sheepadoodle puppy checklist

Sheepadoodle Puppy Checklist – The Ultimate 2024 Guide

We suggest you take a look at the Sheepadoodle puppy checklist before welcoming one of these loveable dogs to your home.

You did your research in finding the best Sheepadoodle breeders, made the deposit, and now are only a few days away from bringing your puppy home. 

But are you really ready with everything required for a Sheepadoodle puppy? In this article, we are going to guide you through the things you need to prepare for your new puppy.

What is a Sheepadoodle?

Also known as Sheep-a-poo, Sheepdoodle, Sheepdogpoo, and Sheeppoo, a Sheepadoodle is a mix of the Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog breeds. Having inherited the best qualities of both their parents, Sheepadoodles are playful, smart, and loving dogs.

They make great companions for people who live alone and are also suitable for large families with children. Because of the natural ability of the Sheepadoodle to detect human emotions, they do very well as emotional support and therapy dogs too. 

If you are lacking some entertainment and energy at home, Sheepadoodle will be the perfect dog for you! They are highly energetic, protective, and lovable pets who do a great job keeping your home safe and entertaining you.

What Do to Before Your Sheepadoodle Puppy Arrives?

Advance preparation is highly recommended for when your Sheepadoodle puppy comes home. Waiting for your new dog to arrive is exciting, and it would be ideal for making all the preparations beforehand so that there is no panic later. You might have to make many changes to your home, clear some space, and also buy several items, just like when you expect a baby!

  • Getting all your dog’s information from the breeder. 

If there is one person who can give you all the information about your new puppy and knows him best, it’s the breeder. Any reputable breeder will be glad to provide you with all the necessary information and advice you need in raising your Sheepadoodle.

You might want to ask them some questions about the health of the puppy and its parents, if they have a specific feeding time and routine, and if there is anything important you should know about the puppy and his health. 

You should also ask for their contact information in case you forgot something, the formula or food brand they use, vaccinations and/or treatment and their due date, and other basic questions. It would help you considerably in bringing up your new puppy and knowing how to deal correctly if anything comes up.

  • Choosing a veterinarian

A little research about the vets available in your area will be helpful as you wouldn’t need to go too far for routine checkups or emergencies. You might also want to look for vet recommendations from other pet owners who live near you. Learn about their experiences with the local vets and if they recommend them. 

After finding the vet you prefer to take your dog to, get their card and take note of their surgery times, in case you need it in the future. One problem that Sheepadoodles face more than the other breeds is stomach bloating. Make sure to ask the vet about some preventive measures and also what to do in case it happens.

Finding a Reputable Sheepadoodle Breeder

If you’re looking for a reputable Sheepadoodle breeder, PuppySpot is a fantastic resource to consider. As an online marketplace, PuppySpot connects potential pet owners with responsible breeders and shelters across the United States.

When you choose PuppySpot to find your Sheepadoodle puppy, you can trust that you’ll only be dealing with ethical and trustworthy sources. Each breeder and shelter listed on the platform is carefully screened and approved, ensuring that you’ll receive a healthy and well-cared-for puppy.

PuppySpot’s team of dedicated puppy managers will provide you with personalized guidance to find the perfect Sheepadoodle that fits your lifestyle and needs. Plus, each puppy comes with a comprehensive health guarantee, giving you peace of mind knowing that your new furry family member is in good health.

By using PuppySpot to find your Sheepadoodle puppy, you’re supporting their mission to promote responsible breeding and pet ownership. Overall, PuppySpot is a convenient and ethical way to find your perfect Sheepadoodle puppy.


Your Sheepadoodle Puppy Checklist

Take a look at this Sheepadoodle puppy checklist of items you can consider purchasing before it arrives:

sheepadoodle puppy checklist

Getting Your Home Ready

It is important to get to thinking about the arrangements you need to make for your newest member of the family. And you should do it before your Sheepadoodle puppy arrives, not after. 

Puppies are meant to make messes, and initially they can destroy a lot of things too, no matter how much you try to stop it from happening. Therefore, it is best to make your house puppy-proof by taking care of some things such as:

  • Moving away small things that might cause choking hazards for your puppy.
  • Putting cleaners, chemicals, and other harmful substances away from the reach of your puppy.
  • Remove house plants that might pose a threat to your dogs
  • Secure cables and cords that are exposed.

You will also want to take care of the following things at your home before welcoming your new puppy:

  • Sleeping areas

Sleeping time can be disturbing during the first nights as your new puppy is not used to sleeping alone. For better sleep and calmer nights for both you and the puppy, we advise you to provide a crate and let the puppy sleep in it near your bed. Make sure the crate isn’t too small or too big. The size of the crate should be just big enough for the puppy to stand, change positions, and lie down.

Keep a dog bed ready for your puppy to start sleeping on it comfortably. If you don’t know already, Sheepadoodle puppies have really sharp and pointy teeth! So you might want to get chew-resistant dog beds or start with cheaper beds until the pup grows out of this habit.

