how to clean dog private parts

How To Clean Dog Private Parts? – A Complete Guide

Dogs are also animals that need cleaning from time to time. Other than the weekly brushing, grooming, and bathing, a more delicate and intimate cleaning of their private parts is also required every now and then. If you own a dog, you need to dedicate at least five to ten minutes of your day to cleaning their private parts. This ensures they stay healthy and hygienic. So, the golden question is how to clean dog private parts?

To clean a dog’s private parts all you really need are a few minutes, water and salt solution, a clean cloth, and puppy wipes. These are items that are easily available and the process of cleaning is also easy. You just need to run the damp cloth or the wipes over the genital area and pat it until it is dry.

Let’s go a bit further into the subject of how to clean a dog’s private parts.

A Guide On How To Clean Dog Private Parts

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    There are certain tips that a better for a female dog, and some that are better for male dogs, so I’ve decided to split those up into sub-sections.

    Let’s start with female dogs.

    Steps To Follow For Female Dogs

    There are lots of people out there who shy away from keeping a female dog since they are more difficult to maintain and clean. But this could not be further from the truth. In fact, once you get the hang of it, female dogs are equally easy to maintain as male dogs, even when it comes to cleaning them.

    Are you wondering why your female dog’s private parts need cleaning? It’s simple. To keep it disease-free. Sometimes you might notice the private area of your dog becoming red. This might be due to debris as well as urine getting collected on the vulva. The vulva is the softest part of the female’s private area and it requires cleaning to remove any dirt and urine that got collected.

    There’s good news for you if you are wondering how to clean dog private parts. The steps involved are quite easy and even first-time owners will have no problems getting the hang of it. All you’re going to need are some unscented dog or puppy wipes, a clean cloth, and water.

    • Get Your Dog In A Comfortable Spot

    Cleaning private areas, even for dogs can be challenging if they are not uncomfortable. Make sure you find a nice spot where they won’t move a lot. A dry and cool place is always ideal, if not, your bathroom will work just fine. Just make sure you either place a cloth or cushion for them to lay on while you’re cleaning them.

    • Shaving Is Not A Necessity

    So, whenever you go to the vet, have you noticed they like shaving the private areas before cleaning? It makes the job easier but it is certainly not a necessity. You can clean the vulva properly without having to shave the private area of your female dog. However, if you do decide to run a razor, make sure you know your way around the equipment.

    • Prepare The Water Solution

    Most people just use water to clean, however, there are also people and dog owners who recommend using lukewarm water and salt solution. This is due to the property of salt speeding up the process of healing and acting as a disinfectant. If there is any redness in your dog’s private parts, running a damp salt-water cloth may help.

    • You Can Try Medicated Shampoo Too

    If you think water is not enough, then try using a medicated shampoo recommended by the vet. Just start lathering the private area of your dog and rinse it well once you’ve given it a good clean. You can use your hands or even a soft cloth while lathering. Make sure the shampoo is also mild. Since the vulva is sensitive, harsh shampoos might irritate it.

    • Drying Is Important

    The last step is very important. After you’ve cleaned the vulva using either water or shampoo, you need to make sure you pat it until the vulva is dry. Don’t keep it wet or damp. Be as gentle as possible while patting, it’ll make it easier for them as well as you.

    how to clean dog private parts

    Why Does The Vulva Need Cleaning?

    Now you know all the steps on how to clean dog private parts. But do you want to know why you should clean it? Is it actually beneficial for them? If you’re not used to having dogs around and you just got one, you need to find out why cleaning the vulva is absolutely important and should not be neglected.

    The main reason is to keep it clean. Female dogs experience what we know as heat. During their heat cycles, they tend to discharge liquids like blood. This can lead to excessive licking on the dog’s end to try and clean it themselves. However, you need to be mindful as excess licking can lead to dryness which can, in turn, lead to itching, swelling, and redness.

    Dogs, especially female dogs are at a higher risk of developing yeast infections. This can cause their private parts to smell bad and give off a foul odor. If such is the case, cleaning with water alone is not enough. You can use apple cider vinegar along with water to clean her vulva if she has a yeast infection.

    Moreover, during heat cycles, the skin around the female dog’s private area might become very dry. This may lead to excessive itching and licking. To prevent this, cleaning the vulva or rubbing the private area with pure hundred percent coconut oil is very beneficial.

    Whenever you give a bath, make sure to always pay attention to the vulva and clean it well now that you know how to clean dog private parts.

    Steps To Follow For Male Dogs

    Male dogs can discharge what is known as smegma from their penis. Smegma is a combination of oil, mucus, debris, dirt, and dead skin cells. While it is nothing to be alarmed about, if not cleaned properly, it can lead to other infections and diseases. This is why dog hygiene is important. And the good news is, it is not hard to clean a male dog’s private area. It’s much similar to how to clean a female’s vulva.

    • Visual Check

    Before you begin the cleaning process, examine their private area. Check whether they have cuts or wounds, redness, swelling, or even anything that is unusual.

    • Check The Sheath

    You might also want to have a look at the sheath. Sometimes, there might be a buildup of crust around the sheath. When this happens, all you need to do is gently run a lukewarm cloth. This will help to soften the crusts as well as disinfect. Use salt in the water, not soap.

    • The Actual Cleaning

    If you are wondering how to clean dog private parts, you’re in for a treat! It’s much easier than you think. Just slowly pull on your dog’s sheath. This will help expose the penis. You need to slowly and gently wipe it with a clean cloth soaked in saltwater. If you’re in a hurry, unscented puppy wipes are a good alternative to do this. Make sure if you are using water, the water is not cold or too hot. A lukewarm temperature is ideal.

    • Try Rinsing

    If you notice that wiping with a cloth is offering any solution to remove the smegma, then rinsing might be of help. Take your dog to the bathroom or outdoor space and use a hose and running water to rinse the smegma deposits off. Even dog shampoos are not advisable as they might lead to a burning sensation.

    • Drying

    Once you are done rinsing or wiping, you need to make sure the penis is dry. One of the most important steps is drying. This will help prevent foul odor from forming.

    how to clean dog private parts

    Why Should You Clean Smegma?

    There are multiple reasons why you should make it a habit to clean your male dog’s private area. Smegma which is a natural discharge of different fluids acts as a lubricant. While normal amounts are okay, when it gets excess due to lack of timely cleaning, it can cause anal odor and even infections.

    If you notice a foul smell coming from your dog’s anal glands, it is a sign of infection. Any signs of foul smell coming from their private parts mean that you’re not cleaning it regularly. Smegma collection can lead to more problems in the future such as swelling.

    If you want your canine to live a healthy, strong, and infection-free life, then consider cleaning their private parts every now and then. When it comes to male dogs, if the discharge around their sheath and penis is not cleaned in a timely manner, it can lead to other complications which might require visiting a vet and spend a lot of money. To avoid this, it is crucial to learn how to clean dog private parts.


    If you own a dog, you know that it comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of the greatest jobs as a dog owner is to look after their well-being. The easiest and the simplest way to achieve this is by taking care of their hygiene. This means, whether you’re busy or not, you have to make time to clean their private parts.

    Thankfully, it’s not hard to clean a dog’s private parts. Everything you need is at home. You don’t even need to visit the vet. The only things you’ll need are a salt and water solution and a clean cloth.

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