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What Is An English Labradoodle – A Complete Guide

With over 300 different types of hybrids, cross-breeding of purebred dogs is a popular pursuit worldwide. English Labradoodles have become a favorite among the multitude of hybrids with many canine lovers. Consequently, to appease your curiosity, but just what is an English Labradoodle?

The English Labradoodle is the hybridized offspring of an English Labrador Retriever and a Miniature or Standard Poodle. For this “designer” hybrid to happen, both the parent breeds must be purebreds. The English Labradoodle carries the combined genes of its parents and partially exhibits each of their dominant traits.

They are well known for the loyal, friendly, therapeutic, and beautiful attributes that they possess. Hence, establishing that they have what it takes to be excellent companions to an individual or even a family.

What Is An English Labradoodle?

Cross-breeding is one such process that you have very little control over, and the result is mostly uncertain. After placing your big bucks on the table, all you can do is sit tight and pray for luck.

The English Labradoodle size, appearance, growth rate, shedding, etc., may differ depending on many complex reasons and components.

The following are some everyday observations of the English Labradoodle’s physique:

English Labradoodle Size

Generally, this breed is a medium or large dog with heights varying from 16 to 24 inches. As explained earlier, there is no standard English Labradoodle size, but you can categorize their range of sizes.

  1. Miniature size: Such Labradoodles weigh around 15 to 30 pounds and grow to a height of 16 inches.
  2. Medium size: Such Labradoodles weigh around 30 to 45 pounds and grow to a height of 20 inches.
  3. Standard size: Such Labradoodles weigh around 50 to 65 pounds and grow to a height of 24 inches.

The females’ size may be slightly smaller than that of the males due to natural biological reasons. However, it is not definite that your English Labradoodle puppy will grow to the range of sizes mentioned above.

labradoodle exercise needs training how fast can a labradoodle run English Labradoodle Size

English Labradoodle Appearance

As the apple does not fall far from the tree, these dogs tend to look like large poodles in appearance. Their furs’ color can exhibit a wide variety: silver, chocolate, apricot, caramel, cream, blue, gold, parchment, chalk, café, black, and red.

With the genes coming into play to affect and determine their appearance, even the type of furs varies greatly. A few may look similar to hairy retrievers, while others may bear a resemblance to a Mini Poodle with loose curls.

The coat type can also be different for each puppy, and its length can be four to six inches. The coats’ hair can be straight, loose curls, or be in between the first two. A few typical textures of the English Labradoodle coats are:

  1. The Hair Coat: This type is the least common and is similar to the breeds’ fur that sheds. They have a typical pet smell and shed regularly. The first generation Labradoodles usually have these type of coats even though the breeders try to steer clear of them. This type is also called the “straight coat” type.
  2. The Wool Coat: The texture and feel of this type are close to a lamb’s wool. They look dense, and their curls hang loosely. They usually do not shed and also do not carry that doggy pet smell. This type is also called the “curly coat” type.
  3. The Fleece Coat: This type is also known as a “wavy coat.” The texture exhibits soft waves of hair, and breeders call it a surface with an Angora goat feel. They have a non-to-low level of shedding.

Their coats can also have parti-colors, including phantom, sable, brindles, or patched colors. Whichever type the coats may be, make sure that the curls aren’t tight and they aren’t thick or fluffy.

F1 Labradoodle clicker training English Labradoodle Growth and Lifespan

English Labradoodle Growth and Lifespan

You may now have a brief understanding of the question: what is an English Labradoodle? As an owner of the dog, you must equip yourself with the knowledge of its growth stages.

Your puppy’s size will grow with time, and accordingly, you will need to look after it well. There are five main growth stages of the Labradoodle, namely: Puppyhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, Middle Age, and lastly Senior.

Some brief details on the life stages of the Labradoodle are:


The first five months of the puppy is known as the first growth stage. Like all babies, they tend to grow at an alarming rate at this stage. Due to the fast growth rate, there are five sub-stages here:

  1. 0-7 weeks: At this stage, they must spend time with their littermates and their mother. Most of their time here, they will only eat, sleep, cuddle with one another, and grow. They are not ready to go anywhere on their own.
  2. 7-8 weeks: By now, they are less fragile and are ready to move out of their comfort zone. You can begin to make physical contact and form bonds with them at this stage. As their teeth grow, they may be able to consume little food on their own.
  3. 8-10 weeks: The puppies tend to become more playful and active at this stage. You need to take proper care, keep them clean, and prevent them from wandering around. The experiences they come across here may be crucial in affecting their long term personality. You can also start and try teaching them little things if you wish to.
  4. 10-16 weeks: By this stage, you may start teaching the necessary manners, tricks, and rules. They will learn quickly but may get distracted too rapidly. Hence, you have to be patient with them. You can start exposing them to fresh faces and friends to improve their socialization process.
  5. 4-6 months: Your puppy may become more restless and develop the curiosity to discover things on their own by this time. It will benefit your puppy if you take it with you wherever and whenever you can. Such acts can improve your bond with it too. Their training can continue without any hindrance.


This stage can start from 5-6 months and last to about two years of age. They tend to spend most of their time eating and sleeping as their physical growth depends on it. Other times they will usually want to play all the time. They may also get into fights and troubles with other dogs, cats, and whatnots.

