sheepadoodle breeders in pennsylvania

The 4 Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in Pennsylvania (PA) – 2022

Are you looking for some Sheepadoodle puppies in Pennsylvania (PA) to brighten up your home and get a friendly companion? Sheepadoodles are an adorable option for everyone, especially for those who want a pet but suffer from allergies.

Sheepadoodles are an interesting breed, as they are a cross between the poodle and the old English sheepdog.

They are also called various names, including sheepdog poo, sheep-a-poo, and Sheeppoo. Generally, Sheepadoodles are bred mixing a standard-sized poodle and sheepdog, so they come in moderate size. There are bigger and miniature-sized Sheepadoodles around as well.

Standard Sheepadoodles weigh around 60-80 pounds, so you’ll have to take them out on regular walks and to exercise. The mini Sheepadoodles are smaller and have weights between 24 to 44 pounds.

Sheepadoodles are also very energetic and affectionate, so they make excellent family dogs and workout companions. They are also highly intelligent from their poodle heritage and are quite low maintenance.

Let’s check out four best Sheepadoodle breeders in Pennsylvania (PA) so that you can bring home one of these cuties.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Sheepadoodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve properly prepared your home for bringing home a wonderful Sheepadoodle puppy!

The Best Sheepadoodle Breeders in Pennsylvania (PA)

Pennsylvania is a US state in the Northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions. It is called a keystone state as it was one of the original 13 colonies. It has some of the best-known universities in the world and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

It is home to many sheepadoodle breeders with trusted quality and care.

1. Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield Puppies was founded in 2000 and is committed to providing families with happiness in the form of Sheepadoodle puppies.

They raise their puppies with love, care, and utmost consideration. The genuineness of their standard breeding practices is ensured by the breeder background check.

If you are in Pennsylvania or close to it, you can easily find a Sheepadoodle from the Greenfield Puppies. Their breeders are located throughout Pennsylvania and the surrounding locations. It is one of the best places to get yourself Sheepadoodle puppies in Pennsylvania (PA).

They breed these creatures with strict compliance to the state laws and the Greenfield Puppies’ guidelines to ensure there’s no mistreatment. The health and wellness of your Sheepadoodle are guaranteed if you opt for getting a Sheepadoodle from Greenfield Puppies.

You also get a 30 days health guarantee from the breeder for puppies in Pennsylvania.

Greenfield Puppies Details

2. Crossfield Doodles

Crossfield Doodles are completely committed to providing the best care and home to the puppies they breed. They are known to provide the best quality and well-tempered Sheepadoodle puppies in Pennsylvania (PA) and other states.

Since they’re based in the mid-Atlantic, they’re not only easily accessible to those living in Pennsylvania. They’re also accessible to families in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Trenton, who want to get an attractive Sheepadoodle.

Crossfield doodle has a very customer-oriented service and has a simple and hassle-free adoption process. You just have to fill out the details of your interests and they’ll help you find your new best friend.

There’s complete transparency to their practices and methods. You can easily check out the details of their breeding practices and their breeder’s commitments.

Crossfield Doodles Details

  • Contact: (267) 632-9609,
  • Location: 754 E Rockhill Rd, Sellersville, PA 18960, United States
  • Website: Crossfield Doodles

3. Keystone Puppies

If you’re looking to adopt a Sheepadoodle puppy from a credible and safe place, Keystone Puppies is perfect for you. You will find that their puppies are incredibly well cared for and lack for nothing. They’re trained in socialization as well.

The adequate training for socialization helps the puppies adjust and transition smoothly to their home, which is a new environment. They won’t find it difficult to feel comfortable and settle in your home, which also makes it easy to housebreak.

Keystone Puppies ensure that their breeders don’t just adhere strictly to the state regulations. They are encouraged to go beyond as they’re offered incentivized programs and more.

Breeders from Keystone Puppies that give extended health guarantees are consistent and diligently looking for ways to implement improved breeding practices.

