Why Is My Labradoodle So Hyper? This Could Be Why

Having trouble finding out why your Labradoodle is so hyper? There can be quite a few different reasons why you have a hyperactive labradoodle.

So, why is my Labradoodle so hyper? The reason why a dog might be hyperactive is of course that it has too much energy. So before you start calling it destructive or disobedient, you need to help it to channel that energy into something more desirable.

Just like with kids, some have more energy than others, and before you start giving them medicine, read this blog post to help you understand why your dog might behave the way it does,

Why Your Dog Might be Hyperactive

When you have a labradoodle, you have a combination of the work ethics and hunting abilities of a Labrador Retriever, and the high intelligence of a Poodle.

These are all skills that require to be challenged once in a while. Now imagine if you put a dog like that into a small apartment or never really give it something to work with.

Wouldn’t it make sense that the dog will release some on that energy on the nearest chair or pair of slippers if possible?

Most Energetic Breeds

A Danish study a few years ago listed a number of the different types of dog breeds which were believed to be some of the most energy-filled breeds.

The list is as follows:

  • Dalmatians
  • Beagles
  • Jack Russell Terriers
  • Border Collies
  • Boxers
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Retrievers

As you can see our friends from the Retriever family made the list. And since your labradoodle is at least some part retriever, it just means they have it in the genes to be somewhat hyper.

training a Labradoodle not to jump Can Labradoodles Live Outside why is my labradoodle so hyper

What to do if Your Labradoodle is too Hyper

You don’t have to start considering getting rid of the dog if you think it’s a bit too hyper. At least not until you’ve tried these following points!

  1. Long walks. Don’t just take it outside for a pee and a poo, and then go straight back inside. A good long walk will leave both you and your dog feeling way more relaxed and clear-minded.
  2. Exercise your dog. Go outside and run. Or take it to a park where it can walk freely and interact with other dogs.
  3. Play, play, and more play. Play both inside and outside the house. Play games that stimulate both the sense of smell and the dogs’ intelligence.
  4. Train it – perhaps agility training. Agility is a sport with lots of possibilities for running, jumping, climbing, fooling around, and burning most of its’ excess energy.
  5. Lots of toys. There are plenty of options here. Buy some on Amazon, make some yourself. Toys are a great way to keep your dog occupied and entertained.
  6. Go hunting. It doesn’t have to be birds or that kind of hunting. But it could be for items you’ve hidden in your area.

It’s Not Your Dogs’ Fault

You have to help it release that excess energy. If you don’t have the time or strength needed, perhaps ask a friend or relative if they want to help your dogs’ physical needs.

If you can afford it, perhaps rent a dogwalker or sign it up in the local school that has programs for dogs.

It’s a safe bet that a dog that can’t use its’ energy for something productive, will get bored and start to use that energy on less desired things.

So it’s important to remember. It’s not your dogs’ fault! In this day and age, dogs are rarely pulling sleighs or watching sheep. So try and find alternatives, because the energy is still inside the dog.

The Often Overlooked Aspect

When you have a hyperactive dog, one of the first things we do is more exercise.

But more often than not people, are very good at giving their dogs plenty of outside playtime and exercise, but what is often overlooked is the need for mental stimulation.

Especially when we are talking about a breed as intelligent as a Labradoodle, it is very important that your dog gets the mental exercises it needs.

An easy solution could be to buy a product like the West Paw Zogoflex Toppl (affiliate link).

It was one of the first items I brought, and many months later it’s still one of my dogs’ favorite pastimes.

But since my dog was still quite hyper at times, I started looking for even more advanced ideas, and after a while, I found this training course (affiliate link) by dog expert Andrea Faricelli, and it has been godsent!

Pretty much day 1 after we started the program, my dog has been a lot calmer and easier to live with, and some of the tricks and games we learned from the program we still use pretty much every day and my doodle Monty still loves it:)

Hopefully, this has given you some advice on dealing with a hyper labradoodle, it did for me at least!

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