My Dog Had Puppies And They All Died

My Dog Had Puppies And They All Died – Here’s The Cause!

Imagine being a dog parent as you patiently wait for your female dog to give birth to new puppies! As emotional and exciting as it can be, there may come a time when you and the mother dog go through grief- the death of a puppy. Worst case scenario, you might even face the brunt of the puppies’ death.

One of the reasons your dog had puppies and they all died could be Fading Puppy Syndrome. Also referred to as sudden or early death in puppies, this is usually the leading cause of such a huge loss.

This article will delve deeper into the causes of why all your dog’s puppies died and how you can prevent it from happening again in the future.

Causes For Death Of All Puppies

My Dog Had Puppies And They All Died
What Can You Do To Avert Death Of Puppies
Causes For Death Of All Puppies
Causes of Death for Puppies
  • Fading Puppy Syndrome

This syndrome, also known as Fading Puppy Complex, is a syndrome where the dog’s puppies die in just a few weeks. Usually, fading puppies, as they are called, fail to survive no more than five days. This syndrome doesn’t show any clinical signs or cause of death, which is even more devastating.

Below are some of the reasons that cause this ill-fated syndrome:

  • Congenital disability

There’s a chance that the puppies could have been born with a congenital disability or birth defect. In most cases, infections, trauma, or nutritional deficiencies can cause this disability. It might also happen if the mother dog goes through an unusual event during pregnancy.

  • Inadequate supply of milk nutrients

Colostrum, a vital source of nutrients like carbohydrates and lipids and the inception of immunoglobulins, is a natural antibody found in a mother’s milk. The puppies must get enough nutrients, at least for the first month. If your dog can’t nurse all her puppies adequately for some reason, the puppies might not live long enough to survive.

  • Infection of the breast

Mastitis, an inflammation of the breast tissue, is usually the result of a breast infection. If the mother dog develops mastitis, drinking its milk will harm the puppies. On the off-chance that they do, it could lead to their untimely death.

  • Weak immune systems

The puppies’ immune systems are bound to be weak or underdeveloped when they are newly born. Unless they get enough nutrition, there’s a chance that they will catch infections. This may follow with the infections worsening, ultimately causing their deaths.

  • Changing temperatures

Just like human beings, dogs are sensitive to the changing weather. When it comes to puppies, they are more likely to feel the pressure of the hot or cold season. Unless adequately cared for, they may experience heat stroke or severe cold. This, in turn, will be the reason for the loss of the little ones’ lives.

  • Canine herpes virus

Unknown to you, if your dog is canine herpes virus positive, it can prove fatal for newborn puppies. Once the virus starts attacking the puppies’ immune systems, the litter may live for only two to three weeks.

  • Roundworms

Yes, roundworms are also one of the possible causes of the death of newborn puppies. These worms are all for sucking essential nutrients from the little ones’ intestines. If you don’t deworm them at the right time, the chances are that the worms will get to them before you do.

Even though this may not always be the case, there’s a chance for restricted growth once these worms infect the puppies. Therefore, ensure to get them dewormed whenever the time arrives.

  • Mishaps

Although it happens seldom, there are cases where puppies lose their lives due to accidents. For instance, the mother dog could step on one or more puppies. This is true especially true among larger dog breeds. If you want to keep this from happening, ensure there’s ample corner space during and after the birth.

What Can You Do To Avert Death Of Puppies?

It’s one thing if puppies die of natural causes which are non-deniable. However, it doesn’t mean you should give up: you can take care of certain things before your dog’s mating. For instance, ensuring the female dog is at full capacity to give birth physically and age-wise.

Keep in mind that nutrition is of utmost importance. Feeding your dog well before and during pregnancy by incorporating a high-quality diet will mean the puppies are born healthy.

If you want, you can speak with the doctor and confirm whether your dog is in good condition to become a mother. If she’s good to go, get ready to welcome some little bundles of joy! Make sure also to make timely visits to the vet during pregnancy.

Things To Do After Puppy’s Death

If you couldn’t save the puppy from its untimely death, it doesn’t mean your efforts stop there. You might still be able to prevent the other puppies from following suit. For this, ensure to separate the dead puppy from the rest of the litter as soon as possible. This will prevent the bacteria or virus from infecting the other puppies.

If you don’t know the reason behind the puppy’s death, you could bring it to the vet to find the possible cause. Doing so will let you know what steps to take next and possibly prevent the other puppies from losing their lives.

If it so happens that the puppy is infected with the herpes virus, you need to take immediate action and separate the puppies. Although there’s no permanent cure, your doctor might be able to treat the puppies adequately with proper treatments and medications.

Conclusion on My Dog Had Puppies And They All Died

Death of puppies, especially when they are newly born, isn’t uncommon. Unless you take suitable measures and proper care, you can prevent this mishap from befalling you and your female dog.

By keeping the above pointers in mind, you might be able to save the puppies and allow them to lead long and healthy lives. We’re hopeful this post will help you in the long run and bring joy to your life!

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