What To Feed A 4-Month-Old Puppy – Our Experts’ Advice!

Puppies are the true definition of happiness and companionship. They give us an unexplainable sense of joy when they’re around. Everybody loves a good puppy to make them a part of their family and to grow with them. Whenever you get or adopt a puppy, an important question is to ask, what to feed a 4-month-old puppy?

Prioritizing their nutrition so that they’ll grow into healthy pups is very crucial. It also makes sure that they have no health issues over the course of time. The early stages of puppies are quite vulnerable for them as they can be exposed to any type of disease and are at risk of suffering from different illnesses. So, ensuring that they are eating in a proper and healthy manner is what we should never overlook while raising a puppy.

Pet food from Ollie is some of the best that you can feed your dogs, especially if they’re puppies. What makes Ollie dog food special is that they offer dog food that’s freshly cooked and customized meals. Many dog owners have proudly claimed that their pet’s coats have become shinier and healthier after they’ve switched to Ollie. Here in this article, we’ll take a look at what Ollie dog food is and what sets them apart from other companies.

If your puppy is four months old, you should know what and when to feed them as an owner. Taking care of the pups just like we take care of humans is what drives us to become better pet owners. Having a sense of empathy for all animals, especially if we’re raising them, will make a huge difference in our lives.

The first few months of a puppy’s life are something that you should not neglect. Diet and nutrition are just as important as vaccinating them from all the harmful diseases out there. What you feed them is what dictates their well-being.

What to Feed a 4-Month-Old Puppy

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    When puppies are just starting to grow up during the initial stages of their lives, they’ll need all the suitable proteins and nutrients to maximize their development and growth. A diet should be balanced and packed with quality nutrients for your puppy, ensuring that they live a healthy and happy life with you. There are many things to prioritize when it comes to puppy food. Your pup’s size may vary from other dogs depending on the breed, so the overall nutrition could be different.

    Having adequate knowledge on what to feed your puppy could affect many things like the quality of their coat, size, behavior, and even their overall personality. These factors could determine how they’ll fit into your lives in the long run. So, if you want a happy dog in your life, you should know that their diet is very important.

    What to Know When Feeding a 4-Month-Old Puppy

    As mentioned above, knowing the breed and size of your puppy is important as the food amount differs from breed to breed. We’ll take a look at the general aspects of their diet and how it affects them for the better. 

    Nutrition: 4-month-old puppies require an adequate supply of nutrients in their food. A balanced and clean meal source for their daily diet ensures that the puppies receive a good nutritional supply to help them fully form and lead healthy life. Almost all dog food for puppies is compounded with an array of essential nutrients to maximize their well-being fully.

    While looking for the correct dog food, try finding out what formulas will enable them to aid them in growing up healthy. Other factors like carbs, proteins, and fats will also provide essential elements that puppies need to stay active and rejuvenated all the time. One thing to also look for is the calcium supply, as they will play a huge role in the buildup of bone and teeth structure. 

    Wet and Dry food: Choosing the right type of food, whether it’s wet or dry, could be tricky for first-time owners. However, if the foods meet all the ingredients and formulas for a healthy diet, you need not worry about choosing the right one. It’s all about a matter of personal choice at the end of the day as both food types do their job.

    Besides those factors, your pup may also have a personal preference based on what they like. So, you can try mixing and combining both food types to see what your pet likes more. But make sure that the caloric value does not fall below the daily requirement as this step is very important. Just make sure to observe your puppy’s eating habits and see what they prefer more at the end of the day. 

    Size of your pet: As we know that sizes vary by different breeds, it’s important that your puppies get the right nutrition from formulas based on different size types. Nevertheless, the food should be fully rounded and stabilized to meet the basic requirements.

    The formulated ingredients vary based on the size of the breeds. For example, puppies who are inclined to grow bigger are vulnerable to having problems regarding their joints. So, they should have proper access to calcium and other essential nutrients in their diet. Likewise, smaller breeds will lean more toward food that they can chew and digest easily. 

    what to feed a 4-month-old puppy

    How Much Do You Need To Feed Your Puppy?

    Puppies tend to grow faster than other pets. So, supplying the right amount of food to their plates can give your dog a proper and steady growth system. You need to maintain a proper scheduled meal plan for a four-month-old puppy as they need food in regulated time intervals.

    To know how much you need to feed your puppy, you should know their weight category and their potential final weight after they’re fully grown. After this, you can refer to a chart for feeding puppies which you can easily find online. Make sure that you measure your cups properly and also know the time schedule for feeding your puppies. 

