Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink and Black

Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink and Black?

Every canine owner knows the joy dogs can bring to their lives. After all, we don’t refer to dogs as a man’s best friend for nothing. And it’s easy to get possessive over your furry friend in no time. One slight change in behavior alarms us. In today’s case, many owners wonder why dogs’ paws change from baby pink to a mix of black and pink over time.

A dog’s paws are pink and black because your friend is undergoing changes in their paws to get accustomed to the rough paths. Dog’s paws are whitish-pink during infancy. But they get mature in 6-7 months and consequently develop an outer layer to help them walk on rough terrain.

Besides, dogs are used to trotting on stony and muddy paths. And these outer skin layer helps them run around freely without hurting. So you need not worry about them feeling pain. But this is just the primary reason for this cause.

In today’s article, we will explore in-depth why dogs’ paws change to pink and black. And for all the sensitive doggie lovers out there, this change can sometimes be painful for them. If you don’t know how to take care of a dog during such situations, you might find this helpful. Keep reading below.

Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink and Black?

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    There are several reasons why your canine friend is changing the color of his paws. They include the following.

    1. They are developing a thicker outer layer

    Like human babies, dogs have soft and squishy pink feet at birth. And it remains that way until they can walk around the yard chasing and playing.

    After a while, their paws develop an outer layer to make it more comfortable to run around. This outer layer is known as the stratum corneum. It helps your dog from sustaining injuries or feeling any pain. This is the primary reason for the color change.

    Moreover, this thick skin takes time to develop. So, we get that distinctive mix of pink and black marbling. It acts as a support for your dog’s paws when they are most energetic.

    Since this is a natural process, we should not interfere or try to treat it. Besides, it will only help your dog in the long run. Just remember that your pups need exercise. So, you can bring them indoors to play around and provide less stress to their evolving paws.

    How Can You Care For Your Dog’s Paws
    1. They have naturally marbled paws

    This is another apparent reason to explain why your dog’s paws are pink and black. You have probably seen some dogs with dual-colored paws. Perhaps, you will be the proud owner of one if they don’t change.

    Some dogs possess genes that prevent their paws from developing pigmentation. Hence, they rarely change color even when they are mature. They will only change color when they come home soaked in mud and dirt. But we all know a good wash will restore those adorable marbled beans.

    And unless you observe your dog feeling uneasy with their paws, it’s all good. You can also get your doggo checked up with a vet for reassurance.

    1. The paw’s outer skin is shedding

    We have talked about dogs developing a stratum corneum at a young age. But what if this thick layer is wearing off too? Yes, it’s a common issue with some dogs.

    And if your dog is already an adult, this could be concerning. You might want to take precautions to avoid further damage to their paws. Consult a vet on how to take care of a dog if needed.

    The protective layer wears off primarily due to excessive walking and running. The paws get exposed to many rough terrains over the years and start to give in. You can minimize this by avoiding more irregular paths.

    When you take them out, choose softer terrains like parks or meadows. That way, you can prevent further shedding and give your furry friends much-needed exercise. Avoid rocky terrains and forest paths because they can cause further damage.

    1. Their paws are sensitive

    Some dogs are born with less thick paw pads. They take longer than average dogs, or they don’t develop at all. Such might be the case with your companion.

    And it is difficult to notice that unless you find them constantly whining or checking with your vet. Therefore, you can avoid unnecessary damage to their paws by minimizing walks and long strolls.

    Another way to get through this is by using protection like paw wax or paw pads. They can act as a protective layer like shoes to provide grip and comfort.

    This way, their sensitive paws will have a longer life. Furthermore, you can always visit the pet clinic for advice.

    1. Constant exposure to hot pavements

    Hot pavements are a no-go for either man or animal. And if you or your doggie have super sensitive skin, it can cause skin damage.

    This is another reason why your dog’s paws appear pink and black. You will notice pink patches on their regular black paws after a day out in the sun. The scorching heat warms the pavements, causing blisters on their precious feet.

    And if you live in a place with humid weather, you need to gear up your doggie. Make them wear those cute little pet shoes. It won’t be comfortable at first. But once they get the hang of it, they won’t mind walking out in the sun in style. At the same time, their paws remain safe and sound.

    1. Bacterial infection and growth

    Dogs will walk and run on any surface. They especially like to jump on puddles and muddy surfaces, which humans always avoid.

    These puddles are a holy grail for various bacteria. And it’s easy for the paws to get infected as they have surface cracks constantly. But you can easily avoid this.

    Make sure to wash and clean their paws once they come home. This is just one of many rules on how to take care of a dog. You can go a step further and use mild disinfectants to kill any remaining germs. That way, their paws will remain free of discoloration and germs.

    Furthermore, pets love licking their paws after such runs. It can cause the bacteria to enter their internal organs, causing further problems. But a simple clean-up will save both their feet and immune system.

    How Can You Care For Your Dog’s Paws?

    Now we know why your dog’s beans have a mix of black and pink. Most cases occur naturally, but some cases require your attention. Let’s look at a few tips on caring for your dog’s paws.

    1. Get your doggie a nice pair of kicks or paw pads

    Of course, we are talking about those adorable dog shoes, not Nikes. You will find little pet shoes at most retail pet stores and on Amazon. These shoes will complement their hoofs nicely and provide protection.

    Plus, it makes them stand out and look smart, which is a bonus. Keep in mind that they will react differently to these shoes. You can make them wear the shoes indoors and see if they develop a habit. Most of the time, dogs will get used to it.

    If not, you can go for non-slip paw pads. These pads are similar to the socks we wear. And the good thing about them is they don’t grip your dog’s paws as the shoes do. Your canine won’t even notice them.

    These accessories protect their hoofs from hot pavements, bacterial infection, etc. Say goodbye to cracked and discolored paws.

    1. Choose your walking paths carefully

    You and your companion need ample time together. Dogs need exercise as much as we do. And they will get it during walks and outdoor excursions.

    But you want to choose your paths carefully. Avoid hot streets and stony paths at all costs. We have stressed a lot on this. You can also walk them early in the morning or during the evenings. This is the perfect timing for when the heat levels are at a minimum.

    Rocky and damp terrains are also not the best choice. Your dog’s paws are exposed to unnecessary damage and germs. Unless you want to spend your hours cleaning their paws and your rug, go for soft and clean pastures.

    1. Keep their paws in check

    You can help your dog in many ways by checking its paws routinely. Look for any cuts or bruises and inflammation. If they show signs of discomfort, rush them to a vet immediately.

    You can also do the regular tasks like washing them and trimming excess fur between their toes. And while you’re at it, clip their nails as well. This will prevent them from dragging unnecessary dirt inside your home or yard.

    However, you should do these things only if you’re confident in handling scissors. If not, you can always visit your local pet groomer. They know everything about how to take care of a dog. So, you won’t have any problems trusting them.

    Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink and Black

    Closing Thoughts on Why Are My Dog’s Paws Pink and Black

    So there you have it. You now know why your dog’s paws change to pink and black.

    Of course, it’s nothing to be alarmed about. Keep in mind that most of the time, it happens naturally. It’s just a part of their growth process. And maybe your dog has the right genes that give their paws that lovely marbling.

    You should only be worried when you see them whining and leaving blood marks. In such cases, you should immediately consult a vet. They will provide what’s best for you and your furry friend.

    And we as owners should also do our part by keeping our friends clean. If we ignore our duties, it can prove fatal for our pets. So, we need to take extra care.

    We hope this article helps you figure out your doggie’s problem and provide adequate care.

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