is a labradoodle a mutt

Is a Labradoodle a Mutt?

Is a Labradoodle a mutt is a question I’ve come across a lot. A Labradoodle is a combination of a Poodle and a Labrador retriever. It’s not a pure breed type of dog, so it means that it’s technically a mutt by definition. Although most dogs are of a mixed breed. It’s either because the dog breeders did crossbreed them, or it can also be accidental.

Technically speaking, Labradoodles are mutts. Many dog lovers are welcoming Labradoodles since it gets the excellent quality of their pure breed parents. The best thing that you can hope for is for them to inherit the best characteristics of their parents.

Mutts are also known as mongrels, which are the result of accidental breeding. It happens in some cases that the dog owner has several dogs of a different breed. You can’t stop them when it’s about time for the mating season. But the result can be excellent when it comes to a labradoodle.

Is a Labradoodle a Mutt

The result of this crossbreed dog can make them very smart, more friendly, and even shed-free. It makes it easier to take care of them compared to a dog with a pure breed. Labradoodles are also great for people who are allergic to dogs but want to own one. It’s the best option, especially for the blind who needs to have a guide dog but can’t stand the allergic reaction.

These dogs can have white, black, or brown fur. You can also find them either curly or shaggy, which looks cute and lovely.

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Benefits of Owning a Labradoodle

It’s about time that the world is recognizing mutts to be equally loveable creatures. They are still dogs, after all! But they may have better qualities compared to the pure breed dogs. So it’s a good idea to go for a mutt since they can do well for you.

Although they cannot enter the dog show like other dogs with a pure breed, they can make a perfect addition to your family. Below are the benefits of owning a mutt instead of always going for the pure breed dogs.

1. Excellent Temperament

When it comes to dogs with the best temperaments, it’s better to go for a labradoodle since they are known to be one. These dogs are brilliant and are perfect for the first time of owners. They can relate to any situation, so you don’t have to worry about them crying all night long.

A Labradoodle will wag its tail for you and is very friendly, too, so it’s impossible not to fall in love with these pups.

2. Very Sociable

Labradoodles are a very friendly type of mutts. It’s very entertaining to play with them, and they have a great personality.

They also love to be around people, so it’s not going to be an issue if you have some friends over. Although if you have small children at home, make sure to supervise. Labradoodles can be carried away by excitement at times and forget about their boundaries as they play. They can knock out anything by charging at times.

3. Lesser Issues with Shedding

Caring for a Labradoodle when it comes to grooming is lesser compared to other breeds. Since it’s also a golden retriever apart from the poodle side, it doesn’t shed fur as much. You don’t have to worry about having too much fur all over the place. It’s the best dog for those who don’t have too much time grooming your pet and cleaning up the house for furs.

Maintain the coat and get it trimmed a few times a year for a well-groomed labradoodle.

4. Great Health

Labradoodles have excellent health compared to pure breeds that are prone to genetic diseases. But since Labradoodles are a mixed breed, most of the quality it gets from its parents are the best ones. Just make sure to give your pet a proper diet and exercise every day to maintain it’s health.

It’s the best type of dog for families who want to have their pet to grow up with the kids. Since it has excellent health, it’s longevity is better than others.

5. More Coat Options

You can choose the color of the coat from black, white, and brown. Plus, you can go for the labradoodle with a curly coat the same as a poodle. Or if you want to choose the straight coat, that’s form the Labrador’s side.

If you can’t decide between the two, you can go for the wavy coat, which is the most popular coat for Labradoodles. Rule of thumb, the straight coat can shed more, and the curly coat is close to shed-free.

6. May Qualify for Certification

Although Labradoodles are not a recognized breed in North America, it can be possible to get a certification in Australia. It must qualify as a multigeneration Australian Labradoodle with at least four generations of lineage. The dog breed standard must be followed if you want your labradoodle to be eligible for it. However, it’s not useful outside of Australia, but at least you have an option.

7. Easy to Train

Labradoodles are very easy to train since they are brilliant dogs. You can teach them their boundaries and how to behave if they are inside the house. Just do the kennel training as well as the house training and be surprised how they can quickly learn their ways. In compassion with other dogs, the Labradoodles are highly trainable, and you don’t have to be a professional to do that.


Is A Labradoodle A Mutt?

Yes, they are, and they are one of the most beautiful mutts you can keep. Although the term mutt from the older days has a negative meaning, mix-breeds are now recognized as hybrid dogs. Since they have both of the best genetic makeup of pure breed dogs, it means that they are even better.

You will be surprised what a labradoodle can do if you have experienced caring for some pure breed dogs. They have their own loveable personality that you will find hard to resist. You will surely fall in love with this hybrid and feel secure that you can have a companion for a long time.

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