do military dogs get paid

Man’s Best Friend in Combat: Do Military Dogs Get Paid?

Military dogs are the heroes that play significant roles in aiding the country, but do military dogs get paid anything? They require training that specializes in dealing with the difficulties of investigating crime evidence and other aspects pertinent to the military around them. They hold distinct ranks within the military army, and owing to their hard training, they serve an essential purpose. Military dogs provide various benefits, so it’s vital to ask whether they get paid or not.

Military dogs are not compensated. They have handlers that are paid to care for them, and in order to prevent mishandling or abuse, the keeper is ranked below the dog. The dogs do, however, receive high praise, and for their operative work, they attain care as payment.

In this article, we will look into greater transparency of how military dog is rewarded and paid for their duties in the army. But first, let’s look into the different types of military dogs and how they provide service to the army.

Different Types of Military Dogs & Their Tasks

A military dog costs $150,000 after it’s begun its training, as well as consistent care.

Let’s see why these dogs are so expensive and the different categories of military dogs

  • Sentry Dog

Their main job was to bark or growl in case of imminent threats to the troop. They allow for easy mobility and are helpful for visibility during nighttime.

  • Patrol Dog

These dogs are usually helpful by detecting harm in silence and calling out ambushes or possible threats. The handlers keep them unchanged, so if mishandled, the dogs can sense it themselves. 

  • Casualty Dog

These dogs are usually trained to search and rescue. They can sniff wounded and injured people within a distance, which is a significant help to the military.

  • Explosive-detection Dog

These types of military dogs are trained to identify explosives. They can detect bombs easily and are often found at checkpoints or stations meant for inspection. 

  • Attack Dog

These dogs are trained to know when to attack an enemy when commanded. If a suspect is discovered, they are trained to bite and hold them down.

  • Service Dog

From helping their handler open doors to detecting an oncoming seizure, these service dogs help in many ways. They are well-trained to understand hand gestures and commands on the radio while off the leash.

  • Mascot Dogs

They’re usually made to serve as a service unit emblem and trained to assist in ceremonies. For example, throughout the Corps marine units, they have bulldogs as their primary mascot.

  • Artillery/Narcotics Detection Dog

When in need looking for any buried artillery or different types of hidden narcotics, these army dogs are of great help. They are trained to sniff out chemicals and substances used in manufacturing these products, and the dogs try their best to investigate with their nose.

  • K9 Corps Dog

The K9 dogs in the military are well-trained to recognize the scent of about 19,000 different exploding artillery. They undergo 13 weeks of rigorous training to determine their suitability for the position. 

  • Military Contract Dog

Most military dogs are under the DoD. However, these dogs that are under contract are hired via exterior firms to work with the military. They do not receive the same benefits, including health care, unlike the military-owned animals.

How Is a Military Dog Rewarded?

  • Dedicated Handler 

Military dogs are assigned a handler that’s well versed in their training and smoothly operates their primary duty, which is to look after and train them carefully. It’s a critical occupation as it also serves the dog’s best interests.

The military dog is easily rewarded with a handler who can be consistent and ensure that all the training requirements are met daily.

The handlers are ranked lower than their military dogs, but their optimal functionality and skills depend on their handler.

Each handler is responsible for the expensive training that the animal goes through while also serving as a friend and supporter. The handler can, however, be dismissed in case of mishandling or mistreatment. 

  • Comprehensive Treatment

The attention and care received by the military dog are what drives them to work hard during their duties. This includes offering a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food, an ideal space to rest, grooming needs, as well as others to the pet.

The military is fully responsible for ensuring the members of its army are all in excellent condition and utterly content concerning the standard of living.

To portray professionalism and readiness, the military must accomplish these objectives regarding caring for the dog. They will perform well and be of better help when aiding the army in case of an emergency. They are most important to the army to ensure that necessary procedures are carried out correctly. 

Military dogs receive all the necessary resources and support to maintain a healthy life. Even when they’ve completed their service to the country, they proceed to receive these benefits until they lie on their deathbeds. As a result, military dogs do not usually receive any financial compensation.

  • Consistent Benefits

Military dogs aren’t just rewarded with a handler and complete care, and they also receive enjoyable recompense frequently. When it comes to playtime, working out, as well as other engagements with different entertaining ventures.

Additionally, they are often permitted to enjoy delicacies that are made to gratify their liking.

Everything is done to ensure these dogs are filled with motivational fuel and driven to their goals to work hard for the military. They can also find comfort in their environment as their highly esteemed value is happiness.

So even though it’s challenging to be a military dog, it also comes with its perks and a long list of benefits. For their backbreaking labor, they receive these gifts in return.

Bottom Line on Do Military Dogs Get Paid

do military dogs get paid
How Is A Military Dog Rewarded

Military dogs are not compensated for being of exemplary service to the army, but they do attain some perks to allow them to lead a good and healthy life. From high-quality treats, suitable training methods, comfortable living spaces, and regular grooming, they are allowed to enjoy these perks so as to maintain their motivation.

We’ve discussed the different types of military dogs and how they are rewarded, if not financially. Regardless of what type of military dog they are, these animals are of great value to the country and will continue to be as they serve their tasks of patrolling, rescuing, tracking, and attacking.

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