  • Playtime aids

You will see that putting some internal gates to create a playroom or to seal off some areas is a much easier task when it comes to playtime for your puppy. Make sure to place his food and water bowls, a waterproof mat, different toys, and space for him to rest and relax. 

  • Potty area

Decide a place for your new Sheepadoodle to go potty. You will have to make them learn from the start that this particular place is good to go potty to and nowhere else in your home. Postponing this training only leads to your Sheepadoodle puppy developing bad habits, which will become very hard to change.

  • Bitter apple spray

You might have puppy-proofed your home, but there still might be some things not far from your new Sheepadoodle’s reach. If you have a small puppy, any place or house is full of things to chew on! Your pup will find basically anything around the home playable and chewable.

So if you are worried about the dog chewing your furniture or valuable items, which is most likely to happen, get some bitter apple spray. While humans cannot smell the spray, dogs find them very unappealing and will keep the canines off of your favorite items.

  • Baby gates

New puppies tend to get curious and excited to look around their new home and environment. It is an adventurous thing for them, and they will eventually get anywhere they want to go. Placing internal gates will help keep your mini Sheepadoodle from going to places they aren’t supposed to go. It will also make it a lot easier for you to ensure that your pup is safe and confined only to some specific rooms and areas. 

  • Garbage bins

Garbage bins are something we cannot avoid keeping, especially in the kitchen. And as sad it is to hear, puppies love exploring bins! All the interesting scent from whatever you have put in the bin is the perfect thing to explore for a puppy. 

If the pup somehow gets the chance to access your garbage bins, you are not going to like the sight and smell of it! The same goes for the other areas of the home. Therefore, try not to let your small Sheepadoodle get around any of the garbage bins even when you are not near them.

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Guide to Owning Your Sheepadoodle

  • Issues with potty training 

When you introduce a new puppy to your home, you should expect some potty accidents and be okay dealing with them! Your worst reaction upon seeing potty in an unwanted place would be to scream and shout at your poor puppy or even smack them. 

Harsh behavior will only scare your dog, which will lead to a huge disadvantage in the future when you want to train him. Keep in mind that your pup isn’t doing it to intentionally annoy you. They need time to figure out these things.

Whenever your Sheepadoodle puppy makes a potty mistake, bring him to the actual potty area and say “Go Potty” or any other phrase you want to. Do this every time it happens and say the exact same phrase. When you see that the pup is about to go potty somewhere else, use the phrase, and it will occur to them that you want them to go to the place designated for potty. Sheepadoodles are intelligent dogs; therefore, you should not have a hard time giving them potty training. 

  • House arrest

Keeping your dog restricted to a playpen or a specific area of the home is an ideal thing to do as you ensure his safety. This confined area should not contain anything that will harm the dog or risk choking hazards. 

Confining your dog will also ensure that it is not damaging anything around the house even when you are not paying attention. There are also lesser chances of the puppy discovering something to break or chew on when he is out of your sight. Choose a place with hard floors to make cleaning easier in case of accidents.

You are going to have to leave your Sheepadoodle alone at home sometimes, even if it hasn’t occurred to you in the beginning. Playpens or any confined areas for your dog are the best places where you can put him when you go out of the house. It will be for his own safety, and you also wouldn’t have to worry about coming home to see a disaster. 

Make this area familiar for him even if you are at home so that your pup wouldn’t feel scared or uncomfortable when you leave him alone. Your Sheepadoodle shouldn’t see this area of the home as a punishment zone. Rather, make him believe that it is his own little playground full of food, water, and his favorite toys. It should be a spot your dog would love to stay in.

  • Proper diet selection

You would probably have some food supplies the breeder has been feeding your puppy before bringing it home. If you want to, you can eventually switch to another brand or introduce other food products. However, during the first month or a few weeks, try to keep the same diet like the one it used to have during its stay with the breeder. 

Bringing home a new puppy, you should know that its stomach isn’t fully ready to digest hard, solid foods. Feed your pup puppy food so that there are no problems relating to digestion in the future. It would be a bad idea to just go and get some random food for your puppy.


Bringing a Sheepadoodle puppy home is a big event not only for you but for the dog as well! Separated from their siblings and parents, it could be possibly the scariest thing too for the new puppy. They would suddenly have to get used to the new environment, new people, and a new home.

If you make the right arrangements and follow the proper measures taken for welcoming a new puppy home, you can help your Sheepadoodle pup transition much more easily into your space. 

Follow the guide and do the right things, and your puppy will shower you with its love, adoration, and loyalty for the rest of his life. A Sheepadoodle puppy is a great choice for anyone looking to adopt or buy a dog for your home. 

They are some of the most intelligent, loving, and energetic animals and are great for single-living people and big families too. As long as you keep your patience and consider meeting every requirement of raising a new puppy right, your investment will be repaid a hundredfold as the dog grows in your home.

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