English Doodle Breeders in New York

5 Great English Doodle Breeders in New York (NY) – 2024

English Goldendoodle breeders have been in high demand in New York City because of the ever-growing demand for therapy and social dogs. English doodles, also known as Teddy bear English Goldendoodle are very pleasant and friendly dogs with great temperaments.

They come to their full potential when raised in a love-lit atmosphere. The puppies are friendly to kids and make for a great family dog. English Goldendoodles are usually preferred to the American version because they are stronger and agile.

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English Doodle Breeders in New York

English Doodle Breeders in New York

Teddy bear English Goldendoodles are usually low to no shedding and make for a good guard dog. They share in the strength and intelligence of English cream golden retriever and the calm and friendly nature of a poodle.

This article will show you the top 5 authentic English Doodle breeders in New York.

Golden Beauties… Driven to Doodles LLC

English Doodle Breeders in New York

Golden Beauties’ is a multi-licensed English doodle breeder in New York city. It is owned by a certified canine behavior consultant specializing in breeding all sizes of English Goldendoodles.

Golden Beauties performs early neurological stimulations and basic training such as crate training for their dogs before they leave their facilities after eight weeks of birth. They will be willing to take your dog through some professional dog training sessions after 8 weeks for an additional cost.

They perform puppy health checks and temperament tests on their English doodles. They also expose them to their surroundings and ensure they are well socialized with kids and other objects in the home. Making them ready to adapt to their forever owners’ home easily. Thankfully, all their puppies are covered by a 6-years health warranty covering any genetic disorders.

Golden Beauties… Driven to Doodles LLC details

  • Price Range: $2500 – $2800
  • Sizes: Mini and Medium (F1, Multi-gen)
  • Location: 100 East Avenue, Hilton, New York 14468, United States
  • Contact Info: +1 585-392-5995
  • Social Media: Facebook Page, Instagram
  • Website: goldendoodlesny.com

Lakeshore Doodles

English Doodle Breeder in New York

Lakeshore doodles is a reputable English doodle breeder located in Albion, Texas. They follow through with a streamlined selection process to enable them to pick the “perfect match” English doodle puppy for you.

They pass all their parent dogs through DNA tests to reduce any chance of genetic health issues later in their breeding process. Their main goal is to produce healthy and sound English Goldendoodles that will serve their customers and keep them company throughout their lifetime.

All their home-bred English doodles are introduced early to kids and are well-socialized with their surroundings to make for a great family pet. They’ve got great reviews from their customers. For sure, they are here to serve you with the best class of English doodle puppies in New York.

Lakeshore doodles details

Central Park Puppies

English Doodle puppies in New York

Central park puppies is a popular breeder of all sorts of dogs in Yonkers, New York. Their puppies are raised with utmost love and care. They raise both mini and standard English doodles that are friendly and pleasant companions.

The breeder offers a free microchipping service and ensures your dogs receive their full shots of vaccinations and are dewormed before they are dispatched to their forever owners.

Your English doodle puppy receives basic dog training in their home and is covered by a one-year health guarantee. The breeder is willing to take full responsibility for any genetic disorder that may occur after you’ve left their facility with your new companion. It’s worthy of mentioning that central park puppies offer free door-to-door delivery.

Central Park Puppies details

  • Price Range: $2400 – $3500
  • Sizes: Mini and Standard (F1, F1B)
  • Location: 650 Central Park Ave. Yonkers, NY 10704
  • Contact Info: +1 914-207-7558
  • Social Media: Facebook Page
  • Website: shop.centralparkpuppies.com

Morningshine Mountain Doods

English Doodle puppy in New York

Morningshine Mountain doods started in Vermont but have moved to New York, where they stay in a home-based facility to raise Goldendoodles. It is an in-home breeder that breeds both F1, F1B, and multigenerational mini to standard-sized English Goldendoodles.

The English doodle puppies are very pleasant and friendly. They are trainable, and the puppies receive the basic crate and potty training from a tender age. The breeder ensures they are well socialized with other dogs and surroundings and are very healthy.

Like most genuine breeders, they ensure the parent dogs are inspected and cleared of any genetic defects before kicking off any breeding program. And their puppies are well inspected and covered by a health guarantee.

Morningshine Mountain Doods details

Beyond Bliss Doodles

English Doodle Breeders in New York

They specialize in breeding allergy-friendly mini and medium-sized English doodle puppies in New York. The English doodles are supplied to you after receiving the full dose of vaccinations and dewormed. They are vet checked, with the accompanying health certificate and vet clearances.

As part of their puppy socialization plan, they introduce them early to noise sensitization and are familiarized with getting baths, nail trimmings, and ear cleanings. They are socialized with their surroundings, like car rides, kids, and other animals and dogs.

Their English doodles are AKC and CKC registered and are covered by a 2-years money-back warranty. To reserve a puppy in their upcoming litters, fill out the application form on their website and make a non-refundable deposit of 500 dollars. Hurry up because their upcoming litters are well spoken of and are in high demand.

Beyond Bliss Doodles details


Through this post, we have made the process of finding the best English doodle breeders in New York very easy. English doodles are usually your best bet if you’re looking for a friendly and obedient companion to add a touch of love and brightness to your family.

Consider reserving a puppy spot with your choice English doodle breeder in this list right away.

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