newfypoo vs bernedoodle

Newfypoo Vs Bernedoodle – Which Is Best For You?

newfypoo vs bernedoodle

If you’re in the market for a particular doodle breed dog then you’re likely to find no more unique breed of dog than the Newfypoo or the Bernedoodle.

While both feature Poodle heritage in their parentage, a Newfypoo has some distinct differences over a Bernedoodle. They may look similar, but just like people have similar features of their relatives, they are in fact quite different breeds.

We’ll go into some of the different aspects of each breed such as average size, fur coat, grooming, temperament, behavior price, and more. While there is no better breed, in terms of what each owner wants out of their next pet, we’ll try to give you everything you need to know to make the best decision possible for you.

What is A Newfypoo?

If you’re not familiar with a Newfypoo or just don’t know a lot about hybrid poodle breeds in general then knowing what you’re going in for is a good idea. A Newfypoo is a mix of a Newfoundland and a standard poodle. There are miniature varieties of poodle bred with Newfoundlands but for the purposes of our comparison, we’ll stick with the standard version of each breed.

A Newfoundland is a large breed rescue dog and fisherman helper, like the kind often seen carrying out water rescues. They typically come in at between 23 and 29 inches tall and weighing between 100 and 150 lbs while some can weigh much more. These dogs are very large.

Now that you know what the parent breed is, you can probably guess, but a Newfypoo takes after its larger parent in size being between 21 and 28 inches tall and weighing between 75 and 150 pounds. This makes a Newfypoo one of the largest “doodle” breeds out there.

What Is A Bernedoodle?

You may have never heard of the parent breed for this mix either. A Bernese Mountain Dog is not as large as a Newfoundland but is still quite large. Bernese Mount Dogs come from the Swiss Alps and are known for being helpful farm dogs and having a lustrous tri color coat. They are also very friendly and at home with a family.

A Bernese Mountain Dog comes in at 22 to 28 inches tall and weighs a little less than it’s cousin the Newfoundland at 80 to 110 pounds. These dogs are considered large but not giant.

A Bernedoodle is very similar in height to a Newfypoo being between 20 and 27 inches but is quite a bit lighter on average than its hefty cousin, being between 65 and 110 lbs. This is a really relative example though as some Bernedoodles have been known to grow much larger than a Newfypoo based purely on the size of the parents. Based on this, choosing one of these dogs based on size is not a good idea, lets move on to some of the other factors.

newfypoo vs bernedoodle

Newfypoo Vs Bernedoodle Looks

The color of each of these breeds can vary wildly, this time dependent on the poodle parent in the mix. Because both of the other parents, the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Newfoundland have unique and vibrant colors, the color pattern of the poodle it was bred with will ultimate control the color of your Newfypoo or Bernedoodle.


Bernese Mountain Dogs are prized for their rare but stellar looking tri color pattern. However the tri color pattern is even more rare in a Bernedoodle as poodles do not have these color patterns and so there is more of a chance that the trait is recessive.

The common colors of a Bernedoodle are black, white, black and white, black and brown, and merle and sable. The tri color varieties are considered the most highly prized due to their rarity but if you’re looking for one, expect to have to search and even pay a hefty price for one.


The Newfypoo has a few more color varieties than the Bernedoodle but does not have the trait to be tri-colored. They still have a luxurious coat and are quite sought after for their color patterns

Their color patterns are black, brown, white, gray, black and white, or brown and white. The typical patterns on a Newfypoo give them a more splashy look, while not as vibrant as a tri-color Bernedoodle, still a great look.

Newfypoo Vs Bernedoodle Coats

As with most crossbred dogs, the coats on either breed can either be fluffy or coarse depending on whether the fur takes after the poodle or the other parent breed.

Newfypoos are more high maintenance. The thickness of their coats means that they require constant grooming to prevent matting and knotting of fur. Newfypoos have one of the thickest coats of all poodle mix breeds and depending on the coarseness of the hair may require even heavier brushing than a softer-haired variety. Their coat is also nearly completely waterproof

One thing to note is that the Newfypoo sheds very little or not at all. This means that when grooming you may occasionally pull large mats of fur from the undercoat. This is actually necessary to keep the Newfypoo from getting tangles and mats in their undercoat and promotes coat health overall.

The coat of a Bernedoodle tends to be very similar to that of a Newfypoo although generally softer. Depending on the amount it takes after its poodle parent, a Bernedoodle may also require lots of grooming to prevent matting and occasional clipping to keep its coat in top shape. It also a non-shedding dog so coat maintenance is on the owner.

