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The 5 Best Sheepadoodle Breeders In California (CA) – 2024

Families inclined towards getting a new pet dog to have a lot of thinking to do before choosing a breed. For residents considering different breeds, Sheepadoodle puppies in California have the potential of being quintessential when welcomed.

These mixed breed dogs are a cross between the Old English Sheepdog and Poodle dog. These dogs tend to be smart, playful, and affectionate, inheriting the best of both their parent’s characteristics.

Sheepadoodle is addressed by various names in different geographies such as Sheep-a-poo, Sheeppoo, Sheepdoodle, and Sheepdogpoo. Their average life ranges from 12-15 years, during which they grow between 16-22 inches in height.

These designer dogs have been observed to mostly be hypo-allergic, but it is possible they acquire their traits from one parent. This implies that not all Sheepadoodles ought to be hypoallergic. Some other health concerns that Sheepadoodle puppies in California might face include bloating, Addison’s disease, joint issues, and skin disorders.

In order to get a deeper understanding of this breed, read along with this article. We have tried to introduce the characteristics of the breed and an overview of how and why individuals should purchase or adopt them.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Sheepadoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a wonderful Sheepadoodle puppy!

The Best Sheepadoodle Breeders In California (CA)

In the vastly spread state of the US, California is the home of terrains encompassing beaches, redwood forests, mountain ranges, and various farmlands.

The pleasant weather and widespread greenery make it a safe haven for pets and pet lovers. Thus people who are inclined towards getting Sheepadoodle Puppies In California should consider buying them through trustworthy breeders.

Breeders have detailed health and behavioral history of the parents and are well acquainted with the training process of the puppies. Hence considering Sheepadoodle breeders for your dog selection experience is a safe alternative.



If you’re searching for Sheepadoodle breeders in California, I highly recommend considering PuppySpot. They offer a wide selection of Sheepadoodle puppies in California to choose from, with different sizes, colors, and personalities.

Their breeders are carefully vetted to ensure they meet high standards for health, ethics, and care, so you can feel confident that you’re getting a happy and healthy puppy from a responsible source.

PuppySpot provides helpful resources and services to make the process of finding and bringing home your new Sheepadoodle as smooth as possible. They offer personalized pet travel arrangements, ongoing support from a dedicated Puppy Concierge, and more. Their website is user-friendly, making it easy to search for and compare different puppies.

With their commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and animal welfare, PuppySpot is a reputable and trustworthy source for finding your new furry family member.

They also have a strict policy against working with puppy mills or substandard breeders, and they partner with animal welfare organizations to support their mission.

PuppySpot Details

Sunflower Family Farms

Sunflower Family farm is a unique indoor-based living space owned and run by a dog breeder, Alesha Turner. The breeder is trustworthy and certified with Batchelor’s Agricultural Sciences, who has grown up as an outdoorsy person who is an animal lover.

All of the dogs here are indoor spoiled and appreciated. They are not obsessed with the idea of outdoor living, which makes them adaptable to prospective homes. The dogs have been raised with the utmost care and undivided attention with toys and proper feeding and exercises.

If someone is interested in getting a puppy from Sunflower Family farms, they have to undergo the proper procedure. Interested individuals have to apply by providing details about themselves and their expectations so that the breeder can try to find their perfect match.

After applying, the breeder gets back to the buyers in due time with the availability, pricing, and next steps. If the buying plan has been sorted out, then there is the need to select a way to get your pet home. Sunflower Farms provides options such as Pick up at the breeder’s airport, pet-safe air cargo, ground transportation, and pickup in CA.

Sunflower Family farms Details

IE Family Doodles

Anita Gonzalez, the breeder responsible for managing IE Family Doodles, is a committed animal lover who does it for her personal passion. The distinct characteristic of the dogs here is that they are bred with special attention to temperament and health.

The price quoted by the breeder for Sheepadoodle ranges from $3500- $4000, which has a $500 non-refundable deposit. The estimated wait time for these dogs is about three months, and the puppies can be taken home only after 8 weeks of their birth. The application and approval process is similar to the previous breeder itself.

IE Family Doodles start temperament testing at 52 days and potty training at 7 weeks of age to make them disciplined from the start. They also provide an extended year of health guarantee with the puppies covering any genetic disease. While departing, the puppies are also offered their old toys and belonging with their littermates’ scent to avoid separation anxiety.

