should i shave my bernedoodle myself

Should I Shave My Bernedoodle Myself? What You Must Know!

Dog owners want the best for their pets. You also make sure that your dog is well-fed and well-groomed at the same time. But there are somethings that you should and must not do when it comes to grooming your Bernedoodle. Since it’s a hybrid of a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle, you need to learn the ways on how you can groom your pet.

You can shave your Bernedoodle yourself as long as you know the proper way to have it done. It may be best to find a professional groomer to do the job, though since most of them know how to do it appropriately. However, asking a pro to shave your pet can be costly over time, so it’s also a good idea to learn how to do it yourself.

Let’s go a bit into the do’s and dont’s of this subject.

Should I Shave My Bernedoodle Myself

If you have decided to take the matters in your own hands, then you must get shaving clippers that are specially designed for dogs. It’s more gentle for the dog’s fur so dont even try to use the shaving razors you have been using for yourself. Also, the shaving clippers for dogs is quieter so that your pet will not get scared when you started shaving.

Get a comb length guard as well to help you to get more flexibility. It’s a great tool to assist you while shaving your Bernedoodle fur, especially if it’s a little lengthy, to begin with. This comb will also be helpful as you shave through your pet’s different body parts. It’s best to get a dog grooming set so you can have the comb, length guide guards, and scissors.

When to Groom Your Bernedoodle

The best time to groom your Bernedoodle is during the summer and winter. You can give your pet a shorter cut or even shave its fur during summer since it’s hot. Naturally, you can groom your Berndoodle for a longer cut when the cold months arrive, especially during the winter. The change on the length of their fur will help your pet to adapt better with the climate.

Bernedoodle’s fur is prone to matting, so you also need to make sure to brush the coat two to three times weekly. That will ensure that your dog will have a better-looking coat and its good to do this with a special brush for dogs. It’s an excellent way to prepare your Bernedoodle for some haircut when it’s necessary.

Type of Bernedoodle’s Coat

  • Straight

If your dog has a straight coat, it can be more prone to matting. It’s best to give your Bernedoodle a regular trimming so that it can be easier to deal with.

  • Wavy

If your Bernedoodle has a wavy coat, it’s easier to manage. You can easily brush it, and it can also be very soft. It doesn’t matt as often so you can give your pet the haircut regularly.

  • Curly

The curly coat is also prone to matting, so you have to brush it more often. But it’s best for humans who are allergic to danders since it’s almost like a coat of a Poodle.

should i shave my bernedoodle myself

Grooming A Bernedoodle

Regular dog grooming is essential so that your pet will look great and feel more comfortable at the same time. It will also help you to bond more since you are paying better attention to your pet. That makes it better with your Berndoodle’s health as well since proper grooming means that you can make sure that your dog is healthier.

Regular grooming is the best thing that you can do if you always want to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with your canine. By doing this, you can check your dog’s health more frequently so you can pay a visit with the vet if necessary. Just make sure to also feed your dog a nutritious meal besides grooming of course.

How to Groom Your Bernedoodle

1. Inspection

Make sure to always begin with inspection by full-body stroke. It’s the best way to check for any bumps, lumps, and other abnormalities with your dog’ coat. Check if there are dry patches or dead hair and skin so that you can remove them.

2. Brushing/Combing

To prevent matting, it’s best to brush your Bernedoodle’s coat every day if possible. It’s also a good idea to find a brush that will be best for your dog breed. Brushing your pet’s coat feels great for your dog too.

Make sure you use a great brush such as the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush.

3. Bath Time

Dogs, in general, don’t need frequent bathing. Since you have a hybrid, it’s better to do this when your Bernedoodle is already dirty or muddy. Use a dog shampoo to avoid harsh chemicals for your dog’s fur.

I absolutely adore and thoroughly recommends the Buddy Wash Shampoo.

4. Checking the Eyes

It’s essential to check the dog’s eyes and see if there is an abnormal discharge. You can use a dog grooming wipes and wipe your dog’s eyes gently. If you notice irritation or unusual discharge, visit the vet right away.

5. Ear Inspection

Ear inspection is a must as well as cleaning your pet’s ear. Since there may be too much wax build up if neglected, it can result in itchiness and discomfort. Your dog will scratch its ears or shake its head when it’s time for you to clean the ears.

6. Nail Clipping

Another essential grooming for your dog is nail clipping. It will cause your dog to be in pain when the nails are already too long. It’s best to have the vet or a dog groomer to do this task to avoid cutting the nails too far.

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