How to create a scrap book for your dog

How to Make a Scrapbook for Your Dog

Dog owners consider their four-legged friends to be members of the family. Parents enjoy creating scrapbooks to celebrate the growth of their children while keeping sentimental keepsakes safe and organized. Why not do the same for your dog?

You can create a visual celebration of your dog’s growth from puppyhood to adult that you will enjoy looking at over and over again.

Choosing A Scrapbook

Any full-sized scrapbook with 8 x10 or 10 x12 pages that appeals to you can be purchased for your dog scrapbook.

If your dog is a female, you may want to choose a scrapbook with a pink cover, or one with a blue colored cover for a male dog. Scrapbooks that have a picture frame insert on the front cover are always a nice choice because they allow you to place a photograph right on the front of the scrapbook.

Decorating Your Scrapbook Cover

Use markers appropriate for scrapbooking to print your dog’s name on the front cover. You can also add some glitter, heart or X and O stickers and embellishments that feature dogs or dog bones to make the front cover of your dog scrapbook very visually appealing.

Your local arts and crafts store should have a wonderful selection of scrapbooking materials with a dog theme available. Take your time and choose items that you really love and that will fit your budget. Prices vary on scrapbooking materials from fairly inexpensive to real budget busters.

Filling Your Dog Scrapbook

Gather all the photos you have from when you first brought your dog home to the present. Sort them by chronological order and choose the ones that are very clear and show your dog off in the best light for your scrapbook.

By choosing a distinct variety of photographs of your dog in varying stages of development and in different situations such as playing in the leaves, dressed up for Halloween and sleeping peacefully on the couch, you will create a very interesting and fun celebration of all the joy you have shared with your dog through the years.

Copies of vet records that note your dog’s height and weight through the years are also a great addition as well as the very first collar your dog wore as a puppy.

Use colored paper frames in bright and bold colors to display your pictures on the scrapbook pages and colored markers to note important info at the top or bottom of each page such as date and age of your dog as well as any humorous or sentimental memories you have about the day that the pictures were taken.

Completing Your Dog Scrapbook Project

Set up all your photographs and scrapbooking materials in a convenient area of your home. By keeping everything organized, but on hand and readily available, you will be able to carve out pockets of time to work on the project.

Take your time and enjoy the creative expression as well as the trip down memory lane as you work on your dog scrapbook. You can be as simple or elaborate as you like. You will surely want to share the completed project with friends and family, but essentially this scrapbook is for you to enjoy while relaxing at home with your best friend curled up at your feet.


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