    Why We Recommend Ollie Pet Food 

    Ollie is a dog food service that specializes in authentic dog food meals that are quite simple and straightforward to serve. Their services are based on a subscription that delivers the food on a fixed schedule. Here are a few points on what Ollie pet food is:

    Ollie pet food is a pet food manufacturer where they source all their ingredients from the US itself. Their food products are human-graded and made of high-quality ingredients that are nutritious and healthy for puppies. 

    Key food safety board members approve all the ingredients, so you don’t have to doubt what you’re feeding your pets. 

    Daily meals range from $1 per meal, meaning that you can get two-dollar meals for two servings. This is the starting price where it can go up to $4-6 based on the size of your dog. 

    You can get a 50% discount on your first purchase. 

    They provide free shipping for clients all over the country so that you don’t have to worry about an emergency food run to the market. 

    One percent of the company’s profits are donated to rescue workers and dog shelters all across the country.  

    How Ollie Pet Food Works 

    After filling out your credentials on the official Ollie website, like your dog’s breed,  

    weight, and age, you’ll be able to finish the transaction. The website will ask some basic questions regarding any underlying allergies your pup may have and if they are active or not. After this procedure, you’ll be given a custom meal plan that is best suited for your four-month-old puppy. You’ll receive an email with an expected date for delivery once your pet food layout has been organized. You can now go forward with the required transaction process. 

    The special meals for pets are carefully prepared which you can freeze the food to retain its freshness. It’s ready to eat anytime after it gets delivered, so you can start right away. There are four types of recipes for the meals with the main ingredients; 

    Chicken: Chicken is a meat that puppies enjoy. The white meat in chicken is full of essential proteins. The chicken meal also comes along with liver and gizzard, making it a specially curated meal for four-month-old puppies. 

    Lamb: Lamb meat is a delicious meal for puppies that are just beginning with their growth as it is rich in proteins and vitamins. The meal also comes with other ingredients like peas, kale, potatoes, etc. 

    Beef: Any dog owner can confirm that dogs love meat, especially if it’s beef. Beef is very rich in nutrients that help in strengthening the fibers in the dog’s body. Other key ingredients that are packed with this meal are chickpeas, spinach, potatoes, and many other essential ingredients. 

    Turkey: Another type of meat that dogs love is turkey meat. The turkey meal plan also includes turkey liver and other essential vegetables like carrot, kale, etc. 

    These meal plans with the four meals as key ingredients serve as a good base for puppies that are just learning to get the taste of human-based food. It is a great choice if you have puppies that need proper nutrition and diet for them to grow healthy and live active lives while they’re here with us. 

    Can You Blend Ollie With Other Dry Dog Food? 

    Yes, it’s very much possible to blend and mix Ollie meals with other dry dog food so that you can get the best out of both products. Since it’s possible to buy Ollie meals based on portions, you do not have to shell out much if you’re on a budget and also if you want to mix your dog food with kibble.

    Blending the Ollie pet food with your puppy’s other food can also act as a fresh new take on their daily meals, making them more excited to eat their food. 

    Why Choose Ollie? 

    If you want to give your pets a healthy diet through a systematic meal plan system, then Ollie is a great choice. You can get the pet food delivered right to your doorstep by buying the food from the comfort of your home. They promote fresh, human-based food that any dog would love to have in their daily meals. 

    The ingredients in Ollie meals are meticulously picked and prepared by certified nutritionists to maximize the positive benefits of dog food. The recipes also carry that fresh new take on scheduled meal plans for pets. Not to mention that by choosing Ollie, you are aiding in giving back as they donate one percent of their profits to pet shelters and rescue workers all over the country. 

    Besides the regular meal plans, there are also scrumptious treats for your dog that are made of ingredients like chicken, beef, potato, and turkey. You can use these treats as a reward system when you are trying to train them. You can buy these special treats for your dogs once you have subscribed to them. 


    Ollie is food for pets of very high quality that is equally fresh and healthy. If you have trouble feeding your dog the right kind of food, you can give Ollie a shot as they will even assist you in tailoring the best kind of meal plan based on the size and breed of your dog. They’ll also ask for more information so that they can produce a systematic meal plan to get the best results. They have carefully crafted the meals’ ingredients and organized a fresh approach to feed your puppies. 

    Buying from Ollie also gives you a fifty percent discount on your first purchase. You can use this offer to test them out for the first time and see if your puppy likes it or not. You could also use the discount on whether you can see improvements in their appetite and digestion. 

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