how to get a bernedoodle to calm down

How To Get a Bernedoodle To Calm Down – With 3 Simple Steps

A highly-energetic Bernedoodle can wreak havoc in any home if given the chance, no matter the size of the home. Handling a Bernedoodle can be quite a difficult task that requires a lot of patience. So how to get a Bernedoodle to calm down?

A Bernedoodle will calm down on their own with time, but it sometimes might take up to two years for them to calm down. If they are overly energetic, you can make them exercise, both physically and mentally, or just give ample amounts of attention to them. Sometimes neutering can also help deal with this issue.

To get the best results, you will have to be patient, consistent, and stick to a specific routine. If you just randomly throw in an hour or two of training once in a while, it won lead to any long-term results.

Allow Your Bernedoodle To Grow Up

how to get a Bernedoodle to calm down

Puppies are usually a lot of work. And Bernedoodle puppies are no exception. They will get overly excited, and they have a tendency to express it in, once in a while, quite destructive ways.  

While a lot of people often compare kids with puppies, there are instances where they aren’t the same. Whereas a toddler might be able to be as excited as a puppy, they will typically learn to handle themselves a bit better in time. But this isn’t the case with dogs. By nature are Bernedoodles very energetic dogs.

Within the first couple of years, these pups will be very energetic, and seeing as they can grow quite large, they will be able to quite an expensive amount of damage. But, the solution to the best possible future is to let them mature at their own pace. And while it might not seem like it when you have a hyperactive puppy running around, they usually will calm down eventually.

What you can do to help speed up this process is to follow some of the tips below, which should answer your question of how to get a Bernedoodle to calm down.

Create and Follow a Specific Schedule

Routine and specific schedules will not only help humans but also dogs. If they have a certain level of assurance it will help to check any positive or negative overflow of emotions in check. So, it will help your Bernedoodle calm down with schedules and consistency.

If you have an inconsistent and slightly chaotic environment it will only help your Bernedoodle develop bad habits when trying to deal with their excitement. So that’s why you should set up a schedule to help you properly guide your Bernedoodles’ energy. Such a schedule should consist of the following tasks:

  • Training
  • Exercise
  • Playtime and attention

Remember that you should do these tasks consistently, or else the effect will be practically non-existent in the long term. You will only end up with a dog that’s constantly confused. He will think it’s time for training when actually it’s time to play around and vice versa.


One of the best ways to calm a Bernedoodle down is with training. For some reason, there are people who will try and avoid doing any training, believing that it will restrict the dog’s general freedom and personality. But this is just not the case.

Training and discipline will only help us sharpen our skills and give purpose to our own lives. A Bernedoodle that has gone through proper training will just lead a more disciplined life with healthier habits without losing its personality.

As I’ve said before, one thing you have to do when looking for a way on how to get a Bernedoodle to calm down is consistency. If you are consistent, 3-5 months should be sufficient to calm a Bernedoodle down and find a pattern in its behavior. If you don’t have proper consistency, expect it to take a lot longer.

You can get ideas on how to train your Bernedoodle by watching YouTube videos if you are looking for a free method. Other options could be to get professional help a bring your Bernedoodle with you to a training facility.


Another of the main reasons why your Bernedoodle might find it difficult to calm down is due to a lack of proper exercise. Perhaps your pup hasn’t spent enough time enjoying running around outside.

Time spent running around inside your home can’t be regarded as exercise. An adult Bernedoodle should get at least 60 minutes of exercise and fresh air every day. If we’re talking about puppies, expect to use around 90 minutes of daily exercise.

And while a lot of people are aware of the physical requirements for training a dog, many will forget that a dog also has a brain that needs to be properly stimulated, and that’s a huge mistake. Dogs’ are clever creatures, and they require brain training just as much as humans do to function properly.

Leaving a Bernedoodle home alone, locked up for 10 hours every day, will just make the dog restless. If you can avoid it. you should never leave them alone for more than 8 hours a day locked up in your home. And while the pup probably won’t bite the hand that feeds it, it will have issues with containing its restlessness.

Playtime and Affection

Playtime and affection are somewhat different from the regular exercise sessions your pup receives. During playtime, you should shower your pup with all the possible attention in a manner that he enjoys. As an example, you could give your Bernedoodle a calming massage at certain times of the day, every single day. And while your dog isn’t exactly getting any training, in that case, it’s all about the love he gets, which will help him calm down.

Likewise, you should also remember to keep this as a scheduled routine every day because your dog will most like deny doing anything else as he has an idea of exactly what is coming for him. Dogs also have intuition, just as we do.

An added bonus is that this also sharpens the dogs’ danger senses. Dogs’ can guess when something doesn’t feel right or if anythings’ changed, allowing it to help you he feels like something is wrong.

How To Get A Bernedoodle To Calm Down

It is entirely normal if you have stuck to a routine and performed the mentioned activities to calm your dog down but still have a very energetic furry friend. In this case, you have to take into consideration the specific needs of your Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodles, like humans, are living beings with emotions and personalities. So, there may be something that works for them but does not work for others. You have to give your Goldendoodle time and attention and receive the cues it gives. By studying your beloved pet, you may be able to figure out what specifically keeps it calm.

Does neutering help to calm a Bernedoodle down? Yes, neutering will typically calm down an overly active dog.

Some activities that have helped my dogs’ are:

⦁ A healthy and well-balanced diet will benefit any Bernedoodle greatly.

⦁ Proper and frequent exercise.

⦁ Providing your Bernedoodle with plenty of mental stimulation.

⦁ Giving the Bernedoodle a social life – allowing it to spend time with new friends and other pets.

⦁ Remember to reward any desired behavior.

how to get a bernedoodle to calm down

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