Can Maltipoos Swim? Yes, No or Perhaps?

If you have ever wondered if a Maltipoo can swim well or even at all, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Allow me to give a complete answer to this question.

Maltipoos can swim if they are taught well, as they might not instinctively know when they first enter the water, so if you have a swimming pool or any water near your home, then it’s very important that you teach your Maltipoo to swim.

This article focuses on answering all of your questions around Maltipoo swimming and the pros and cons of teaching a Maltipoo to swim.

Maltipoo and Swimming

A Maltipoo is a mix of a Maltese and a Poodle, and these two breeds of dogs are quite different when it comes to swimming and being in water in general.

Where Poodles were originally bred to be water retrievers. “Poodle” comes from the German word, Pudeln, which means to splash.

Maltese were originally used mostly as companion dogs or to hunt smaller rodents on board ships and in burrows.

So while Poodles are natural-born swimmers, the Maltese part of a Maltipoo isn’t equally as strong in that regard.

This is also why you could have a Maltipoo that is the greatest swimmer in the world, or you could end up with one that’s the exact opposite.

Any animal trying to live in or be in the water with any resembling a foot requires those feet to be webbed. All dogs have some degree of webbing, but the Maltipoo has a bit more than the average dog thanks to its’ Poodle genes.

Having webbed paws makes them act like small paddles when in the water.

Another physical trait Maltipoos has inherited from poodles is their fur coat. This is one of the most noticeable traits of both a Maltipoo and Poodles.

Unlike a lot of other dogs, a Maltipoo has a single layer of fur coat, where many other dogs have double layers. And the Maltipoos’ coat is quite thick and it is, therefore, easier to swim with.

So while most Maltipoos will do quite well when placed in water, but that isn’t the case for every Maltipoo.

can maltipoos swim

How Does This Apply to Your Maltipoo?

Because Maltipoos have inherited some of these amazing features that make them naturally good swimmers, there’s a chance they’ll fall in love with swimming.

Although a Maltipoo isn’t the usual dog that we associate with jumping into rivers or ponds, that is typically dogs’ such as a Golden or Labrador Retriever, due to their Poodle origins, a Maltipoo will most likely love the water just as much.

But as I mentioned earlier, the same thing which is true for humans, also applies to dogs in the regard that, every dog will be different. So just because a dog has it in the genes when it comes to swimming, it doesn’t mean they will want to jump headfirst into the water as soon as they spot it.

When placed in water most dogs’ will naturally start moving their legs to keep themselves from sinking. But, not every dog will know what to do from that point, and a lot of dogs won’t even start moving move forward, but just barely tread the water.

If you have any concerns about your dog being able to swim, the best solution to that issue is to simply expose your dog to the water.

Why Should I Teach My Maltipoo to Swim?

Every year there are sadly numerous incidents where people have found their dog drowned in the family pool or pond in the backyard. While your Maltipoo might not be all that keen on the water, there is always the risk of a tragic accident happening where they and end up in the water.

So, just as it’s a good idea to teach your children to swim, it’s exactly the same when it comes to your Maltipoo. Teaching your Maltipoo how to swim could save its’ life someday.

How to Train your Maltipoo to Swim

If you want to make sure that your Maltipoo is able to swim as well as possible, there are some steps you should take to get your dog looking like a professional.

1. Expose your Dog to the Water

To get your dog swimming, the first step is also the most simple.

Go for a walk on the beach or near a river or pond with your dog. Allow your dog to sink their paw in the water. Do this to make sure that your dog gets familiar with the sound and sight of water.

You don’t have to immediately plop your dog in the water. Just make sure they know it’s there. This way, they will be more familiar and less scared of water.

2. Begin in Shallow Water

The deeper water can be quite intimidating for a small dog which is why you should stay in the shallow water in the beginning. This will let your dog stay in contact with the ground at the same time as being in the water.

You should also avoid any currents, as that will only make it a lot more difficult for your dog to swim.

This step will allow your dog to be comfortable with the feeling of being in the water, while safely standing on solid ground.

3. Help Your Dog into the Water

For this step, you will have to get into the water yourself. If you’re in the water together with your dog, it will help him/her feel a lot more comfortable and confident.

The way you should do this is that you should go out in the deeper section of the water and then call out for your dog.

With your around it, your dog will become a lot more comfortable with getting into the water.

4. Train as You Would on Dry Land

When you are training your dog on how to swim the same rules apply as they do when teaching your dog any trick while on solid ground. You need to have a lot of patience and love ready.

When your dog is swimming, be sure to give your dog lots of love and praise through every step.

If your dog is very frightened with the water, a good idea to help them is by having them around other dogs who love swimming in the water.

And in time, your dog will discover that water isn’t as scary as it seems at first glimpse.

Each of these steps will take different amounts of time depending on the dog. For some dogs, they will jump head-on into the water as soon as they see it.

For other dogs, it will take a lot of time and support to get your dog swimming confidently. Don’t push your dogs’ boundaries to the point of it becoming unsafe.

Just as with humans, there are multiple dog drowning incidents every single year. If your dog suddenly panics while in the water, you will have to take things very slow.

No matter what happens during the swimming training, just remember to always love your Maltipoo. They will stick by your side no matter what, so the least you could do is to give them that same courtesy.

Best Products for Swimming Training

Swimming training can be quite daunting if you have a dog that isn’t exactly stoked on going into the water, but there are some products that will make it a lot safer and funnier for both you and the dog.

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This toy is perfect for letting your dog forget that he’s actually in the water as he shoots around your pool trying to fetch this.

Allowing your dog to play or giving him/her a task to perform while in the water will quickly make him/her a lot more comfortable while swimming, so getting a great floating toy is basically a must.

As your dog improves, you should ditch the vest and your dog will quickly become a great swimmer as his/her confidence improves.

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The Outward Hound Life Jacket will allow your dog to be perfectly safe while in the water when you are first starting out.

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