F1 bernedoodle puppy checklist newfypoo vs bernedoodle

Newfypoo Vs Bernedoodle Temperament

When choosing a dog, especially one of this size, temperament is very important. Fortunately, both of these breeds are very much family friendly and work well with children and families


All Newfypoos are gentle loving and calm. Depending on which parent he takes after, your Newfypoo may even be a bit slow and lazy, though a daily walk or run is still necessary some can even be quite athletic.

Newfypoos get along well with children and animals and are never prone to aggression, giving them the nickname nanny dogs. They do tend to be stubborn and can possibly knock small children over or bump into furniture and other things. This can usually be corrected early on with training.

They are also very friendly and sociable which makes them not a great option as a guard dog. Though their large size and deep bark may scare away intruders on its own.

Another thing to consider is that because of the size of the dog, it is important to not exercise them heavily while they are still growing. Newfypoos generally only need a little bit of walking time a day once they are fully grown, usually in a yard or off a leash. This keeps their temperament in control and keeps them healthy


The Bernedoodle is also friendly calm and lovable and some owners even describe it as goofy or weird. It has more energy than a Newfypoo and be a bit rambunctious when young so training may be necessary as he is too large to be jumping on people, children, and furniture. The Bernedoodle is somewhat smarter than the Newfypoo and responds well to training.

They also tend to go through a bit of rebellious faze during adolescence though this tends to quickly pass. They become highly attached to their families and when left alone may be prone to act out because they become bored. Because Bernedoodles are more high energy than Newfypoos, they are a great option for highly active families.

Just like Bewfypoos, it is not a good idea to exercise your Bernedoodle very much while they are still growing because of the large size of the dog. When they are full-grown they will need regular exercise, much more so than their cousin the Newfypoo. They like to frolic and lead their owners around during walks and also enjoy yard exercise.

Newfypoo Vs Bernedoodle Cost

One of the truly biggest differences between the two breeds is the cost. The initial cost between the two is drastically different as is the cost of upkeep.

Newfypoo Cost

The typical price of a Newfypoo ranges between $500 and $1,500. This is for non-pedigreed generic mix breed Newfypoos. The cost for a purebred Newfypoo with pedigree can be double or higher depending on how high performing the parents are.

Another added expense is the food for a Newfypoo, due to their size, they generally need to eat 6-8 cups of food a day which can lead to quite an expensive food bill of $100 a month or more. This along with grooming costs increases the basic cost of a Newfypoo considerably

Another issue to consider that factors into the cost of a newfypoo is the need for medical care. The most common conditions for a newfypoo are hip and elbow dysplasia. This can lead to surgery costs and lifelong medication to treat the condition. Other conditions can pop up related to genetic factors but these can and should be screened for by the breeder and buying from a reputable breeder can avoid most of them.

Bernedoodle Cost

Because of their rarities and their coloring, Bernedoodles can be incredibly expensive. The average cost of a Bernedoodle can range between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars, make them much more expensive at purchase than even a pedigreed Newfypoo. The reason for this cost comes primarily with their coat and coloring. Some breeds of Bernedoodle are even hypoallergenic which is great for people with dog allergies.

Bernedoodles with a pedigree or second or third generations of a family can command even higher prices. Another reason for the increased cost is that the breeding of Bernedoodles only began fairly recently, making a professionally bred Bernedoodle rare in terms of other breeds of dog. The initial success rate of breeding at the beginning was also low which has led to higher costs

Furthermore, bernedoodles are in higher demand than most other dog breeds due to their coats and unique look. This has driven the cost even higher.

Maintenance is another factor that adds to the cost. Grooming and maintaining the coat on a Bernedoodle is time-consuming and keeping it perfect may require paying to have your dog professionally groomed. The maintenance is also a permanent expense with the dog so it will continue throughout the life of the dog.

As far as medical costs, they run about the same as with a Newfypoo in that a Bernedoodle may suffer joint problems that require medication or surgery. With proper breeding, this can be avoided though. Though they are highly desirable dogs, the trade-off is the cost associated with owning one.

newfypoo vs bernedoodle

Newfypoo Vs Bernedoodle Conclusion

There we have it. Several factors about the differences between Newfypoos and Bernedoodles. Both of these dogs are large, playful, and family-friendly breeds that can be with your family for a long time.

Both dogs also have great coats, are useful around the farm or yard, intelligent, and good with kids. While they may have maintenance requirements and some expenses associated with them, each one makes a great family companion.

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