Do You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart

Do You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart? We Asked 4 Groomers!

PetSmart is known for the wide range of services they offer. Including training, vet care, adoption, and grooming. But do you tip dog groomers at PetSmart? You have probably visited PetSmart on many occasions to have your furry friend cleaned up. If you are wondering what you should do, here is the answer.

Yes, you should definitely tip the dog groomers at PetSmart. Doesn’t it light up your face when you see your doggie all cleaned up and happy? This is all thanks to the groomers. They will do a neat job to ensure both you and your “friend” are satisfied with their job. Therefore, we think they deserve that well-earned tip.

Many people would disagree with tipping groomers since they are not service workers. But it is always nice to show your appreciation and hand a little in gratitude. Keep reading further to know more about pet groomers and why they deserve a tip.

Does PetSmart Allow Their Groomers to Accept Tips?

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    Firstly, we need to address if PetSmart allows its employees to accept tips from customers. And the answer is a big yes.

    Currently, PetSmart does not have any policies that prevent workers from accepting tips. They will allow their groomers to keep the tips if they receive any. After all, if the groomer gets a bonus, it is because they did a fine job. This, in turn, indirectly helps build their reputation as a pet care business.

    Besides, the groomers earn only a 40% commission from their employers. So, offering a little extra cash can help them in many ways.

    How Much Should You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart
Does PetSmart Allow Their Groomers to Accept Tips
Why Should You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart

    Why Should You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart?

    Here is a list of reasons why you should tip dog groomers.

    1. Pet groomers have proper training

    Any service requires a particular set of skills. Not everyone can become a certified pet groomer after learning a few basics. Grooming your pet correctly requires some patience and understanding your pet closely. Groomers can perform this work efficiently and fast.

    It takes more than brushing your dog’s coat. Pet groomers go through proper training and have all the necessary knowledge required for the job. And their skillset includes how to take care of a dog.

    Plus, groomers can have a hard time if your dog has an arrogant temper. They can also get hostile around new people. Although they can handle the situation given their training, it can get frustrating sometimes.

    Besides, we have a habit of tipping waitresses, bartenders, cab drivers, etc. So, there’s nothing wrong with tipping your pet dresser.

    1. They have a passion for their job

    Every dog groomer gets into the grooming trade because they love it. They like being around animals, feeding them, and keeping them clean.

    Overall, they show their passion while working around animals. They do not get provoked easily either. This is because of the sheer dedication and enthusiasm towards their duty.

    And while they’re at it, they strive to do the best and offer you every penny’s worth. That alone is a compelling reason to show your generosity towards them.

    1. It shows your appreciation for their service

    When you hand over a little extra cash to your groomer, it shows that you value their services. Pet grooming is something not everyone has the time and patience to handle. Therefore, we have groomers for that job.

    Like any service, we must appreciate the hard-working individuals behind it. Likewise, pet groomers work hard to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. And as a gesture of appreciation, you can pay them something extra along with your regular “thank you.”

    Furthermore, they can sometimes encounter customers who are always stubborn and demanding. In such cases, it can set off their moods. Offering tips can lift back their spirits and make their day less frustrating.

    1. It encourages them to perform consistently

    When you tip dog dressers, it speaks to them on so many levels. It might help them buy dinner, gas for their car, or pay off a debt. But most importantly, it allows them to perform consistently.

    Tipping your groomer and saying nice things will make them appreciate their job more. They will be motivated to do the same next time, if not a better job. Plus, it helps create a good relationship with them.

    However, some groomers might not appreciate you offering tips. They are either satisfied with their pay or do not want to be a liability. Either way, there is no harm in tipping.

    1. They can understand your dog well

    Some dogs can get stubborn around other people other than their owners. So, it is essential to understand how to handle them in such situations. Dog groomers are the right people for this job.

    You might have a hard time trying to groom your dog by yourself. But groomers can understand your dog’s personality once they are around them. Aided by their knowledge and skill, they will have your dog wagging its tail in no time.

    The result is a cheerful and well-groomed doggie. Hence, paying a tip for a job well done is no exception. You will have a happy pet and an even happier pet groomer.

    1. They will go to any lengths to offer the best grooming services

    Pet groomers will go above and beyond to ensure that your dog gets proper grooming. For instance, you might be too busy with work or caught between schedules.

    In such cases, dog groomers will even drive up to your home and look after your dog. Some of them will even stay longer than scheduled to ensure your dog stays safe and reacts well.

    They understand that they have a duty to perform, no matter the situation. And this includes accommodating our needs as well. Thus, we should appreciate their hard work by showing them a little generosity.

    How Much Should You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart?

    tipping petsmart groomers

    The amount of extra cash you want to tip your groomer depends solely upon you. Ultimately, it depends on whether or not you are satisfied with their job.

    Most of the time, groomers will do their job right. There are only a few instances where there are flaws. Hence, you can tip accordingly.

    It is always good to start at about 15%. But you can go higher if you are feeling generous. If they do more than they are supposed to, you can even go 20-25%. However, you can choose not to tip them if you’re not happy with their service. 

    Plus, there are situations when the groomer has to go through a lot to get your dog cleaned. Some dogs require extra attention and care. That alone is a big reason to hand your groomer a proper tip. Some of these situations include:

    • When your dog shows hostility

    Dogs are sensitive creatures. So, they can have a hard time around strangers. In such situations, they can get aggressive or even bite the groomer.

    This is alarming but can be handled with a proper apology and tip. Your groomer will scuff it off most of the time and remain professional.

    • When your dogs have stubborn fur

    Your dog might have extra dirty fur, which is hard to deal with. But dog groomers know how to take care of a dog in such situations. It will take longer than usual, but they will remain professional and do their work.

    In such cases, you can reward them with a few extra bucks.

    • When your dog has shedding and matting issues

    Dealing with your dog’s fur is not a piece of cake. Fortunately, groomers will deal with any issues. They will put in all the hours required to remove the damaged coat and brush them neatly.

    • When you have a larger dog breed

    The task gets more complex when you have a larger dog breed like a Dane or Berner. Sometimes it can take more than one person to do the job. This definitely deserves an extra show of appreciation.

    How Much Do PetSmart Groomers Earn?

    Pet groomers at PetSmart usually earn up to $14-18 per hour of service. It also depends on the level of skill and experience. PetSmart employees with contracts can earn up to $7 to $28 every hour.

    Generally, their annual salaries start at around the $30,000 range. Along with that, they receive a 40% commission. This does not include the base pay. The rest gets used up for rent and utility costs.

    However, we also need to consider the amount of work they put in every day. For instance, if they receive plenty of customers monthly, their salary increases. And the fewer visitors they have, the less they will earn.

    Therefore, that is another reason to offer tips if you are well off to spend a little extra.

    Do You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart
How Much Do PetSmart Groomers Earn

    Closing Thoughts on Do You Tip Dog Groomers at PetSmart

    In conclusion, it is crucial to value someone else’s trade. Dog groomers, in particular, save us a lot of time and effort. And when their services benefit you and your dog, we should be appreciative all the same.

    Every dog deserves the best care and grooming needs. They need to stay clean and well-groomed, much like us humans, to stay healthy and presentable. And pet groomers are always at your service, ready to tidy up your pet whenever they need it.

    Therefore it is only fitting that we show our support by tipping them. It benefits both parties.

    That said, tipping is optional. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can choose not to tip the groomer. They do not expect you to tip them and will understand. At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you. A simple “thank you” or gesture of appreciation won’t hurt either.

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