What To Feed a 6-Month-Old Puppy – A Complete Guide

With more and more pet foods overflowing the shelves in the pet food aisle at supermarkets, it can be hard to decide what to feed a 6-month-old puppy. Nowadays, you will find all sorts of pet food, claiming different benefits, all of which are good for your pets but not as important as knowing what is best for your pets.

Especially as puppies, they tend to be more fragile and prone to many illnesses if you don’t take care of them properly from an early age. A newborn puppy must get all the necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals to help them develop into a healthy adult dog. When they are puppies, all parts of their bodies are not at total capacity.

For example, huskies are not born with their ears pointed to give them their signature look. Instead, they rely on proper nutrition to help the bones in their ear grow and perk up their ears.

What to Feed a 6-Month-Old Puppy?

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    You can start feeding your six-month-old puppy good quality puppy food. The typical servings are twice to thrice a day and maintain a strict schedule for feeding your puppy. This will ensure that they learn when mealtime is and eventually regulate their potty training as well.

    How Many Times Should You Feed a Puppy?

    When feeding puppies, you should remember that the time from 0-6 months is crucial for adequately developing their whole body. Hence, proper feeding is essential during these few months. Typically, puppies are the neediest when it comes to feeding. When they are babies, puppies tend to need at least a few feeding times in a single day.

    Here is a timeline on how many times you should feed your pet depending on how old they are:

    0-6 weeks

    At this time, the best nutrition for the growth of your puppies is their mother’s milk.

    Six weeks -2 months

    You can start feeding them puppy food. It is best to provide your puppy store-bought puppy food rather than regular adult dog food since puppy food is formulated with unique ingredients that help your dog’s normal development. During this time, the recommended servings in a day are about four times. Larger dog breeds can be fed dry food when they are 9-10 weeks old, and smaller dogs can start with dry food by 12-13 weeks.

    Three months – ½ year

    You can decrease their feeding time from four times a day to three times in a day. Puppies typically lose their baby fats and the potbelly when they are about 12 weeks old. If your puppy still has a puppy body, i.e., round and plump, continue with puppy food until you see the body changing into a mature one.

    ½ year to 1 year

    You can now start to feed them only two times a day. By this time, if you have already neutered your pet, start providing them adult food. You can also begin to feed adult maintenance food even if you haven’t neutered your pets.

    More giant dog breeds can start with adult food at about 12-14 months, whereas smaller species can begin with even seven months. Experts suggest that it is better to have your puppy on puppy food for a long time rather than start with adult food too early.

    One year +

    Your dog is a full-grown adult now so that you can reduce their meal portions up to two doses a day or even just half portions twice a day.

    How Much Food to Feed a Puppy?

    When you consider the amount of food that a puppy should eat, it is essential to look at the developmental changes in the dog’s body and feed them accordingly. The portion size of a dog can significantly depend on the metabolism of the dog.

    Also, with different dog breeds, the nutrition requirement for all dogs is not the same; hence the difference in portion sizes.

    It is a good tell-tale sign that you are overfeeding your puppy Iis when they start picking on the food instead of eating it or skipping a whole meal altogether. When this happens, you can reduce the amount of food you give them.

    Another vital thing to keep track of is the number of treats you give your puppies. Whenever training them, if you are s=using a treat-based reward system, make sure that you keep the treat s quantity small or adjust their meals according to how much treats you are giving them.

    What Type of Food to Feed My Puppies?

    There are many different kinds of food for puppies you can find in the market. Some pet foods are more expensive than others. The premium per food is for those with a more stable profile for their ingredients with a higher level of nutrition.

    This means that you can serve your dogs less food but gain more energy. Premium dog food employs experts and veterinarians who are good at what they do, with tons of research that finally gives them that edge against all other competitions.

    Wet Food

    Dogs tend to be more interested in this type of dog food. There are so many brands claiming to have all meat or real meat in their food packages, but you have to be very careful about the claims. Even if the food is packaged with whole meat, it is not recommended to feed your dogs just wet food alone.

    Dry Food

    Dry food is the most mess-free and economical food for pets. Many different brands offer different benefits for their dry dog food. You can find one for each age or even the size of the dog. You can moisten or make the dry food by pouring some hot water and keeping it aside for a few minutes.

    Semi-Moist Food

    These are the typical one-serve packets. This type is not the most common dog food, but it is also a favorite of many dogs.

    Why We Recommend Ollie Petfood to Puppies

    Ollie Petfood uses only quality ingredients that are a hundred percent real food with no artificial fillers or by-products. All the different flavored Ollie Petfood are focused on meat. All the meat used in the production of Ollie Petfood is high quality which is bought from some of the most well-known farms in Australia, The US, and New Zealand.