Your Labradoodle may become more attentive, be fully independent, and do unpredictable things due to their hormones acting up. Its physical abilities like strength, agility, and coordination will increase by now. Also, they love to bite and chew, so be sure to provide them a bone or something to chew.


Your Labradoodle should be old enough to be at adulthood, i.e., between two to three years of age. However, it may depend upon the genes of your dog.  Generally, the English Labradoodle size will be at its peak, with no more growth by this age. So, feeding it in excess can start causing health issues like obesity if you don’t take proper care. While it is acceptable in the initial months, their diet needs to be more health-conscious in the later years.

This stage is their prime time, and hence, they will be at full strength. Though possible, teaching the old doggy new tricks and games may prove to be a little tricky by now. This period of adulthood can last up to six or seven years of age.

Middle Age

Here, your dog will be more calm and peaceful by this age. At seven years old, they begin their journey to the later stages of their life. They will still be healthy and can perform any routine tasks, but their physical performance will deteriorate with time.

Monitoring of their eating habits will become more crucial for their health and stability. Chewing of bones and hard food materials may become more challenging as their teeth become weak and vulnerable. They may start developing joint pains and hence, require supplements as a means to sustain their health.


By the age of ten or above, your Labradoodle will be too old to handle itself properly. As much as possible, they will make only minimal movements and will need your help most times. They become more sensitive to illness and weather changes. Extra focus on diets, hygiene, and care is a must at this stage.

The above phases may not be relevant for every English Labradoodle. The reason is that the stages may vary depending on other factors like diet, illness, size, environment, genes, etc. The smaller ones usually mature earlier than the larger ones while often surpassing the larger Labradoodles in longevity. Generally, the English Labradoodle has a lifespan of about 12 to 16 years of age.

why is my labradoodle shedding chocolate labradoodle English Labradoodle Temperament

The English Labradoodle Temperament

Some of the aspects related to the personality of the English Labradoodle are as follows:

  1. Intelligence: Owing to the advantage of the acquired genes from the Standard or Mini Poodles through hybridization, they are intelligent dogs. When properly trained, they can perform remarkable tasks and works too. You can teach them to be excellent guide dogs and include them as an ideal pet in your family circle.
  2. Socializing: With proper exposure to strangers and the outside world at a young age, they can actively socialize with people. Their curiosity helps them to be more bold and approachable.
  3. Playfulness: The liveliness and the playfulness almost entirely sum up the description of the English Labradoodle temperament. They will always jump around moderately with a strong desire to play whenever they are not eating or sleeping.
  4. Emotions: They are joyful creatures who will try to cheer you up at any moment of your day. Easygoing and gentle, they are rarely aggressive.

Some are calm and poised, rather than being too playful. Due to the cross-breeding of two different purebreds, each dog’s temperament may not be the same or well balanced.

The English Labradoodle temperament also depends a lot on how the owner takes care of it. The experiences at a young age will strongly determine the personality of the dog when it grows up. The health and diet are also significant factors that can affect the dog’s personality.

Finding the Right English Labradoodle

There are numerous places you can choose to go to to get the right breed. You can get it from English Labradoodle breeders, an animal shelter or rescue, or even from an online pet shop. Here are a few things that will do you well to know:

  1. The right breeders: Purchasing your dog from quality English Labradoodle breeders is a proper step you can take. That will remove all doubts of uncertainties and frauds. There are many instances where inexperienced breeders take on the mantle to breed for mere monetary gains. As a result, the offspring are often born with physical or mental health disorders in the later stage.

Experienced and genuine English Labradoodle breeders will be careful with the puppies while handling them. They will have proper knowledge about the purebred parents and be ready to provide you with any necessary information. It is best to avoid any suspicious or hasty breeders.

  • The right price: This category also involves contacting the valid breeders, the right pet shop, or the proper animal shelter or rescue. The average English Labradoodle price may range from $500 to $3000 depending on where you get it from. Genuine breeders may sell at an affordable price as they will prefer the dog’s care over some bucks. In contrast, most online pet shops may charge a higher amount by including service charges.

In the case of animal rescue shelters, you may be able to get it for the right English Labradoodle price. Sometimes, you may adopt one at a low cost too.

Why is my labradoodle so hyper how to get labradoodle to calm down English Labradoodle Breeders

English Labradoodle Breeders

If you’re looking for an English Labradoodle, there are several places you might find them.

Some examples of English Labradoodle breeders are:

Newpuppies4u is located in 1236 E Redbud Road, Goldsby, OK 73093. And among several other breeds they also have English Labradoodles.

Top Notch Labradoodles can be found in Scottsdale, Arizona.


To understand and predict, the breeding of a Labradoodle is a very complex and uncertain process. However, the successfully bred English Labradoodles are great companions to keep and worth every penny of the money spent.

You can develop an unbreakable bond with them. While there are upsides to keeping one, you should be ready to handle the responsibilities that come along with it. That may include caring for their diets, providing medical treatments, good hygiene, companionship, etc. It would help if you also did thorough research on their history and health issues before adopting one.

what is an english labradoodle

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