Your Sheepadoodle is sure to be of top quality, provided you choose Keystone Puppies for Sheepadoodle puppies in Pennsylvania (PA).

Keystone Puppies Details

  • Contact: 717-492-4396,
  • Location: 4214 Green Park Dr Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
  • Website: Keystone Puppies 

4. Lancaster Puppies

Lancaster Puppies is one of the best places to go to for cute Sheepadoodle puppies in Pennsylvania (PA).

Though not directly related to the breeding process, they provide excellent service in the form of advertising for authentic breeders. This helps them connect lovable pet owners with their favorite puppies’ breeds and find an affectionate home for the puppies.

Along with the best selection of puppies to adopt and buy, they offer a wide selection of puppy care items.

They’re a good option if you’re looking to get well-cared for, socialized, and safe Sheepadoodles in Pennsylvania.

They are very strict with the breeders they allow to be listed. If any breeder is known to violate state laws and compromise the puppies’ sanitary and humane caretaking, they’re immediately removed.

So, you can find your Sheepadoodle puppy at Lancaster Puppies easily, and be rest assured about their treatment and condition.

Lancaster Puppies Details

sheepadoodle puppies in pennsylvania
sheepadoodle breeders in pennsylvania

Why Look For Sheepadoodle Puppies in Pennsylvania (PA)

Sheepadoodle puppies are one of the easiest ones to care for in terms of maintenance. They are also one of the best affectionate and obedient puppies. They don’t require heavy and intense workouts like some other breeds and are fairly intelligent and loyal.

So, here are some of the reasons that would make you want to bring these adorable heart-stealing pups home.

  • Hypoallergenic: While Sheepadoodles aren’t completely a hypoallergenic breed, no dog breed really is 100% hypoallergenic But they shed very little or, in some cases, not at all. Their hypoallergenic quality is mainly due to their DNA which is half poodle.
  • No shedding: Sheepadoodles have minimal to no shedding. You don’t even need to maintain their coat more than once or twice a week to avoid matting the fur. Their coats can be both curly or straight and would need some maintenance when they grow long.

Otherwise, you won’t need to worry much beyond basic hygiene and care. There will be no piles of fur and hair everywhere, which is a big plus for this breed.

However, one should keep track of their regular exercising, socialization, and training, without which they could get problematic. Otherwise, sheepadoodles are a joy to have around. 

  • Affectionate: They are very affectionate and will express their love openly. They also like to cuddle and provide companionship. That is why they make excellent family dogs and are perfect for keeping around children, too.
  • Training: Since sheepadoodles are highly intelligent and obedient, training them is not a hard chore. You can easily train and housebreak them with reliable methods and consistent exercises.

You can even include training while you are playing with them and teach them socializing when out on walks. They are very friendly and get along with other breeds as well.

  • Obedient: Since they are always looking to please their owners, they are very agreeable to commands and orders. A sheepadoodle pup will be more susceptible to receive training well and grow to be a good-tempered, obedient, and affectionate dog.

Consistent exercising is also important. Adult sheepadoodles will require around an hour of daily exercise, while puppies will do well with 15-20 minutes of it. Too much exercise is also not ideal, so you should keep an eye on your puppy’s energy levels.


Wrap Up

Sheepadoodles are one of the best breeds from designer breeds that you can get to provide quality companionship. With our list of 4 best Sheepadoodle breeders in Pennsylvania (PA), you should be able to easily find your new friend.

They are easy to care for and are very well suited for families and children. They are also very affectionate and will make you feel loved with the constant attention they would give you.

It is always better to get a puppy from a breeder directly instead of a pet store. An even better alternative would be to adopt them from rescue shelters. However, designer breeds can be difficult to find in shelters, so a genuine and reliable breeder is your next option.

Always be sure and check upon the breeder and their practices before getting a puppy from them.

Nonetheless, a puppy is one of the best companions you will find for yourself. Especially, one like a Sheepadoodle will be sure to fill your need for a friendly companionship.

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