Do Dogs Have Adams Apples

Do Dogs Have Adams Apples? We Made A Surprising Discovery

Sometimes we notice things that seem not to be obvious, and we can’t take it off our minds. If you have a dog, you might be wondering, do dogs have Adam’s apples? It’s not a common question, but other people are also asking the same problem. It’s either they notice it from their pet, or they are just curious about it.

All dogs have Adam’s apple. All dogs have it, whether you have a male or female dog. Suppose you notice that lump from your dog’s throat, you don’t have to worry since it’s normal for dogs to have Adam’s apple. Clinically, vets refer to it as the larynx. It’s like with humans as well. The only difference is that even female dogs have it.

Let’s go a bit more into detail on the question: do dogs have adams apples?

How to Locate Your Dog’s Adam’s Apple

You can quickly locate Adam’s apple from your canine’s throat. Using your forefinger and thumb, you can feel it to ensure that there are no abnormal lumps. It’s best to check it anyway to know if it’s Adam’s apple or not.

Move your fingers from the front neck below the chin. Avoid applying too much pressure on your dog’s neck. It will be uncomfortable for them, and it will make them cough. You should feel the huge but firm cartilage. That’s Adam’s apple so that you can stop your inspection.

Do Dogs Have Adams Apples

How is it Unnoticeable

It can be unnoticeable if you will not pay close attention to this area. Usually, it’s not prominent with female dogs. Even if you have a male dog, it can be covered with their thick fur. Unless you accidentally feel it while bathing your pet, it will go unnoticed.

However, you can notice it by just looking if you have a male dog with shorter fur. Since their hair is out of the way, you can tell that they do have Adam’s apple. A dog’s trachea is simple, unlike humans. You may not notice it unless someone pointed out, which is just fine.

Adam’s Apple Or Lump

If you notice a lump from your dog’s throat, you will need to make sure if it’s just their Adam’s apple since dogs may also develop lumps or tumors from their throats. However, it’s not uncommon for them to create bumps in the throat area.

It’s advisable to check with the vet right away if you observe abnormalities from your dog’s throat. If you think that it’s more than Adam’s apple, chances are you will need to be treated right away. It’s better to consult the vet if you don’t think it’s not just Adam’s apple.

Other Animals with Adams Apple

Adam’s apple is present to animals that have similar throat construction as humans. Both dogs and cats have that as well, even if you may not notice it. Since most animals have fur all over their bodies, Adam’s apple is not very obvious compared to humans.

If you notice it from your pets, don’t freak out. It’s normal for them to have Adam’s apple. You can even see women who developed their Adam’s apple, although, in humans, not all females have one. The reason why it suddenly exists is that when the larynx grows during the adolescent stage, leaving Adam’s apple to show.

Benefits of Adam’s Apple

Now that you’ve learned that dogs have Adam’s apple, you also want to know what its purpose is. Are there any benefits to your dog’s health? Or is it just nice to know similarities humans and dogs have?

Same with humans, Adam’s apple can do something for your dog. It protects the walls and frontal parts of the larynx. Adam’s apple is also responsible for deepening your voice, which also applies to dogs.

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Myth and Fact About Adam’s Apple


The myth about Adam’s apple is very well known, especially around the internet community. If you ask about the origins of Adam’s apple, you will get an exciting story. It’s about Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. The first man and woman on Earth were tempted by a snake to eat the forbidden fruit, which, according to the tale, happened to be an apple. ,

They say that when Adam took a bite from the apple that Eve convinced him to do, it got stuck to his throat. That piece of Apple appears to be protruding from Adams’s throat. From then on, all men develop Adam’s apple during the adolescent years as a reminder to humanity.

It would be a good theory, especially if science were not involved yet. However, it’s one of the most famous tales about why Adam’s apple came to be. You can’t deny the fact that it’s a pretty good tale, though. But if it’s about humans, why do dogs have their Adam’s apple as well? That question can only be answered by science.


Now that we have the science to back up this old belief, the reality about having Adam’s apple is much clearer. Since dogs and other animals have it as well, Adam’s apple appears because of the larynx. Scientifically, it’s known as a laryngeal protuberance.

The large cartilage of the larynx forms Adam’s apple. When the person or the animal reaches an adolescent stage, it can happen due to the growing parts of the throat. Therefore, it’s present even to animals, and it’s not just for humans.

Now you are aware of the facts, and you will not have to freak out if you noticed that your dog has Adam’s apple. It’s normal for different types of animals since we all have throats, and it appears from there anyway.

Do Dogs Have Adams Apples?

Dogs as well as cats and all other animals with a throat all have Adams’ apples. Although it may not look as prominent as humans have, your dog has an Adams Apple. It’s only average, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Even female dogs have it, although not as apparent as male canines. So, if you haven’t discovered it yet, do ahead and check your pet. It’s better to know that it exists than worry about it in the future.

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