English Doodle Breeders in Michigan

The 5 Best English Doodle Breeders in Michigan (MI) – 2024

English Goldendoodle pups are perhaps the world’s most popular crossbreed. If you’re seeking a playful, loving pet dog who gets along well with children, is easy to train, and is low to non-shedding, look no further! English Goldendoodles meet that description and are quite popular as household dogs.

They are the offspring of a mate between an English cream Golden retriever and a Standard poodle. English doodles are sometimes referred to as English Teddybear Goldendoodles in some circles.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, you should read our Doodle Puppy Checklist to ensure that you’ve correctly prepared your home for bringing home a precious little Doodle puppy!

English Doodle Breeders in Michigan (MI)

Finding reputable English Doodle breeders in Michigan is one of the tough decisions a person can make. Responsible breeders examine their parent dogs for genetic health concerns that might pass on to their puppies.

We’ve compiled a list of the best English Doodle breeders in Michigan for you in this post. This will save you a great deal of time in your search for a reputable breeder and a healthy puppy.

Livy’s Doodles and Poodles LLC

English Doodle Breeders in Michigan

Livy’s Doodles & Poodles in Montrose, Michigan, is a top-notch home-based dog breeder. Their mission is to breed healthy Companion, Therapy, and Service Dogs with beautiful temperaments for everyone to enjoy. They produce puppies with hypoallergenic, low- to non-shedding coats that are well-trained, friendly, and full of love.

All their English doodle puppies in Michigan are raised in a home environment and receive the utmost health care. They are bred from health-tested parents and are covered by a 2-years health guarantee.

Currently, their waitlist is open for Apricot-colored micro English doodles, which should be available in Summer 2022. Reserve a puppy with a non-refundable deposit of $500. Contact the breeder for more information.

Livy’s Doodles and Poodles details

Black Mountain Goldendoodles

English Doodle Breeder in Michigan

They are a breeder of multi-colored Goldendoodles located in the rural areas of Northern Michigan. They specialize in breeding F1B English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles with great health and temperament.

They have extensive expertise producing a variety of breeds of dogs, including Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, and Siberian Huskies, among others. Their puppies receive basic puppy training and health care.

Black mountain English doodles are usually not much in a year, but they receive much love and attention. They stem from health-tested parents and are covered by a 2-years health guarantee. They accept puppy reservations for a 300 dollars deposit.

Black Mountain Goldendoodles details

Mollys Darling Doodles

English Doodle puppies in Michigan

Molly’s Darling doodle is a 10-years plus doodle breeder located in Northern Michigan. It’s a family-based breeder, and the entire family engages in the socialization process for the puppies. They specialize in breeding Bernedoodle and golden mountain doodles but usually have occasional English Goldendoodle litters.

Their goal is to produce some of the finest puppies with great temperament and health. They ensure they are vaccinated, health checked, and microchipped before leaving for their forever owners’ homes.

A two-year health warranty covers all their English Goldendoodles, and you can reserve yours with a $500 deposit. To book a spot on their waitlist, reach out to the breeder to know when their next Goldendoodle litter will be available.

Mollys Darling Doodles details

Bear Lake Goldendoodles

English Doodle puppy in Michigan

Bear Lake Goldendoodles is located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, which is a three and a half hours drive from Northern Chicago. They specialize in breeding some of Michigan’s finest f2b generation English doodle puppies.

Their goal is to deliver to you a friendly pet that will bring great joy to your family. Bear lake Goldendoodles breed their dogs in a home facility and ensure they are given much attention. All their dogs receive basic puppy training and the usual health checks and puppy vaccinations.

Their English doodle puppies in Michigan become available for pick up after 8 weeks. You can pick them up by yourself from their facility, or you opt for them to be delivered directly to you. That will attract extra cost; the Shipping fee is $400. Reserve your puppy with bear lake Goldendoodles for a non-refundable fee of $500.

Bear Lake Goldendoodles details

Smithwoods Goldendoodle

English Doodle Breeders in Michigan

Smithwoods Goldendoodle is a family-based Goldendoodle breeder located in Byron, Michigan. Their goal is to deliver some of the best English Goldendoodles to lighten up their customers’ homes. They have been breeding friendly and loving standard-sized English Goldendoodles for over half a decade now.

Their English doodle puppies in Michigan are dewormed and receive their full vaccinations shots. They are crate and potty-trained. And all their English doodles receive the best care and attention in their home.

They got great reviews online and are worth patronizing if you are based in Michigan. Like their Facebook page and follow up on them to know more about litter availability and pricing. They are open for a visit Monday to Saturday, from 6 am to 7 pm. The breeder details are listed below; contact the breeder right away if you want to be on their waitlist.

Smithwoods Goldendoodles details

  • Price Range: Not Available
  • Sizes: Standard (F1, F1B)
  • Location: 7989 E Lovejoy Rd, Byron, MI 48418
  • Contact Info: +1 517-294-0540
  • Social Media: Facebook Page
  • Email: dlandboys@gmail.com


We hope this list helps as a Launchpad for your puppy-buying research. Determine the size you need, and then decide which generation is best for you. Michigan is a great place to discover a nice English doodle breeder!

Make sure you conduct your research before committing to any breeder. Check to see whether the breeder you chose has good ratings or if others can vouch for the health of their dogs.

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