cavapoo vs cockapoo

Cavapoo Vs Cockapoo – Which Is Best For You?

cavapoo vs cockapoo

If you’re in the market for a dog you may have stumbled over the problem of Cavapoo vs Cockapoo, are there any differences? They are both mixed breed dogs in the Spaniel and Poodle family. This gives them traits from two distinctive breeds.

If you’re looking for a dog that needs less attention overall, then you might want to consider a Cavapoo, they require less grooming, they train faster and they don’t need as much attention from their owners as Cockapoos tends to do.

If you’re thinking of getting one of these two dog breeds, you’re probably wondering which is better for your particular situation and which larger smaller, sheds more, or any other number of factors when getting a dog.

Since these dogs are so similar, being from not one but two similar breed family,  Spaniels and Poodles, we’ll break down some of the differences such as weight, coat, temperament, energy level, personality, and other concerns to help you make that final decision.

What is a Cavapoo

Cavapoos, or  Cavadoodles if you prefer are fluffy little dogs that are a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This particular breed of Spaniel is from Australia and is quite common there.

The variation of poodle in a Cavapoo can vary but the basic traits will remain similar.  These little buddies are very loyal, energetic and generally a ton of fun to have around.

What is a Cockapoo?

A Cockapoo or Cockadoodle is a crossbreed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

In the case of these dogs, the type of Cocker Spaniel (as there are different varieties) and Poodle can play a role in determining the traits of your cockapoo so there can be some variation in size and temperament. They are still going to be smaller dogs with tons of energy.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo Size

When picking a dog of any kind, size is one of the most important considerations you have to make. If you don’t have a big enough home or yard you can find yourself stuck with a very large animal with nowhere to go.

Luckily both of these dogs are on the smaller side, but you might have a preference when it comes to just how big or how heavy your new family friend is.

Inheritance plays a large part in the size of either dog but in a general comparison there are some notable differences.

A Cavapoo is typically around 11 to 17 inches tall and weighs between 11 and 22 pounds. This puts them in a medium-small category, they aren’t as small as chihuahuas or teacup breeds but not as large as some others such as terriers and bulldogs. 

By Comparison, A Cockapoo is typically 10 to 15 inches tall and weighs anywhere from 12 to 24 pounds. While the difference isn’t drastic in terms of numbers, in terms of actual size, one could say that Cockapoo is shorter and rounder than a Cavapoo.

As with any mixed breed dog, the actual size can vary wildly. For best estimates, try to check on the parentage of your dog. A Cavapoo or Cockapoo bred from a larger or smaller poodle with be a different size accordingly. While the type of Spaniel matters, since Poodles are generally the larger dog, the poodle side of the dog’s parentage is generally more important when determining how big either breed will get.

Both dogs only come in the standard size so there’s no worry which one you got and what it will grow into. If you are able to determine the dogs that bred your cavapoo or cockapoo you should be able to get a good estimation of what to expect.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo Looks

This is a tough category to nail down specifically since mixbreed dogs can vary so much in what they look like. Some common features are that both dogs are low shedding and have short hair. This is a great benefit for cleanliness and health as more hair means more mess and more pet dander.

Apart from that, we’ll begin by breaking down the coat of each breed to give owners a more accurate idea of what to expect.

Cavapoo Coat

Again, a Cavapoo’s coat can vary widely based on the parent dogs it is bred from. The hair on a Cavapoo can range from fluffy and light curls to tight and coarse, similar to a poodle’s.

As far as color a Cavapoo can be black, brown, white or a combination of any of the three

Cockapoo Coat

Cockapoos have a similar hair type to that of the Cavapoo in that it can be straight or coarse depending on the parentage. The hair length and type will be similar to a cavapoo.

For coloration, Cockapoos stand out in the variety department having a variety of hair colors and patterns. These include red, brown, tan beige, blonde, and any mixture or variety of shading in between. Cockapoos also come in either spotted or unspotted varieties.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo Grooming

In the grooming category the two breeds are quite different due to hair growth rate and maintenance needed.

Cavapoos are generally considered the low maintenance breed out of the two. Cavapoos have typically short hair which when trimmed grows back slowly. They typically only require a normal bath once a month or so and are quite clean otherwise. If you opt to keep their hair longer it may be wise to bathe them once a week.

Cockapoos on the other hand have very rapidly growing hair. The hair can easily tangle and knot and requires frequent washing and brushing. If your cockapoo’s coat is closer to a spaniel’s than a poodle’s then you will need to constantly keep it trimmed as well as brushed to manage the smooth and silky fur.

