Sheepadoodle breeders in the midwest

The 7 Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in the Midwest – 2024

Are you looking for the best Sheepadoodle breeders in the Midwest to add a furry loyal friend as a member of your family? Then Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest are the best suit for you. These furry fellows are a mixed breed of the Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. They are also called Sheep-a-poo, Sheeppoo, Sheepdoodle, and Sheepdogpoo.

Smart and loyal Sheepadoodles take the best traits from their parents. Sheepadoodle puppies are hypoallergenic family dogs who love children and are extremely social. These dogs are intelligent and even-tempered.

Affectionate as they are, these dogs are also somewhat calm-natured and anxious. They weigh around 50-80 lbs and have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Sheepadoodles aren’t purebred, so you need to get in touch with their best breeders to get one.

Again, there will be many breeders out there, but only a few accounts to be the best. Read on to acquaint yourself with the 7 Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in The Midwest.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Sheepadoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a wonderful Sheepadoodle puppy!

The Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in the Midwest

The Midwestern United States or the Midwest connects the northeastern and the western U.S. It has Canada towards the north and Southern U.S. to its south. The Midwest comprises Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest are a rare but loved mixed breed because of their temperament and teddy looks. After all, they’re fluffy and snuggly. Amazingly, the Midwestern region of the U.S. provides just the correct environment for these fluffy teddy-like dogs.

Feathers and Fleece Farm

Known for the gorgeous looking Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest, Feather, and Fleece Farm are experienced and trained breeders. They are an extended family with all the members involved in raising confident and healthy Sheepadoodle puppies.

Feather and Fleece Farm is among the best and most experienced breeders located in Lexington, Indiana, to health test every parent. They provide their customers with all the registrations and certifications in every go-home packet.

The breeders focus on socializing their Sheepadoodle puppies to help them get integrated into their forever homes. Feather and Fleece Farm breeds three sizes of Sheepadoodles – Standard, Mini and Micro Sheepadoodles. If you want to purchase one from them, the average wait time is 6-9 months.

Feathers and Fleece Details

Poodles 2 Doodles

Located and reputable in Iowa, Poodles 2 Doodles specializes in breeding mixed-bred Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest. With ten years of experience, Josh and Jill raise Standard and Mini Sheepadoodles.

All their bred Sheepadoodles have loyalty running in their bloodline and make it easy to train them. A big team involved besides the owner couple is engaged in socializing with the Sheepadoodle puppies. All of them strive together to raise the healthiest of Sheepadoodle puppies.

Focused on the health, happiness, temperament, and coat of their bred Sheepadoodles, they offer a 2-year Genetic Health guarantee. They also offer lifetime breeder support to all the extended Sheepadoodle families.

Poodle 2 Doodles Details

  • Location: 3881 480th Street Alton, Iowa 51003
  • Contact: 712-395-3195
  • Website: Poodles 2 Doodles

Angel Breeze Puppies, LLC

Breeding Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest since 2003, Angel Breeze Puppies is one of the oldest Sheepadoodle breeders in the Midwest. Located in Coshocton County, Ohio, their bred puppies and parents are exposed to a controlled climate.

Angel Breeze Puppies have delivered Sheepadoodle puppies to dog lovers like you to 39 States and in Canada. Their bred puppies and parents are all taken the best care of. They have access to doggy doors with unlimited access to a large fenced yard.

If you want to purchase Sheepadoodles from them, you need to subscribe to their email list to get top priority.

Angel Breeze Puppies Details

Midwest Doodle Pups

Located in Northwest Missouri, Midwest Doodle Pups is a kennel spread across an 80-acre farm. The kennel is for a small family-run business dedicated to breeding Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest.

The breeder has the utmost love for all their puppies and focuses on raising healthy Sheepadoodles with great temperaments. They do their best in raising their puppies in a way that they grow to be sweet, affectionate, and social.

With a bigger farm, the Sheepadoodle puppies have ample opportunities to play, exercise and enjoy all aspects of the region. The location of the kennel provides all its puppies with a relaxed atmosphere.

Midwest Doodle Pups Details

Midwest Puppy, LLC

Located in Nebraska, Midwest Puppy is in the small family business of breeding Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest since 2013. The breeder has a good 5-acre land spread across for their Sheepadoodles to play around and dig holes.

Midwest Puppy focuses on raising happy and healthy family dogs that grow up to be service or therapy dogs. They are more than any typical breeder. Every year they donate one puppy for service or therapy.

Kristin and her family at Midwest Puppy work together in socializing with their puppies in a loving and caring environment. They aim for customer satisfaction and hand over only the best of the Sheepadoodle puppies with all the certifications required.

Midwest Puppy Details

  • Location: 6085 Surrey Hills Dr – Omaha, NE 68122
  • Contact: 402-315-8887
  • Website: Midwest Puppy


A small family-run business known for Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest, Neudoodles is located in Shumway, Illinois. They are dog lovers who turned into breeders and regarded every puppy in their kennel as part of their family.

They’re focused on raising happy and healthy puppies who get to go to loving and caring families. Neudoodles prioritize quality more than quantity. All their parent dogs are genetically tested and health certified to ensure their puppies don’t suffer from any genetic illness.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Sheepadoodle puppy from Neudoodles, plan sooner as they have a 6-month waitlist process.

Neudoodles Details

  • Location: Shumway, IL 62461
  • Contact: 618-322-4605
  • Website: Neudoodles

Northwood Doodles

A family-run business, Northwood Doodles is popular for breeding Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest. They are experienced breeders focused on raising healthy and well-socialized Sheepadoodle puppies who grow up with amazing temperaments.

The entire family works together for the socialization of their puppies. They also take good care of their bred puppies’ fur coat maintenance. Their bred Sheepadoodle puppies grow up to be affectionate and great with kids and are forever family dogs.

Customers take away fun-loving, sweet, and calm Sheepadoodle puppies with a 1-year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support. The breeder also provides OFA certifications for all their bred puppies who are also genetically tested. You have nothing to worry about the puppies’ health.

Northwood Doodles Details

Sheepadoodle puppies in the midwest

Why Find Sheepadoodle Puppies in the Midwest?

Many dog lovers don’t have a correct idea of which dog is the best suit for them. You, too, might be confused as well. Here are a few reasons why Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest are the best suited for you.

  • Great Temperament: Getting the best of the traits from their parents, Sheepadoodle puppies have a friendly nature. They’re extremely social and love to be around kids. If what you’re looking for is a family dog, then this is it.
  • Hypoallergenic: Sheepadoodle puppies are low on shedding despite their curly and furry hair. They’re hypoallergenic dogs which makes it convenient for any allergic dog lover to be around them comfortably.
  • Hyper-active: Are you too involved in work and do not have much activity to yourself at home? Get a Sheepadoodle, and your regular day at home will also be fun. They’re active and fun-loving and won’t let you be unless you play with them.
  • Easy-to-train: Bred by an expert breeder, they’ll be taught well right from the beginning. Built in their traits to be loyal and obedient; this mixed breed doesn’t give you a hard time while training.

Final Words

Sheepadoodle puppies in the Midwest are a great suit for the climate there. There might be a few inherited health problems like hip dysplasia, which can be taken care of if revealed on time. Overall, Sheepadoodles make great companions, and you’ll love to have one added to your family.

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