IE Family Doodles Details

  • Contact- NA
  • Location- Menifee, California
  • Website- NA

California Sheepadoodles

California Sheepadoodles is a Sheepadoodle Breeder service provider. They claim to breed standard Sheepadoodle and do not be understood as a puppy mill. All their dogs are bred from healthy parents who do not have recurring health and genetic issues.

Currently, as of March 2021, all their puppies have been reserved for families on the waitlist. The waiting list might belong to the period that may be elongated since they focus on pure cross-bred Sheepadoodles only.

Source (

They have informed on their working platforms that from April 2021, the price will start from $3500, and an additional $500 is charged to get on the waitlist. The puppies here undergo tests at the age of 6-7 weeks. After verification, puppies are sent along with a one-year health guarantee which includes genetic issues.

California Sheepadoodles Details

Country Sheepadoodles

Owned by Mike and Natalie Lee, Country Sheepadoodles is a small family breeder situated in northern California. They breed limited F1 Sheepadoodles each year with the help of two female poodles. They shower undivided attention to this limited litter in their outdoor and outdoor kennel setting with their two children.

The entire setup is supported by heat conditioning for the colder months and cameras to keep an eye out for the puppies and their parents. Both partners are very proud of their establishment and boast about the comfortable and affectionate environment they have managed to create.

The application and buying process for Sheepadoodles is similar to that for the previous breeders.

Country Sheepadoodles Details

sheepadoodle puppies in california

Why Get Sheepadoodle Puppies in California?

There are countless excuses to welcome this furry beauty into your homes. Yet to get a deeper insight into Sheepadoodles and their defining features read along.

  • Perfect for allergy-prone people

Since Sheepadoodles are typically observed to be hypo-allergic and almost do not shed, they make for a perfect furry partner for allergy sufferers.

  • Non-problematic

Sheepadoodles are extremely good-natured dogs since they rarely ever drool and don’t bark that often. These features make them apartment-friendly and trouble-free pets. They also have strong bladders which ease out the task of potty training.

  • Even temperament

Sheepadoodles owe their even impressive temperament to their loyal cross-breed parents, who are people, pleasers, and great companions. They have consistently shown a calm and even temperament around kids, which makes them safe house pets.

  • Looks

Sheepadoodles have soft and furry coats that are usually black and white in color. Some of them can be all white and all black, whereas some have patches of opposite colors on both their eyes, making them look like pandas. These dogs have appealing looks and grab a lot of eyes from onlookers.

  • Nature

Dog lovers have often described the personalities of Sheepadoodles are affectionate and lively. They are known for their distinct sense of adaptability and sensitivity towards human emotions. They can be good companions to loners as well as ideal family dogs due to their amicable and people-pleasing traits.

  • Training

Sheepadoodles are attentive and obedient dogs, so training is easier, especially if started early. In the early weeks praising and appreciating them while they do something right helps them to stay disciplined.

  • Life span

Owing to it to their hybrid vigor, Sheepadoodles are generally healthy creatures. If taken care of properly with adequate diet and regular exercise, they live from 12-15 years, spending quality time with a family.

  • Dietary Needs

These hybrid dogs are exposed to the risk of obesity due to potential digestive issues. Hence managing their diet is crucial. It is recommended to split their meals into portions, preferably 3-4 times throughout the day. It should be ensured that excess wet food is restrained and no strenuous activity should be allowed after meals.

  • Exercise

Daily walks and games of fetch suffice the exercising needs of this breed. Shepadoodles tend to gain weight easily. Hence taking them out for a stroll is good for the physical and health of both the owner and the pet.

  • Grooming

These dogs are not high maintenance when it comes to grooming. Their coats just should be brushed 2-3 times every week to keep their mane healthy and shiny. Also, their coats should essentially be clipped every 8 to 12 weeks to make them manageable.

It is pretty evident after going through these characteristic features that Sheepadoodles are hassle-free dogs. They are low-maintenance dogs who just need minimal attention and a caring home to bloom and spread their infectious energy. These features are tempting enough to turn the inclination of readers to buy Sheepadoodle puppies in California.

Parting Words

Through the course of this article, we hope to have established a few facts clearly. First is that Sheepadoodle puppies in California should be purchased from a breeder rather than a store. Secondly, Sheepadooles are extremely affectionate and amicable in nature and can serve as a perfect companion for the owner.

Now since the readers are well acquainted with the Best Sheepadoodle Breeders In California (CA), they can make an informed choice. According to their preferences and priorities, readers can take their pick for a suitable breeder from the mentioned names.

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