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Cavapoo vs Cockapoo Temperament

Temperament is another one of those things like size that can vary a great deal depending on the parents of the dog. It’s difficult to say exactly how a crossbred dog will behave but we will try to give you a good idea of what to expect from each.

Due to their size, both breeds do exceptionally well around children and are quite gentle and affectionate. When it comes to other factors there are some differences that may determine which breed you prefer.

Cavapoo Temperament

Cavapoos are the more docile of the two breeds. They bond well with children and become excellent family pets. They generally only require a walk a day to burn off excess energy. They also deal better with separation and lower activity levels than a cockapoo. For families with small children and who aren’t able to be as active, a cavapoo may be a good choice

Cockapoo Temperament

Cockapoos are much more energetic than Cavapoos. They are even prone to have fits of spontaneous bursts of energy when playing. This makes them incredibly affectionate, especially with children and they are eager to play and join in games with the whole family.

They will generally require several walks a day or at least lots of playtime in order to keep them from going a bit stir crazy. They can also be quite vocal, though it is usually while playing or wanting attention.

They are often prone to severe bouts of separation anxiety as well due to their strong bond with the family and this may lead to them acting out or having behavioral issues. Though they are a bit more high maintenance, they are a great choice for high energy, high activity families that love including their dogs in activities.

Cavapoo vs Cockapoo Price

While neither breed is considered rare, in some cases these mixed-breed dogs can be considered designer dogs. The base price for purchasing one of these dogs can range wildly from $1,200 to $2,000. As always, when looking to purchase a specific dog such as this, look for and consult with licensed breeders for the best options In certain cases, multicolored or bi-colored varieties of either breed will run closer to the high end of the range due to the rarity of such color patterns.

Unfortunately, many of these dogs end up in shelters awaiting new homes with few potential owners. If possible, it may be a cost-effective option for those who are inclined, and rescuing a pet from a shelter is always a good thing.

In terms of feeding, both breeds it relatively the same amount so feeding expenses should not run high on either breed.

The lifespan for a Cavapoo is typically 12-15 years and for a Cockapoo the range is between 14 and 18 years.

Both breeds are also relatively illness-free in most regards with both breeds being healthy and energetic well into their later years. One possibility to note is the potential for eye problems which is due to a genetic trait that is common in both of the parent breeds of both dogs.

One way to check for the potential of this disorder is to screen your puppy for the particular gene that causes the issue. A genetic test will allow you to detect the disorder early.

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How Do They Handle Other Animals?

In terms of temperament towards other animals, both breeds are fairly friendly and easy to get along with other animals and don’t show a lot of aggression. Though they both tend to bond with the family unit quite strongly which may cause a bit of tension until they accept the other animals.

While Cavapoos are more docile and need less attention, which is good for older pets that may not be able to keep pace with an energetic young pup, the cockapoo is a completely different story. Their large amount of energy may cause an issue with older dogs or less active animals.

In particular, the explosive bursts of puppy energy that cockapoos have can be a bit much for other animals. They do tend to play well though apart from being energetic are great for group play. Having other animals in the home may even alleviate some of the separation anxiety that cockapoos are prone to suffer.

In terms of the ability to train them, the Cavapoo shows a better attention span and willingness to learn in the beginning as they are more eager to please their owners. They tend to pick up basic commands and instructions quickly which can be a benefit for owners who are not used to training dogs.

Due to the inherited traits from their poodle halves, both breeds are extremely intelligent. Cockapoos are easy to train as well, although they suffer from a bit of an attention problem, likely due to their higher energy, and may take a while to master the basics. Once they pick them up, however, they learn quickly and are smart and obedient.

Hypoallergenic Benefits

One of the benefits of both of these breeds that they are both short-haired dogs that do not shed very much. This leads to less hair and pet dander. This means that you can own a puppy without worrying about severe allergies.

It is important to note that while they shed less than other dogs, they do still shed some. Proper grooming is one way to help keep down any nuisance hair and pet dander as well as to help with their coats and hair growth.

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There you have it. Our breakdown of the differences between a cavapoo and a cockapoo. Despite all of their similarities, there are still a number of differences.

However, if you’re an active family who wants a companion that will be the life of the family, then a cockapoo is a great choice. They have high energy, are very loyal and very affectionate, they bond with their families quickly and even miss them when they are gone. Ideal for the active family who wants to take their dogs everywhere.

Regardless of which breed you choose, you’re going to have a healthy and family-friendly pet that will be around for years to come and who you’ll enjoy spending time with.

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