    For a balanced diet, your 6-Month-Old puppy should eat a little bit of everything for balanced growth and development. Berries and other fruits have a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and additional nutrition. They should also consume many plant-based proteins that come from food items like lentils, peas, and chickpeas.

    Another important but not often fed food item for dogs are root vegetables and other green plants. These leafy greens help a lot with their digestion and other stomach problems.

    What Is in a Single Order of Ollie Petfood?

    Nutrition for all ages

    It provides balanced nutrition to your puppies through each age group.

    Free delivery

    They deliver you fresh products at your door for free

    Starter Box

    They have a starter food box that comes with Food packs that are ready-made feeds for your pets. You can quickly refrigerate them. The quantity you get is almost two weeks’ worth of products.

    Guide for Feeding Ollie Petfood to Puppies

    Depending on the dog’s profile, you will receive a customized set of instructions on feeding your dog. This will make sure that you transition easily to the new food for regular meals.

    Food container

    You will receive a container where you can store all the food you receive for your pet. It will keep the food fresh for longer while also keeping the refrigerator looking clean and organized.


    Along with the food and the container, you will also receive a spoon that will help you quickly remove the food from the container without spilling.

    Types of Ollie Petfood for Puppies


    This food flavor is rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals. A popular pick that’s packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.


    This Ollie Petfood flavor is fragrant vegetables and chicken. It has a gentle taste to it.


    Turkey is a lean protein; and thus is perfect for building tissues and muscle strengthening.


    This recipe of Ollie Petfood to puppies is quite an adventurous recipe that is great for puppies with lots of energy.

    How Does Ollie Petfood Service Work?

    Ollie Petfood works by trying to cater to all your pups’ needs and give you a particular set of meals designed to help your puppy develop in the best way possible. The Dog Food Nutrient Profiles approve the recipes created by Ollie Petfood flavors through AAFCO for All Life Stages. This means that the food that Ollie Petfood provides is apt for adults, dogs, and puppies alike.

    When you sign up for the Ollie Petfood service, you are given the time to verify some details about your pets, such as the breed, weight, age, activeness, health, etc. You can even choose whoever flavors you wanted to get delivered to you.

    They design the dog feeding plan- according to your dog’s height, age, activity level, and weight. They will send the meal plan to you. The food items at Ollie Petfood come with scoops and containers for easy storage and make it easier for the customized feeding plan.

    All the shipment for Ollie Petfood is made on a regular schedule, with a flexible routine and amount to adjust your order according to your convenience. If you feel like you made a more significant order than you originally intended, you can always store it in the freezer and thaw them before serving.

    Ollie Pet food not only cares for your pets and serves them wholesome and fresh meals. They are also environmentally conscious. Ollie Petfood makes sure to package its food in eco-friendly materials.  

    The subscription service comes with a guidebook that helps pet owners with tips on how to feed picky eaters, especially when transitioning to a new food item.

    The Ollie Petfood subscription service is such a convenient way of feeding your pup freshly cooked meals. The best part about this is that you will probably never run out of dog food at home. With their flexible delivery and schedule service, your fridge will always be stocked with enough dog food for all.

    What To Feed a 6-Month-Old Puppy

    Can I Make My Own Food for My Puppy?

    You could, but it is not easy to get a balanced diet by just eyeballing the ingredients. It is best to stick to any of the already readily available food services for your pets. One such company is known as the Ollie Pet food company. 

    Ollie Petfood was created by veterinary nutritionists who have used balanced recipes with the best nutrients, carefully calculated to benefit your pets with every meal. They use whole fresh ingredients that are much healthier than your normal canned, processed food.

    Ollie Petfood is easy and convenient, serving you the freshest dog food at a reasonable price. You even get a 50% off offer when you purchase your first box of Ollie Petfood. Ollie Petfood is your go-to if you want your pups to enjoy a wholesome meal consisting of meat and vegetables but are too busy to make one yourself.

    Any changes you add or introduce to your pet should be done gradually. The best time is to stretch it out till at least 8 -10 days when introducing the new song.

    Other Nutritional Things You Can Feed Your Puppies

    • If your dogs are diagnosed with kidney, diabetes, or heart diseases, you can use the dry prescription diets that veterinarians prescribe.
    • Feeding them too many nutrients and minerals, such as an excess of calcium, is harmful to their overall health.
    • Make sure that you consult your vet before going ahead with your diet change for your dog. If you suddenly change a regular diet, their stomachs might be too small to digest everything.
    • The healthiest items you can food your puppies are fruits and vegetable chunks like an apple or carrot.
    • You should always provide them with adequate fresh water to drink. Even when they are indoors, they should still have access to fresh water.

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