness, and boredom, and improve their overall well-being.

  1. Prepared For Its Meal

Regardless of your dog’s behavior, it will want breakfast as soon as it wakes up. So if your dog is hyper-affectionate in the morning, it could be a sign that your pet is hungry and is asking for breakfast.

Dogs depend on humans their entire life, so it’s normal for them to demand food when hungry or thirsty. Since you provide their basic needs, they’d want to wake you up as a reminder. Also, if you feed your dog at the same time daily, it will get used to the schedule and get clingy when it’s time for food.

  1. Your Dog Is Anxious

Dogs are known for their strong senses, and sometimes specific changes in your environment and surrounding can trigger their anxiety, be it a loud noise, smell, or a temperature change. In such cases, your dog can be affectionate and cuddly.

  1. Nature’s Call

Dogs rely on their owners for their needs, so it’s a given that they’d come running to you when it’s time for them to pee or poop. Since most dogs are potty trained since they were puppies, they’re likely to be more affectionate to let you know when they feel the urge to attend nature’s call.

This behavior is expected, especially in the morning, because they might have a strong urge to pee or poop after a long rest. This is probably why they’re super affectionate early morning because they have a business to attend to and want to let you know.

Conclusion on Why Is My Dog So Affectionate In The Morning

You now know why your dog is so affectionate in the morning. There are many ways they communicate through different behaviors or manners. Also, as a dog parent, you should be aware of such changes to know when they crave your attention.

However, if your dog sleeps separately, it’s normal for them to want your affection and presence in the morning. It’s a way of showing their love by being affectionate.

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