7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Midday Dog Walker

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Midday Dog Walker

A survey conducted by Psychology Today found that about 57% of dog-walking parents skipped walks each week due to reasons such as family responsibilities, work pressure, weather issues, etc.

Does that sound familiar to you? Are you unable to commit to regular walks because of a hectic lifestyle? If yes, perhaps it’s time you hired a midday dog walker.

If you’re not walking your dog regularly, it’s most likely that Fido isn’t getting the exercise he/she needs and deserves. And a sedentary lifestyle can lead to all sorts of health problems in dogs, such as obesity, heart disease, and joint pain. You wouldn’t want that for your furry friend, would you?

So, read on to know the top 7 reasons why you should hire a midday dog walker for your beloved pet.

Ensure Your Dog Gets The Exercise They Need

Tips For Hiring A Professional Dog Walker

As mentioned before, a sedentary lifestyle harms your dog’s health. Moreover, dogs naturally tend to be active and highly energetic. They love to fetch, sniff, run, jump, and whatnot! Hence, exercising your dog regularly not only maintains good health but also gives them a proper outlet to vent out all their energy.

If not, they may start showing destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture or shoes, excessive barking, etc.

Depending on the breed, dogs generally need around 30-60 minutes of daily exercise. This exercise period can be divided into two or three sessions, each lasting 10-15 minutes. If you think you can’t provide this much time to your dog on a daily basis, then it’s best to hire a midday dog walker.

Imagine a dog who’s been cooped up at home all day and finally gets to go for a walk. They would be so excited and super enthusiastic! Now, that’s the kind of energy and excitement you want your dog to have, right? If yes, a midday dog walker is exactly what you need!


Apart from physical exercise, dogs also need mental stimulation. Boredom can lead to destructive behaviors in dogs, just like a lack of exercise. Hence, you must give them some form of stimulation throughout the day.

Other advantages of mental stimulation for dogs include the following:

  • Curbing unwanted behavior.
  • Helping them learn.
  • Exploring the world around them.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

One way to do this is by hiring a midday dog walker. A good dog walker will not only take your dog out for a walk but also play games with them, such as fetch or catch. This way, your dog will get the necessary exercise, as well as some much-needed mental stimulation.

Potty Training

Potty training is an important part of a dog’s life. It teaches them where and when it’s appropriate to relieve themselves. While some dogs learn this quickly, others may take a little longer.

Hiring a dog walker can be extremely helpful if you’re potty training your dog. That’s because they can take your dog out for potty breaks at regular intervals, which will help them learn faster.

Moreover, if you have a puppy, it’s important to take them out for potty breaks every few hours since they have small bladders and can’t hold it in for long hours. If you can’t do this, a midday dog walker can be a lifesaver!


A dog confined to the house all day is at risk of developing behavioral problems. They may also develop separation anxiety, which can be extremely stressful for both you and your dog.

Hiring a midday dog walker is a great way to prevent these problems from happening. Since they’ll take your dog out for walks, it’ll give them the chance to socialize and burn off excess energy.

Besides, a dog that knows how to behave well in public is a joy to be around. Not only will this make your life easier, but it’ll also make your dog’s social interactions more enjoyable.

A good dog walker will also have the patience and experience to teach your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. This way, you can be sure that your dog is well-mannered and obedient.

You’re Away For The Day

This is one of the best reasons you should invest in a good dog walking service. If you have to go out for the day and can’t take your dog with you, then a midday dog walker can take care of them.

Besides, if you have a 9-5 job or you’re away from home for extended periods of time daily, then hiring a midday dog walker becomes a necessity.

When you’re having a hard day at work, dealing with stressful deadlines, or stuck in traffic, you may not even realize how the day has flown by. And before you know it, it’s already evening.

However, on the other hand, your dog has been waiting at home all day for you to come back. They may have even started to feel anxious and stressed out. This is why it’s important to hire a midday dog walker so that your dog can get the exercise and mental stimulation they need, even when you’re not around.

Peace Of Mind

This reason is tied with the point we just mentioned above. Suppose you’re out at work or maybe on vacation. The last thing you want to do is worry about your dog being home alone all day.

Of course, friends and family may come to the rescue for a couple of days. But let’s be honest, they can’t do it all the time. This is where a professional dog walker comes in to provide some much-needed relief.

When you hire a dog walker, you can rest assured that your furry friend will get the exercise and attention they need while you’re away. This peace of mind is priceless and definitely worth the cost of hiring a professional dog walker.


Last but not least, hiring a midday dog walker can save you a lot of time. If you have a busy lifestyle, chances are you don’t have the time to take your dog out for walks.

Moreover, let’s face it; after having a hectic week at work, not everyone wants to spend their free time walking their dog when the weekend comes. Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t love your dog. It’s just that sometimes, we all need a break, which is completely understandable.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to save some time, then hiring a midday dog walker is the way to go. This way, you can spend your free time relaxing and doing what you love without worrying about your dog.

And once your munchkin is back home after a day of fun and games, you can spend the rest of the day petting them and smothering them with kisses. They definitely deserve it!

Tips For Hiring A Professional Dog Walker

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Midday Dog Walker

You need to make sure that you’re hiring a professional dog walker who is reliable, experienced, and trustworthy. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Do Your Research

Just like with anything else, not all dog walkers are created equal. Some may be more experienced than others, while some may be more expensive than others. Hence, you must take your time to do your research and find the right dog walker that checks all the boxes!

  • Check References And Reviews

When you’re looking for a dog walker, make sure to check their references and reviews. Doing so will give you a good idea of what to expect from them. You can also ask for recommendations from friends, family, or fellow dog owners.

  • Get A Consultation

Before you hire a midday dog walker, it’s important to schedule a consultation with them. It’ll help you get to know them better and see if they’re a good fit for your needs. During the consultation, don’t forget to ask them about their experience, rates, and availability.

  • Create A Contract

Creating a contract will protect both you and your dog in case anything goes wrong. Be sure to include all the important details in the contract, such as the rate, schedule, and expectations.

Also, if you want the dog walker to not only walk your dog but also provide extra services like feeding your dog, teaching them basic commands, or potty training them, then you need to ensure that these are included in the contract. This way, there will be no confusion or misunderstanding down the road.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Hire A Midday Dog Walker

Hiring a midday dog walker is a great way to provide your furry friend with the exercise and attention they need. It’s also a great way to save time and have peace of mind. Just make sure that you do your research and find the right dog walker for your needs.

Now that you know all the benefits of hiring a midday dog walker, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find the perfect one for your pup today!

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